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07 - 13 Apr , 2012

Hot To Trot!
SunkissedGet ready for summers with one of these sultry, on-trend make-up looks that will last all day

To keep your look super-simple yet glamorous, go for a healthy glow. An iridescent bronzer is your beauty BFF for this look.
Get the look: A general rule for choosing the right shade of bronzer is that fair skin looks good with a peach bronzer, medium skin looks good with copper or earth toned colours, and dark skin looks good with a chocolate coloured bronzer. There's a danger of over-applying bronzers, however, which results in you looking orange rather than sun-kissed.
Follow these golden rules of application to make sure you look more sunkissed than sun-burnt: First, kit yourself out with the right brush – it should be large and flat-headed. To apply, sweep your bronzer lightly over the areas where the sun hits your cheekbones, over your forehead, down your nose. Blend well and work up the layers slowly. Adding a touch of rose blush over the apples of your cheeks will give your Red Lipsbronzer a better dimension. Finish with a nude pink or peach gloss or lipstick.

Red Lips
Nothing says glamour better than a classic red lip. Swoon-worthy statement lips are easier to get then you might think.
Get the look: Choosing the right shade is half the battle won, when it comes to red lipstick. Here's an easy shade guide: If you have dark skin, go for deeper red pigments like burgundy. If you have fair skin, you should try shades like pinkish-reds and neon orange. But if you are medium-toned, cranberry reds would look great on you.
Always apply a red lipstick with a brush. If you opt for a matte finish, prep the lips beforehand with a scrub, to keep flakes from showing through.
Keep your face and eyes nude by going for mascara coated lashes and a hint of apricot on the cheeks, and stay away from any contouring, bronzing or smoky eye make-up.

Retro revival is a trend that is everywhere this season, from vintage quiffs in hair to Hollywood-inspired make-up looks.
Get the look: This look is all about a sheer, healthy complexion and classic eyes. Prep face with a primer and then apply a foundation-cum-serum for a nude finish. Ditch loose powder as you don't want a matte effect.
For eyes, work an illuminating base shadow onto the crease and inner corners, then use a black eyeliner pen for a classic Sixties flick on the lids. Start by drawing the line from the centre of the upper eyelid, making it thicker as you reach the outer corners. Flick it upwards at the end, tracing it again to add definition. Repeat on the other eyelid and then fill in the gaps near the inside corner on both lids.
For the lips, keep it natural with a nude pink lipstick. Add a touch of sheer Pastelsblush on the cheeks and you're all set. The trick to creating a strong base to keep your nude lips in place for hours is to use a nude lip pencil as the base lipcolour before applying lipstick.

Vibrant feminine pastels are all the rage this summer and what says pared-down pretty better than statement pastel eyeshadows? This look is easy to do as well!
Get the look: First, prep under eyes with a concealor to hide any dark circles and cover upper lids with a hint of cream, beige or white base shadow. Next take a soft-bristled eyeshadow brush and work your pastel shade over the socket, blending your colour into the crease. For the most of-the-moment look, keep the brow bone bare.
If you're feeling a little more daring, sweep your eye shadow brush under your eye as well. Finish with a coat of mascara on the top eyelids, and pair your statement lids with a hint of rosy blush and nude gloss.

Your Essential Beauty Calendar
Confused about how often you should be blow-drying your hair, and how much is too much when it comes to facials?
Follow our expert beauty routine, so you can stay gorgeous all the time

Your Essential Beauty Calendar
Do this…
Daily: Brushing

Contrary to what people say, brushing's only purpose should be detangling, as over-brushing hair can often lead to excess breakage. Make sure that you never touch wet hair with a brush – use a wide-toothed comb soaked with detangling conditioner to brush wet hair instead.
A big no-no when it comes to haircare is daily blow-drying. As often as possible, let your hair air-dry. And never blow-dry wet hair – you should only dry towel-dried damp hair.
Weekly: Hair mask
If you use hair colourants or styling products, it's all the more important to include deep conditioning masks in your routine.
Fortnightly: Hot oil treatment
When you don't have hours to spare for a salon hot hair treatment, try this DIY conditioning treatment: take warm hair-oil in a bowl and apply it to the hair and scalp. Next take a hot wet towel and wrap it around the head, leaving it on for 20 minutes. Follow with a regular hair wash.
Monthly: Trim, root touch-ups
To have healthy and split-end free hair, trim your tresses every six to eight weeks. This is particularly important if you have a defined style, as it will lose its shape if left any longer.

Your Essential Beauty CalendarDo this…
Daily: Cleansing, moisturising and nightcare

Limit your cleansing to just twice a day. Invest a few extra minutes in night-time cleansing, as that's when you will be lifting off the entire day's make-up, dust and grease from your skin. As far as night skincare goes, using a rich overnight cream on a regular basis is essential.
Weekly: Exfoliation and face masks
Steam your face and then exfoliate with a scrub, following it with a splash of cold water. Exfoliate the problem areas like the T-zone for a few seconds longer than others. Don't skip the cold water splash as that closes the pores.
Fortnightly: Hair removal
Threading is the most gentle and effective hair removal method for the full face. For eyebrows, upper lip and the forehead, even waxing works fine, but there are several sensitive areas of the face you should never wax. Waxing sensitive areas like the upper part of the cheeks that's just under the eyes can lead to serious skin reactions. When doing a wax on any part of the face; don't allow a hot wax. It is too harsh for facial skin at it leaves the pores open making skin vulnerable to breakouts. Always ask for a cold wax on the face.
Monthly: Facial
Facials are great for intensive, deep cleansing, to lighten acne marks and even help keep the wrinkles at bay. But don't do a facial more than once a month, as you could end up irritating your skin with over-cleansing.

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