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05 - 11 May , 2012
An Artistic Decor
An Artistic DecorPicking artwork for home is an art in itself

So you have just moved into a new house and after painting the walls and placing all your furniture, you notice that something is still missing. A home is a reflection of you – your personality and state of mind and everyone wants to come home to a comfortable and beautiful space. Most of the beautiful homes are characterised by a unique art collection. Empty walls give the illusion that a home is empty and barely occupied, so why not add some colour and style by investing in some art work.
The most important aspect to take into consideration is the amount of wall space that you have. The ideal place for a paintings is the living room but you may want to add some in your bedroom as well. Depending on the amount of space available, choose a painting. You don't want one that overshadows the entire wall, nor do you want very An Artistic Decortiny ones. Either choose one big piece or a couple of small ones that are part of the same series and go together.
Don't think getting some art work means spending big bucks. Yes, you may have to shell out much for one of the top artist's works but you can easily choose something cheaper. If originals seem too expensive, why not frame up a reproduction. You can even try and attain prints of your favourite artists' works.
Remember, art is quite personal. So don't randomly select a piece just because it goes with the colour of your window curtains. Choose something that is meaningful to you, that inspires or calms you. Try to look it as something that you will keep with you for years. You want to select pieces that you will love and your close ones will appreciate.
No matter what artwork appeals to you, keep in mind also the theme of your home. If you have a very traditional style home with traditional sculptures and carpets, you may want something that goes with the theme. Colours An Artistic Decorare equally important as you don't want it clashing with the rest of the stuff.
Try asking an artist or interior decorator for some tips. You can tell him/her what kind of home you have and they may help you select an appropriate work. They will also tell you how best to display it. You could use small picture lights to highlight the work.
Don't choose a piece in a hurry, take your time browsing the various art galleries. Check out some interesting artists' works online. You can even get a piece custom-made to your home size and liking. Always ask questions about the upkeep and maintenance of original works and choose wisely.

Do Up A Dream Nursery For Your Child
Here are some suggestions for decorating a dream nursery for your baby
Do Up A Dream Nursery For Your Child

Creating a room for a baby is just one of the many joys of parenthood. Still, purchasing all new furniture, accessories, equipment, toys, books, clothing, and room decor can be positively budget draining. When decorating a nursery, think of things that will last.

Have A Vision
Many moms-to-be have an idea of their 'dream nursery'. But their visions may not organise the nursery closet for toy and clothing storage. Find chests, bookshelves, chairs, and kids' tables at garage sales or flea markets and repaint everything in the same colour.
Be Practical
Always be the most practical for a new baby. Plan for the room that will last through childhood. Avoid giving it too much of a baby feel – once your child hits preschool, light blue or pink might seem like it's 'for babies.' Baby years are short and that darling bunny wallpaper you spent weeks choosing and days Do Up A Dream Nursery For Your Childputting up will be history once your child reaches to two or three years of age.

Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting. Use area rugs on a wood or tiles, if possible. Hard floors are easier to clean up and they don't harbour allergy aggravating dust. Area rugs can be replaced much more easily than carpeting as they get dirty easily or your child's tastes may change.

Be sure to have all the baby essentials conveniently located where you'll use them. You won't want to have to walk away from the infant to get some needed supplies. Don't forget a comfortable rocking chair with soft seats and arm cushions for those inevitablelate-night feedings. Give yourself lots of storage space.

From birth, the newborn is stimulated and attracted to bright, moving colours within his short focus range. From a distance, the attraction is limited to brightness and darkness. As your child grows, he is continually making connections between colour and things. Whatever you choose, keep the colours soft and soothing. For longevity, you may want to steer clear of overly bright colours such as orange or overly muddy colours such as dusty avocado. Butter yellow, warm pinks, pretty greens and sky blues look Do Up A Dream Nursery For Your Childreally good for baby rooms.

Safety Measures
Making a house baby safe means ensuring whatever he might try to open, pull on, or play with won't hurt him. It also means making sure you have all the safety basics covered, and that you have emergency phone numbers posted near all your phones. Put aside one weekend to secure your house, room by room, to make it safe. It may only take you several hours and getting it out of the way will give you peace of mind, even though you'll need to update your efforts as your child grows. Always think of your child's safety before good looks!

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