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09 - 15 June , 2012


Law and order situation of the country is in fiasco. It has been observed that majority of the people are openly disobeying the law. The number of thefts, robberies, street crimes and target killings are on rise. The law enforcement agencies are playing a silent role in this entire scenario. Our political leaders stress that we are a democratic state whereas the reality is different, in a democratic state, people are given fundamental rights; one of the basic right is security of life and property and in the current scenario we are deprived of this basic right. Considering the soaring crime rate of the country, the government should immediately take action before the situation gets out of control.
Humna Anwar,

Generator – Blessing Or Curse?
Congratulations MAG!
I am a regular reader of MAG for the past few years and want to congratulate you for providing us with useful information and entertaining articles week after week. I really like its diverse content specially the interview section which is my favourite. I would like to request MAG to publish interviews of Bano Qudsia and Fatima Suraiyya Bajiya as they are an inspiration for all of us. Moreover, content of the quiz page is also very useful for youngsters. Good job guys!
Hira Syed,

Solar Energy
We are fortunate to live in a country that offers us a multitude of natural resources. Most important of these are the renewable sources of energy. Our basic aim should be to introduce a new market for sustainable ways of increasing consumption through low emissions development. The Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) has already done some groundbreaking work in this regard by researching the potential of renewable sources of energy for commercial and personal use. As countries across the world introduce policies to encourage these developments, we must also step up to introduce and encourage these products, which can offer relief and an improved quality of life to millions across the country.
Mohammad Ahmed,

Motorway Traffic Violations
I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards frequent traffic violations and over speeding incidents on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. These violations by public transporters are now common and it shows their careless attitude towards the traffic rules in general. Instead of obeying these rules, they indulge in over speeding time and again. However, what is perhaps more frustrating is the devil-may-care attitude of the Motorway Police who instead of performing their duties are often found enjoying their steady patrolling on roadsides neglecting their duties. It is about time that the Motorway police authorities dealt with these traffic violators with an iron hand.
Rida Batool,

Consumer Rights
The best thing we can learn from the western world is their protection of consumer rights. You may spend decades in these countries yet hardly face any fraud or misleading advertising campaigns. Hence, the consumers there are completely reassured with the fact that they can use their rights in the hour of need. However, in countries like Pakistan we have a two-way problem, first implementation and then the informed decision of the public. Most of us are not even aware of the notion of consumer rights. Hence, if we find any problem we don't know where to go and get our issues resolved. It is my humble request to our government to develop a strong consumer protection policy in order to facilitate the general public.
Rubab Ahmer,

Natural Source Of Oxygen
When we chop off trees for our meager monetary gains, we deprive ourselves of natural oxygen tanks. In the absence of trees, air becomes heavy with unwanted gases that are harmful for the human body. With environmental pollution rising due to heavy traffic, industrialisation, and nuclear warfare, depleting trees means diminishing natural air purifiers. So instead of brutally chopping them off we should focus more on planting trees which will result in enhancing our quality of life and improving our health.
Yasir Ali,


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