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09 - 15 May, 2015
The joys of motherhood are innumerable and everlasting. The smiles, the tears, the laughs and fears – all emotional bonds are linked to a mother’s cradle. This year, MAG celebrates the joys of motherhood with the super mommies of our TV and fashion fraternity!

Motherhood has taught Cybil that the little things in life matter. She feels like every day is important which is why she spends time planning how to baIance work commitments and her kids’ space as that can be the most difficult thing to do. Recalling an intimate family moment she shares a trip to Disney World the past summer.
“It was an amazing experience and I will always remember it!” 
Like most mothers, Cybil wishes her kids to be well-mannered and confident. She feels best schooling and freedom is important for children of this generation. “They need to play sports and explore the world themselves to grow,” she comments. 
She is a firm believer in self reliance and independence which is why even though having a parent around is important, she thinks the children are growing up in a different time; they have technology which is teaching them how to be more and more independent.
“They have information at their fingertips. So they can be self-sufficient,” the super model says.
However, she still takes joy in simple things and is looking forward to see both her boys grow up into fantastic young men.

The day this prima donna had Faraal in her hands it was the happiest day of her life. The glamour girl had difficulty coping at first when she found out she was pregnant.
“I used to read a lot of stuff about new born babies so that really helped me in taking care of Faraal,” Fiza expresses her concerns. For her, transitioning into this new, enthralling phase of life has made her more responsible. Considering the frenzied everyday schedule of hers, Fiza has missed a lot of opportunities that came her way.
“I gave up a lot on my work including modelling, dramas and hosting shows as my baby is more important.” But luck has been on her side.
“I am lucky that I have been extremely busy with my work-routine again after her brith.”
For Fiza who has lost her mother, a single day won’t do justice for someone who sacrifices so much for her kids.
“Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day as mothers don’t come again in life and it’s only a mother who stays up day and night for her child and loves unconditionally.
I lost my mother a long time back, so I know how it feels now that I am a mother.”
Would she do anything differently as a mom than the way she was brought up? Well, this star would want her daughter to be more professional.
“I would train her and give her the best education so that when she grows up she is confident.”
Fiza wants to be more of a friend than a mother to her daughter. With her own experiences and the values inculcated in her by her mother, the best advice which she wants to give to her ‘life’ [Faraal] would be to keep an open mind, for each day brings with it something new, something to learn from.

She has graced the runway countless times and acted in several projects but the super model has a doting side to her other than the charismatic persona. She is a mother of two adorable kids and this beautiful turn in her life has changed her only in good ways.
“Motherhood has turned me into a more caring person. I am always ready and prepared about what to do next as I am running after two kids.”
When she first heard the news of becoming a mother, it was hard for her to understand the feelings.
“It was a surreal feeling and came as a surprise. I was super excited and made it public the very first day. Being a mother is a full-time job with no holidays, but the reward is pure and that’s when I realised that there is no happiness and strength like it.”
As a working woman, she believes it is tough to juggle both the roles and here she credits her family and husband for being supportive of her career choices.
“It is indeed very tough and there is always a chance that either one of them – my work or my family life – could get compromised. I love my job but I have embraced the challenge by being selective about the projects.”
The glam model thinks that her children have their own personalities. Her son, Raakin is naughty unlike her and daughter Zaynah, who is sharper than him.
“I used to be very sober, living in my own world. I think they are more onto Hassan, their father. Or perhaps they are too young right now!”
The actor also credits her mother for making her realise the importance of societal values and mannerisms.
“I will always remember everything that my mother taught me. Even her ways of leading a balanced happy life are a beacon of light for me.”
Like every mother, Sunita wants her kids to be smarter, successful and respectable.
“I am very strict and never compromise on values. I teach them what’s good for them in the long run.”
Ask her if she has any message for mothers out there and she simply says, “Being a mother is beautiful. Live your lives in those moments when your child passes a smile at you or tells you a cute story. They are your heaven on earth.”

" Motherhood has turned me into a more caring person. I am always ready and prepared about what to do next as I am running after two kids "

The ravishing Zhalay lets us in on a little secret.
“I always wanted to be a mother. “My childhood fantasy were babysitting dolls and pampering toddlers of the family. It fulfilled my most cherished dream.”
Whenever she sees her little angel, it reminds her of her mother and she wants to be special for her daughter in the same way.
Zhalay firmly believes that one needs to be stronger for being a mom.
“Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing, even when you’re not sure what the right thing is… and to forgive yourself, over and over again when you struggle. The happiness you feel after conquering both the worlds is pure pleasure.”
Zhalay is a proud mother of adorable Anaya who’s very much like her mum – confident and independent. She is looking forward to enjoy all the important events in her daughter’s life. There are days in her life when she was unable to be with her daughter and missed some moments, but she has no regrets.
“My husband and I are workaholics that’s the reason we understand each other’s commitments. There is a mutual understanding that we will make the most of our daughter’s childhood and will never make her miss her parents. My family never complains that I don’t give them enough time as I have set my priorities straight.”
Mother’s Day is celebrated like a birthday in her house with presents and flowers for her mother, cutting cakes and having dinner together.
“Our’s is a very close-knitted family. My mother is precious for me and so is my daughter. I was brought up by a working parent. I never felt neglected or my wishes being compromised. What I’ve learnt from her will always be with me and in one way or another she is always my point of reference.”

" Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own "

“You no longer live for yourself. but for your children once you have them. Their needs, wants and desires come before your own.”
As cliched as it might sound, Safinaz thinks it rings true for all mothers. As a working mother, she thinks balancing between work and home life is a tough task. She takes it as a tremendous challenge. But for her, children always come first, though she finds everything easier now and is capable of giving more to her work as the kids have grown and don’t require as much of her time as they used to when they were younger. She has always tried hard to not let work get in the way of family time and it has very seldom been an issue.
On rare occasions, if something has come up, her children have been very understanding as they have been brought up to respect work ethics and to own responsibility to one's commitments – something very rare and beautiful to see in kids. But that’s not the only wisdom that she has imparted to them.
“My children are well aware they are privileged but they also see both their parents working very hard every day and they know nothing has been handed to them on a silver platter. They are not indulged in every whim or fancy and understand they are not entitled to anything they have, but are blessed to have it.” Safinaz teaches her kids to be strong and independent. She believes children do seem to be a lot more savvy and independent today but that doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day they are still children. Even though neither of her kids resembles her in looks or personality, she could not be happier as a mother. She finds no words to describe the feeling of pure, unconditional love that encompasses her.
“A true moment of pride and happiness would be to see my children graduate and be equipped to start their professional lives.”

" They are not indulged in every whim or fancy and understand they are not entitled to anything they have, but are blessed to have it "

For Maria, Mother’s Day is just another day to realise that mothers are the reason this world has anything beautiful left in it. “Mothers are a reflection of the divine,” this fashion designer opines who feels that being a mother teaches patience and reignites the will to make this world a better place to live in. “When I wasn’t a mother, the world and its issues had less impact on me, but now, being one makes you want to make it a better place for your kids,” Maria emphasises keeping the grave situation of the world in mind.
This designer finds herself extremely fortunate and blessed to be her own boss for she doesn’t have much trouble in giving time to her kids. “Yes, it is tough juggling roles, with kids and work but they [children] are my priority always. If needed, I change my schedule for them.” Is there anything she would want her kids to have that she didn’t in her childhood? “Lifelong friendships” came her prompt reply. “Being a military man’s daughter, we used to move to a new city for dad’s postings every year or two. I wasn’t able to make permanent friends, however I would want my kids to have long-lasting friendships!”
This gentlewoman gets ecstatic when her daughter prepares breakfast for her on Mother’s Day. “Not a ritual, but the effort put in by her is a priceless moment for me,” Maria gleefully confers. An achiever herself, Maria sees Fatima as a pure reflection of herself. “She excels in everything. Whenever I see her, I see myself in her.”
Has she planned any moment in particular for her kids? Maria’s Sufi angle surfaces as she asserts, “I don’t believe in planning ahead. Just wish for moments of peace, health and happiness for them.”
Of late, Maria’s smartness has got competition as Fatima has company now. Maria was recently blessed with Issa who is a month old and is already showing his mother’s traits. “I can see myself in his characteristics already – he is calm and intelligent. Okay, I’m not calm, but I’m smart,” the designer beamingly states.

" When I wasn’t a mother, the world and its issues had less impact on me, but now, being one makes you want to make it a better place for your kids "

