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03 Mar - 09 Mar , 2012
Winter-Proof Your Locks
It's not just the skin, your hair also takes a beating in the cold season. Here are tips to regain your hair's natural volume and lustrous body

Winter-Proof Your LocksThe dry and cold winter can be very damaging to your locks. Hair easily becomes dry during this time of year from the indoor heating and the cold weather outside.
Winter in this region means indulging in a freestyle life with lots of outdoor activities. This by no means is an excuse to let go of your hair care regime; actually you should be more strict about it to protect your hair from external factors and avoid ending your fun with a big problem on your head.
Here are top ten tips on how to protect your hair:

In this part of the region, i.e. the Gulf, the sun is quite strong even in winter. Apply products specially designed to protect the hair from sun damage. Steer clear of products that contain alcohol as it can increase hair dryness and breakage.
Be sure to protect your scalp whilst in the sun. This can lead to dryness, flakiness and peeling of the scalp,
not to mention sun damage to the skin which will eventually lead to hair loss and poor scalp health.
During the winter months is when you will actually lose deep retained moisture (hydration) from your skin and hair due to the lack of moisture in the air.
Use slightly heavier and more protective creams during winter to lock that moisture in.
In case of curly hair, use shampoos and moisturisers to prevent moisture loss and breakage of hair since curly hair is known for being usually dry. This will also seal and smooth the surface of the hair cuticle giving a gorgeous textured curl and not the wiry finish we usually see.
In case of dyed hair, select colour-repair shampoo and a hair conditioner developed especially for coloured hair. When your hair is strong and healthy it will retain the colour for longer weak and dry hair will lose the colour much more quickly. A serum will also protect against unnecessary moisture loss.
Pamper your hair, just like you would for the rest of your body. You may be surprised but even oily hair needs moisture, just in a balanced way. Use masks rich with protein, trace elements and vitamins to have a repair action and restructure the broken links of the kertain in your hair cuticle.
Try to limit the use of hair dryers. Do not use a hair dryer each time you wash your hair as hairdryers, flat irons and curling tongs help make the hair more porous, making it difficult to maintain its colour. A useful tip for when you're drying hair; do it upside down so that the heat only reaches the underside of the hair and not the outside hair shaft. After washing/conditioning your hair, apply a serum before drying. The serum will help to protect against heat, moisture loss and give your hair a silky finish.
Invest in a good haircut. Healthy and nicely-trimmed hair goes a long way to keep one looking good and it will prevent split ends from drying out more of your hair then they should, so make the cut!
Ensure that you include omegas and essential fatty acids into your diet such as fish, salmon, tuna and nuts for silky hair. Include a rich omega multi-vitamin into your daily intake to increase omega absorption if you are not getting a sufficient amount from your diet.
Minimise tension in your life where possible, as stress decreases overall body health and takes a toll on your skin and hair.

Power Pouts
Stain your lips for an instant pop of colur and a touch of old Hollywood glamour. A scarlet pout screams Power Poutsbold and is definitely not for the faint-hearted

Give Me Red
Give your earthy-tones lipsticks or gloss a break. If you've secretly admired women who can carry off a high dose of colour, here's the good news. You can sport the look too, as there's a shade of red for very skin tone.
Light skin tones: Bright reds veering towards pinks and magentas work really well on those with a radiant complexion. In fact, they could even pull off bright reds.
Wheatish skin tones: Deep/medium reds leaning towards burgundy.
Dusky skin tone: Keep the reds dark and close to burgundy, as it highlights gorgeous dusky complexions.

Pusker Up For Your Dinner Date
Base: Use a moisturizer before applying a foundation. Go for a liquid foundation. Set it with a compact. Use a highlighter on the cheeks.
Eyes: Keep your eyes minimal to balance a scarlet pout. Use a touch of natural eyeshadow on the lids and line your eyes using a thin liner, close to the lash line. Finish off with mascara.
Lips: Red is a classic option for Valentine's Day. Using a transfer-resistant lip colour while heading out is a good idea.

The Perfect Ruby Mouth
Now that you've picked up your colour, here's how you can work the look. The best way is to begin with a lip pencil. Outline your lines (follow the exact natural shape of your lips) with a lip pencil. Apply the red lip colour from the inside out without smudging or covering the lip line. Dab the lips with a tissue paper and reapply the lip colour. Add a hint of glosss in the centre to complete your look. Opt for a good quality long-wear lip colour, which will last for a few hours. Don't go overboard with the lip gloss, as this causes the colour to bleed.

Red Alert!
Matching your lip colour to your outfit will be a major beauty/fashion faux pas. It's best to keep the rest of the look in deeper tones or monochromatic. Dark lipsticks stain your lips. The best way to remove the colour is to first dab off the colour with a tissue. Use a couple of drops of lip colour/makeup remover on the lips and spread it out. After a couple of minutes, use a moist cotton ball to remove the colour. Repeat the process till the colour is completely off.

Bold vs Big Bold vs Big
Pops of colour and big peepers, we tell you how to do it right

Do: Accent Lips
Don't: Pale In Comparison

Mallika Sherawat

Mallika's updo complements her outfit perfectly. To get this look, blow-dry the crown area before you pin you hair into a bun. Leave a few loose tendrils to give it a Bold vs Big softer look.

Draw a thin line with a black or brown eyeliner and finish with two coats of mascara.

Coral is perfect for dusky complexion. Line your lips with a pencil that is closest to the colour of your lipstick. Use the pencil to fill in your lips, then apply the lipsticks. Bot and re-apply.

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena's hair has been beautifully blow-dried. To get this look, use a volatizing product and blow-dry your hair with a big round brush to ensure movement and loads of volume.

To get Kareena's bright peepes, use a black liner on your upper eyelid. Line your lower lid with a grey eyeshadow and finish with volumising mascara. Line your inner rims with black kohl.

With the focus on your eyes, your lips can stay nude. If you want to add a colour, use something that matches your natural lip colour.

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