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09 - 15 June , 2012


Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!
Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!Do you dream of trying new things but stick to your same old make-up routine? It's time to break free with our easy tips and tricks

It's in our nature to feel secure with things that are familiar to us and to be wary of change. And it happens with our make-up routine too. It's easy to fall into a comfort zone with a familiar beauty routine and avoid changing it for fear of getting it wrong the first time. Trying out a new look can actually make you appear and feel younger and trendier. So if you're still wearing the same frosted-pink lipstick or silver eyeshadow from your student days, it's time to acknowledge you are stuck in a rut. But don't worry – just follow our beginner's guide to seven show-stopping beauty trends.

Red Lips
Get Started: While many of us like the idea of bright-red lipstick, we never actually muster up the courage to wear it. We say, unleash your inner A-lister and add some glamour with a scarlet pout.
Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!This look is all about a clean flawless complexion and statement lips. You need to remember to stick to minimal eye make-up and pick the right red for your skin tone. If you have darker skin, deep maroon works best for you. A medium skin tone can carry off cranberry and burgundy shades, and if you have fair skin, try brighter shades.
It's a good idea to outline the lips with a nude lip pencil to define its shape and then fill in the colour with the lipstick. Apply the lip colour using a lip brush in gentle, dabbing strokes – it gives a softer and moreprecise pout.
To make your lipstick last, blot gently with a paper tissue after the first coat and then reapply the lip colour. Retouch the lipstick throughout the day to keep the pout looking fresh at all times. Beginners can tone down red and make a softer version of the shade by mixing the lipstick with a Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!dot of lip balm and applying it with their fingers.

Dare To Bare
Get Started: If you never leave the house without your 'face' on, then it's unlikely you'll have ever tried the no-make-up look. But going for the nude look isn't actually about wearing no make-up. The key is to create a subtle, but flawless complexion base. Use a quality primer to refine the texture, cover your under eye circles with a concealer and even out your skintone with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser.
Once you've got your base covered, go for a single coat of mascara, sweep a hint of blush on your Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!cheekbones and dab on a nude lipgloss.

Eyelash Extensions
Get Started: Sometimes even lashings of volumising mascara won't give you killer lashes. Some of us learn to accept it or use self-adhesive false lashes once in a while.
But if you really want to make an impression, you might consider eyelash extensions. These lashes come in different lengths and you may need touch-ups once a week as people normally shed a few lashes on a regular basis.
We recommend going for a refill every two months before taking a month's break. Stay out of the shower and avoid swimming for 24 hours after your treatment, stay away from oil-based make-up removers and Don't Get Stuck In A Beauty Rut!use a salon-recommended mascara as regular ones aren't good for your eye lash extensions.

Coloured Eyeliner
Get Started: This look is all about a pop of colour, like turquoise or coral, with the rest of the eye kept nude. If you haven't got a steady hand, you might want to use a pencil over a liquid liner. Once confident, you can extend your liner out to create a Sixties flick. Start with the flicks to make sure they are symmetrical, filling in the rest of the line after. Finish with a few coats of mascara.

Bold Brows
Get Started: Follow the natural arch of your brows and don't try to force your brows to change shape. The colour should be just a shade darker than your natural hair colour, you never want your brows to be lighter! Using light strokes, start drawing from the top of the arch into the sparse areas in the direction of the hairs' growth.

Old Smoky
Get Started: Love smoky eyes but not blending or applying eyeliner? It's easy to achieve this smouldering look. First of all, pick the right tools. Make sure your kit isn't too complicated – restrict your palette to no more than three shades. For summer, stick to bronze and copper shades as these give a warmer finish.
The rule of thumb when applying eye make-up is to always use a good concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes. Before picking the shadow, apply an eye primer – this helps the shadow last longer. First, line the upper eyelids with your chosen pencil liner and then blend the darkest shade on top of the pencil-lined lashline. Next, apply the medium shade all over the eyelid contour, going up to the crease and blending it well. The lightest shade in your kit is to highlight the brow and it should be applied just under the brow bone. With just three products – an eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara – you can create a long lasting smoky look with minimal effort.

Show-Stopping Nails
Get Started: It's easy to do an on-trend mani at home. For the inverted French mani where the white or lighter tips are at the nail bed, file nails to an oval shape and apply a base coat. Next apply a coat of opaque white/pink polish all over. Give it time to dry. Now without covering the nail bed at the base and the sides (leave a strip of white or pink edge) carefully apply one coat of a nail polish in a contrasting colour. Let it dry and finish with a top coat.


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