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03 Mar - 09 Mar , 2012
Design Ideas For Girls' Bedrooms
Design Ideas For Girls' BedroomsTurn your little girl's bedroom into her very own chic and playful retreat with these simple design ideas

Grown-Up Palette
A warm chocolate-brown focal wall adds an adult edge in the girl's bedroom. To make the rich hue more playful and fitting for a young girl, use hot pink shade into the design scheme with sheer window treatments, storage ottomans and a stylish floral lamp. Keep the linens ultra-neutral to offset the bold colour combination.

Stylish Shelving
Keep her stylish space organised by adding simple wall shelves. Narrow shelves in various sizes create visual interest in a bedroom and offer a simple way to showcase books, artwork and other knickknacks. Small wicker baskets provide an extra organisational element and help keep the desk clear and clutter free.

Homework Space
Create the ultimate girl's getaway by turning a small bay window into the background for an inspiring workstation and craft area. The white built-in desk unit provides plenty of drawers, cubbies and cabinets Design Ideas For Girls' Bedroomsfor keeping supplies tucked away and out of sight. Create an easy separation between workspace and sleep space with dramatic magenta track curtains.

Do It Yourself Decor
Ditch the usual little girl decor and create an antique, cottage-style bedroom that can easily work for all ages. To add a personalised and playful touch to any little girl's bedroom, find unique representations of the letters that spell her name or her first initial. To mirror the framed letters in the space, find antique wooden frames, paint them white and distress the edges for a simple weathered look. Print letters in various fonts on a manila background and add to the frame.

Fun Additions
Bedrooms aren't just for sleeping anymore. Hanging bubble chair provides a unique place to read and study.

Sweet Organisation
An organised and clutter-free bedroom doesn't have to consist of clear storage containers and rows of school-style cubbies. A tall and simple bookshelf consisting of both drawers and shelves can showcase her favourite toys and collectibles, while keeping small trinkets safely stored.

Playful Mix
Create a chic, Paris-style bedroom by creating pint-sized elegance among a playful pink and green colour palette. Coordinate fabrics of various textures and patterns to create a look that is both visually appealing and eye-catching.

Study Time
Make study and homework time more appealing by adding a sleek, grown-up desk to her bedroom. Pretty jars will keep pencils, pens and markers in place and add decorative appeal. Keep the top of the desk cleared off to inspire a welcoming workspace.

Charming Style
Pink and green are the perfect duo in the little girl's bedroom. Floral fabrics and jewelled accents add an innocent and youthful feel, while still emitting a mature and grown-up style. The miniature chair and ottoman provide a cozy spot to curl up with a good book before bedtime. To inspire organisation, use white wicker containers to hold toys and accessories.

Kitchen Chronicles
Convert your kitchen into a cool living space
Upgrading the kitchen is on many homeowners' "to-do" list. But whether you're in it for the investment or just to freshen up the space in your home where people spend the most time, a new kitchen look could be a fun, impactful improvement to your house. Some may start with a weekend project and a can of paint, while others will jump into a mega-bucks remodel. Either way, one thing is for sure – you can't go Design Ideas For Girls' Bedroomswrong with a beautiful, highly functional kitchen.

A Simple Refresh
If time or budget constrains limit you to changing just a few basic elements of the kitchen, focus on things that make the most impact. Even novice do-it-yourself homeowners can complete many of these items on their own:

Paint The Walls
Painting always tops the to-do list when a mini makeover is in order. It's an affordable, high-impact way to change the kitchen decor. If you're not changing out cabinets or countertops, be sure to select a colour that complements those major elements.

Add New Accessories
Switching out the small decor details in a kitchen can make the room feel entirely new. Maybe it's replacing bar stools at the island, re-upholstering pillows or a bench cushion, or even hanging a few new pieces of art or photos on the wall.

Change The Faucet
Often underestimated, the kitchen faucet has a lot of influence in the overall style of the room. Choosing a more up-to-date pull-down or pull-out faucet not only improves the look of the room, but can add significant convenience and functionality.

A Full Remodel
Homeowners are staying in their homes longer than they once did. Because of that, significant remodeling projects tend to rise to the top of the priority list. If you're in it for the long haul (or even to ensure you get that return on investment), a complete kitchen remodel could be for you.
When the entire room footprint is your canvas, the possibilities are exciting. While a contractor is recommended for most of these projects, make sure you're involved in exploring the options that will help you use this space as wisely as possible:

Install Display Shelves
This hot kitchen trend is an eye-catching alternative to hanging wall cabinets. Taking down cabinets is a pretty simple task for two and hanging the shelves is even easier.

Evaluate The Flow Of The Workspaces
Adding more water sources to your room could improve efficiency and ease. Consider a simple, yet beautiful faucet on the island for prep, a pot filler by the stove to help while cooking, and a hard-working faucet at the main sink for clean-up.

Mix And Match Your Surfaces
Replacing countertops is one of the most noticeable changes to any kitchen venue. Quartz surfaces are a popular choice, providing a unique combination of quality, hygiene and a look of natural stone. Selecting a lighter colour surface for the perimeter and a darker, bolder colour for the island is a great way to add another design element to the room.

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