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02 - 08 June , 2012

Printed Leggings
Embrace your urbane young side and prepare for the printed leggings trend this summer
Printed Leggings

Diversity should be your mantra for this season. The printed leggings trend offers you the chance to channel your punk, grungy or rock'n'roll spirit into a colourful and on-trend clothing style.
These are clothes that allow you to break out of your boring box and start a new chapter in your aspiring style icon diary. Celebrate the infinite palette of prints that you can easily incorporate into your casual chic and semi-formal outfits. A gorgeous street chic ensemble may include your favourite leggings design with a leather jacket, or a slouchy t-shirt.
Stay confident and trust your style charisma when purchasing the most flattering leggings designs because there is a huge variety out there. All the mainstream clothing brands offer a gorgeous selection of leggings decorated with ikat, animal, abstract prints and simple stripes. Think about the impression you want to create and go for bold and bright and neutral-coloured models. These clothing elements will definitely speak for your experimental style.
Well-chosen leggings have the power to land you on the best dressed list. Enjoy the privilege of being young and restless and experiment with a myriad of outfit ideas until you find your signature style identity.
The length and tailoring of these leggings will have an influence on your silhouette. Fashion-loving girls who are 100% pleased with their figure should match leggings with cropped tops and jackets. On the other hand, if you're shy to flaunt your curvy silhouette, all you have to do is go for the ultra-voguish long t-Arm Aid: Bangles For Springshirt or blouse. Look irresistible with a series of statement outfits all throughout the season.

Arm Aid: Bangles For Spring
More is more this season when it comes to adorning your arms with jewellery — chunky bangles and cuffs to be exact
Arm Aid: Bangles For Spring
Bangles and cuffs in particular look luxe when stacked on top of each other, but one special piece does the trick as well. And whether you opt for polished, hammered, studded or braided, they perk up this season's neutrals and black and white prints. Arm Aid: Bangles For SpringHere's how you can rock the big bracelet look:
· Kick-start a new corporate look by pairing one or two bangles with a dress or skirt suit. Shirtdresses lend themselves perfectly to this office glam look.
· Lucite is a clear winner this season. Pile on your plastics with an all-white ensemble or with any electric shade of the moment.
· Studded numbers play the perfect partner to sleek all-black looks.
· Ramp up your evening attire with a racy jewel-encrusted bangle.
· Don't forget about denim. Live large and sport extra-wide bracelets with your jeans and sandals or denim jacket (sleeves rolled up of course) with wide leg trousers.
· Look for broad cuffs that double as watches.

Exotic Skins
Exotic SkinsTake your status to the next level by owning an exotic skin handbag

An exotic skin handbag is always the centerpiece of your exclusive collection in terms of both fashion value and price. Whether it is made of the skin of snake, crocodile, eel, ostrich or anything else, an important issue about this product is the maintenance and cleaning which is essential to preserve its fashion value and beauty for upcoming decades.
When planning to buy an exotic skin handbag you must know the difference among the types of skins. Exotic SkinsAs you are going to pay a higher price, you must recognise the real skin to ensure that you are getting the best value of your money. Let's discuss some key points so that you can have some basic knowledge about real exotic skin.
The wide range of variety in colour, shape, pattern and texture has made it one of the key elements in the fashion world today. The exotic skin handbags made of snake skin are much more sophisticated than any other exotic skin products just because of the thinness and softness of snake skin. Direct sunlight is always harmful for these bags as it turns the leather into yellow. So be aware of this. Eel skin has a pattern of horizontal stripe and is also very smooth to touch. Ostrich's skin is the most pliable and toughest of all exotic leathers. No doubt that the exotic skin handbags have become the latest fashion trend of 2012. So, it's time to get your own masterpiece.

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