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07 - 13 Apr , 2012
'My Wedding Destination Is Fixed!'
Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu, that crazy, happy, friendly, sexy siren of the silver screen informs that she has finally rid herself of her bad habits!
She hasn't changed a bit, nor has anything in her life changed. She's still as bohemian as ever, more the Bipasha Basuquintessential hippy at heart than the conventional heroine. She even claims to be the absolute opposite of what she so often plays on screen. And trust Bips to have her wedding planned even though she has yet to find the man to fit into it!

Given a choice would you like to be someone who makes jodis or break jodis?
None. I am struggling with my own life. I am in a very tedious profession of being an actress and also chasing my passion for health and fitness. There's no time left for another profession like a jodi breaker. Also, I am a total believer in fairy tales. Break-ups really make me sad.

Wedding planner or jodi breaker if you had to opt for a career option what would you choose and why?
I find weddings very boring because it's a tiresome procedure. I've attended only three weddings in my entire life my older sister's, my best friend Suzanne's and Riteish Deshmukh's reception. I've never attended any other wedding. I know it sounds bizarre. If I have a wedding I would like it to be brief, minimal and in a relaxed destination where there aren't too many people.

So something like a wedding by the beach?
I will have it in Mykonos (Greece). My wedding destination is fixed; I just have to find the man.

Do you think in today's age a marriage can last throughout one's life?
How would I know? I am not married. When I get married I will be able to tell you. From whatever I've seen, I feel my sister and my parents are beautifully married. They are a still-in-love, crazy couple.

Tell us one mistake you've made while in the industry that you will never make again…
No. I thought about everything and did things. I am not a dumb girl.

There are shaadis happening in B-town. Riteish and Genelia, Rohit Dhawan, then, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are contemplating to tie the knot this year. When do you plan to get hitched?
It's a big decision. When it has to happen it will happen. You can't plan it.

Bipasha BasuWhat's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
I am very adventurous. I am not talking about games and stunts. I feel that life has to be adventurous, which my life is. That way I am a free spirit. I don't plan much. I just get up and do things.

Since you are very positive and adventurous in life, do you have any dull days and how do you cope with that?
I don't think about it, I just get up and start doing something. I don't have too many gloomy days. I multi-task very well by keeping many people happy. I have my family, my 50 friends and work. So I've not seen many dull days. And when it is dull, I don't keep it dull; I try to make it exciting instead.

Do you think women are better at multi-tasking than men?
Women are more intelligent than men. We know how to delegate work, separate the personal and the professional life. We can take care of home and we work too. Men can't do that but you can't blame them, they are made differently.

Do you have any phobia?
I have chipkali (lizard) phobia. Also, I couldn't sleep alone until last year and wanted to get it treated but thankfully I don't know what happened, I became so strong that I started sleeping alone but only in my house. In a hotel, I still need my stylist or my make-up girl or friend beside me.

Imran Khan:A Bellyful Of Dreams
Meet the freshly minted green eyed boy of the box office

You've managed a hat-trick with Delhi Belly, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. Do you think you've finally proved and established yourself?
I think so. Even before Delhi Belly, I had I Hate Luv Storys which was a big hit and Break Ke Baad which Imran Khan:A Bellyful Of Dreamssaw decent success. So in a way I have had five back to back profitable and successful films. I'm happy with the way all my films are performing at the box office but that doesn't mean I'll sit back and rest on my laurels. I still have a long way to go. I'll try and keep growing.
What made EMAET work?
The fresh and crisp script is one of the biggest strengths of the film. Also, Shakun's mature vision gave the film a different touch. 

Kareena is older than you. Did you have any apprehensions about working with her?
No, the age difference never bothered me. Her screen age is definitely more than mine but in reality she's just a year and a half older than me. It was a joy working with her. She's an uncomplicated actor. She's completely unaffected by her stardom and beauty.

Imran Khan:A Bellyful Of DreamsDid you expect EMAET to do so well?
Not really. One should never have expectations. Expectations are for beginners and amateurs. Our business is completely crazy. I expected Delhi Belly to be a niche film but look what it turned out to be. There should be hope though. Sometimes it's rewarded and sometimes it's not. In the case of EMAET, all I can say for certain is that when I first saw the film, I was happy with it. 

What made you choose the film?
I've been on this project for close to three years, ever since it was just an idea. From the first draft which was terrible to the second draft which was bad to the third which was okay to the final fourth draft which seemed good. Shakun was an Assistant Director on Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na and we became friends on the sets of the film. He's co-written the film with Ayesha Devitre who also happens to be my hair stylist. So more than me choosing the film, it's been about me choosing to do something with it.

How much did you contribute to the film's story and script?
My contribution to the script is nothing significant. All I did was read the script and say what's working and what's not.

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