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05 - 11 May , 2012

2 Minute Interview With
Mehwish Hayat
Deepak & Fahad
Mehwish Hayat has successfully made her mark in Pakistan's showbiz industry in a very short span of time with her superb acting skills and gorgeous looks. She is truly a versatile actress and has played numerous challenging characters with perfect ease and confidence. Her character in Meray Qatil Meray Dildar was immensely appreciated by the audiences. Recently MAG had a candid chat with her. Excerpts:

Who has been your greatest inspiration throughout your life?
My mother has always been the biggest source of inspiration for me. I have learnt a lot from her.

What was your childhood ambition?
It would be strange to know but I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.

What do you value the most in people?
For me, sincerity is most important. It is really hard to find sincere people in life.

Who is your beauty and style icon?
My beauty and style icon is my mother.

Which designer is your absolute favourite right now?
At international level, I like D&G and Gucci. As far as our local designers are concerned, I think all of them are doing a fabulous job but I like Deepak Perwani and Umar Sayeed a lot.

What is your mantra to keep a fit and healthy body?
I rely on water and juices a lot as it keeps me well hydrated. I always prefer to take small meals after every two or three hours. It keeps my metabolism rolling and I don't feel hungry.

What is the most exciting aspect about being an actress?
It gives me a chance to play so many characters.

What would be the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
I am a very impatient person by nature. I need to bring more patience in my life.

What is your favourite movie?
Well, the list is long but my most personal favourite is Pretty Woman.

What is your favourite soundtrack?
My choice of music changes with mood but my all time favourite track is Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring actors?
Believe in yourself and take the advice of seniors very seriously. Since we don't have proper acting schools here, it is very important to learn from the work of your seniors and observe their acting styles to hone your acting skills. Work hard and be passionate about your work to achieve success.

How To Tell If He'll Cheat...
Psychologists are finally pinpointing warning signs that a guy will stray. You can pick up on them… if you watch carefully. Take our quiz to learn more.

1. Whenever the guy you're dating has a few seconds to kill, what does he usually do?
a. Reads or plays games on his phone.
Deepak & Fahadb. Watches people
c. Texts friends or updates his FB status.

2. His idea of going green is…
a. Switching from plastic water bottles to a reusable one.
b. Using energy-saving light bulbs, turning off the water while he's brushing, and saving for a hybrid car.
c. Green? Ha! He's not really into the whole eco thing.

3. How would you describe his fashion style?
a. He will try any and every trend… and toss it the second it goes out of style.
b. He is not super stylish but can pick out jeans and tees that fit him well.
c. He wears whatever his mom or sister buy him for his birthday.

4. You're dying to go see a romantic comedy this weekend. All your friends have seen it already, so you beg him to go. He…
a. Agrees and buys tickets for both of you beforehand.
b. Grumbles a bit but says he'll go as long as he gets to choose the flick next time.
Deepak & Fahadc. Rolls his eyes and tells you there's no way he's seeing that crap.

5. You haven't known him for long, but you know he likes you because…
a. Almost every time you go out, he tells you he likes you and asks if you feel the same way.
b. He has told you countless times that you're the most incredible woman he's ever met.
c. He does little things like getting you your favourite kind of chocolate bar.
Scoring: 1.a-0; b-1 c-2; 2. a-1, b-0, c-2; 3. a-2, b-1, c-0; 4. a-0, b-1, c-2; 5. a-2, b-1, c-0

0 to 3 Points

He'd Turn Down Any Girl For You
A guy who's willing to make sacrifices – like by being ecofriendly or going to see a chick flick because it'll make his girlfriend happy – is sensitive and respectful of the people and things around him. Translation: He won't risk your relationship for fun.

4 to 6 Points
He Could Be Trustworthy…Or Not
Here's a dude who will try his best not to betray you but, depending on the circumstances, might go rogue. Beware of a guy who always complains about the things you want to do – like go see a chick flick. People low in agreeableness care less about hurting the person they are with.

7 to 10 Points
You May Have To Keep A Close Eye On Him
His constant Facebook updates and texts to friends may be a clue he'll have an affair down the line. Extroverted people are attention seeking, assertive, and easily bored, even if they are with someone other than you. Obviously, not all extroverts cheat. But should the guy you're seeing also come across as self-centred, you might want to move on.

Ace - The BandFunny Bones
A man was stuck in traffic on Constitution Avenue, suddenly a boy knocked at the window, a man rolled down the window and asked, "What's going on?"
Boy, "Terrorists have kidnapped all the parliamentarians and they are demanding 100 billion Rupees or else they will throw gasoline and set them all on fire. We are going from car to car to collect donations."
Man asked, "How much is everyone giving on an average?"
The boy replied, "At least 5 liters."

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