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07 - 13 July , 2012

Suits You!Dress For Success
Suits You!
In a muggy, scorching Milan, it's hard to imagine a summer of lightweight coats and leather jackets. That's the look, however, that designers are forecasting for the coming year. If international runways are opting for a fashion trend, there is no doubt that our local designers will also come up with something along similar lines, but a little less outlandish and more tasteful. The recent fashion show in Milan has set a few things quite clear: the vintage leatherjacket from blazer to bomber to wind breaker and crafted out of super soft leather and suede will make a comeback soon. Designers have also made men happy with the introduction of open-necked shirts for the warmer months. Mostly in white, these shirts come in crisp cotton and have a wide collar, unbuttoned just below the neck. Cool and comfortable, they easily pass the without-a-tie elegance test. For the stuffier crowd, a few designers showed the shirts with ties Suits You!worn under a see-through pullover, another popular item this season. From the very start one message has come across quite clearly – this summer it's all about colour.
Here is a little about what top brands showcased this year.

The models at the Missoni menswear show for the summer of 2013 walked down a coloured sandy runway worked into a Missoni pattern to underline the vacation mood of the collection.
Suits You!The safari suit came with Bermuda shorts or casual trousers cuffed at the ankle with patterned sneakers instead of desert boots. Blazers and bomber jackets are also big items for the upcoming winters. Colours for the summer, which in general promise to be particularly bright, are sandy beige, dark olive and ink blue and brighter ones like poppy red, saffron yellow and emerald green. In the knit department, designer Angela Missoni offered a series of pullovers and cardigans, which like most Missoni knitwear, never goes out of style.

Double breasted blazers, fitted around the waist and skinny trousers with loosely knit pullovers; net-Suits You!stitched polo shirts and printed foulard shirts were all big on this stalwart's collection.

Emporio Armani
The Armani label was elegant, classy and focused on a single theme – a simple pair of summer shorts. Cuffed shorts with single or double breasted jackets and a white shirt and tie, complete with tie pin for extra sophistication showed that the old sophistication of the suits is coming back with a contemporary touch.

Perfumery Secrets
Take your time to pick a fragrance and make sure the woman in your life likes it, too. Men have only Perfumery Secretsreally started wearing fragrance in the last 40 years and in general they don't know how to choose a perfume – they just want to smell good and smell clean. The right fragrance comes down to mood and emotions. Sometimes you wear a scent to hide your personality and sometimes you wear it to show it is very personal. There are no rules. Pakistani men are more inventive and interested in the Arabic type, which technically means a taste for stronger, more electric scents than in other parts of the world. Almost every ingredient used in making a fragrance has a different type and taste. Perfumers use the same ingredients for many different perfumes but it's all about the way they mix them. In low-end itars you cannot differentiate the smell of the ingredients individually, but together as a whole; but in more expensive ones, that are directly imported from the Gulf, you can smell the ingredients one by one. You have to wear scent on the pulse points, where the blood is close to the Heads-Upskin, because the warmth will carry it. It will also last longer if used over an unscented body or face cream as the molecules bind to the fat, and stay put. So go ahead, choose the perfume that best suits your personality, style and pocket!

Your barber is chopping out neo-quiffs like they're going out fashion (which couldn't be further from the truth). This season's go-to-do is a gentle nod to the 50s – slicked up and back. Having caused a splash on the summer runways the style has migrated to the sidewalks appearing recently atop the heads of David Beckham and Zac Efron. If you want to get quaffed, ask the stylist for enough length on the top that the hairs buckle, and 1cm-long sides. Heads-UpWhen home, proceed as follows:
1. The Prep
Warm a little hair-gel or mousse in your fingers and work through damp hair.

2. The Process
Push all your hair forwards and then quickly back, using both hands.

3. The Finish
Don't make the front vertical. Instead, style it slightly to one side and push the tips backwards. Use fingers to create texture.

4. The Result
Rock the neo-quiff with pride and have an umbrella to hand at all times.


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