Who in the media industry is unfamiliar with the cheerful, outspoken and loving Juggan! She can make you laugh in an instant with her hysterical sense of humour and one-liners. The witty star is as hyperactive as a mom as she is, as the host of her morning show. She was always independent and reckless, living her life on her own terms and willing to take risks and then came her little bundle of joy, Hamza.
“I was rebellious and a wild child at heart. I was habitual of not thinking twice before taking decisions and going with the tide – a free spirit perhaps. Motherhood is a magic! When I was a single mom, I realised what mother’s can be. You want to know? They can become anything for their child – such is their unconditional love.”
She remembered the day when she found out about her pregnancy and recalls it on a lighter note. “It was a shock, to be precise. I didn’t believe this was happening… becoming a mother. The first six months went in denial, then I was left with no option, but to accept it.”
But after holding Hamza in her hands, she is sure there is nothing better that could have happened in her life. Faisal and I know our responsibilities and our family is our priority. I have joined a morning show at the peak of my career because my son needs my time. I can’t do shootings for days and neglect him. I’m a mother first and then come my ambitions. I take him along to my sets if needed and my colleagues also love him. It was decided from day one that one of us will always be there for him,” she candidly reveals.
For this affable mom, the most cherished memories with her mother are the affectionate cuddles.
“Two things are a must – passionate hugs and honesty. I tell him ‘Hamza, I’m your best friend but I’m your mother too.’ So there is respect, love and sharing secrets like buddies do. I speak to him like one talks to an adult and there are no compromises on values and manners.”
What Juggan loves he most about Hamza? “He is very much like his mother – asking 5,000 questions about everything which irritates me at times. I think its reincarnation or Karma (laughs). He rationalises everything and is a smarter version of me and how can I forget we both suffer from verbal diarrhoea as we speak a lot!. Also, add our mutually loved Nihari obessesion – oh dear we love food!”

" We both suffer from verbal diarrhoea and obsession with nihari "

Zara Shahjahan is a name that ranks amongst the leading designers of Pakistan’s fashion industry. Well, what you should also know is that she is a fighter. A trait taught to her by her mom. Zara feels that her relationship with her guardian angel has grown manifolds since the time she has embraced motherhood. While talking to MAG she voiced, “when you become a mother you realise your own mother’s love for you’. This National College of Arts graduate feels that this era is very much different from the one she grew up in. Would she want to raise her daughter any differently? “In some ways I would want her to be raised in exactly the same way, but with changing trends, I would always want the best for her and if need be will do whatever it takes.” The couturier feels that she is also in the learning phase and ‘is adapting to the changes life brings with it’. Zara has set clear benchmarks when it comes to managing time between work and her kid. “I have to make her feel that she is my priority. Even though it gets too tough with such hectic schedules, but for me she always comes first.” Zara sheds light on how she wants her little one to grow up feeling confident and ‘to never look down upon working mothers’.
Restricting and celebrating a single day for mommy’s is not enough for this class of grace, as she concurs, ‘one day is simply not enough to make your mothers feel special’. She sees her childhood in her daughter as she reminisces, ‘my daughter is as stubborn as I was.’ For this lady who helps women glam up in all ways possible, the most tedious task is paying back a mother. “It takes a while, a lifetime to pay back what mothers do for their children.” So rightly said.

" when you become a mother you realise your own mother’s love for you "

“Selflessness!” comes a prompt reply when Frieha is asked about the best change motherhood has brought in her. The kids, she believes are more important than her or anything else, so much so that she works only when they are at school. She never misses any of their events, important or not; always picks them from school, always is there at their assembly, sports days and parent-teacher meetings. Even though her proud parental moments consist of the little things like hugs, affections, and laughs, she is particularly excited for the moment when they will achieve their dreams, her kids’ college graduation, their weddings and looks forward to becoming a grandmother.
The greatest gifts Frieha received from her own mother were love, affection and above all, respect. She taught her honesty, moral values and made her responsible which she wishes to pass on to her kids as well. She plans to let them venture into the world of dance and music – the only thing her parents did not allow her. But she wants to keep them grounded by teaching them kindness and being generous to the less fortunate. And though she believes children are more independent these days, one still needs to keep a watch over them.
But she is not much of a strict parent.
“I see myself in them when they speak like me and repeat my words. My daughter has long hair likewise and also the ability to question everything,” she speaks proudly that her kids resemble her.

“Motherhood is truly a blessing! A woman becomes complete as soon as she enters the phase of motherhood,” Fia says joyously, adding “I must say, I never knew what sacrifices a mother does. But as soon as I entered the world of motherhood, the respect for my mother increased automatically. I started loving, respecting and taking care of her much more than I ever did.”
For her, motherhood brings about all the positive changes one can think of; one becomes more responsible towards everything, thinks with more maturity and acts accordingly. She attributes much to her upbringing, to her parents for raising her in such a manner.
“They have taught me humanity and how to love which has helped me throughout my life. My parents gave me freedom in everything and only because of this, I never thought of misusing it.”
She wishes to teach her daughters to respect and love everyone no matter what class, what segment of society people are from something she learned from her mother.
But it’s quite tough at the same time too, of course. She is working on her first acting project and even though she stays in touch with them on the phone throughout the day, she hasn’t been able to spend much time with her kids lately. But Sunday is one day no one compromises on; it’s a family day everyone looks forward to for an escape from their busy lives and quality family get-togethers.
Fia does take out time for her family too.
“I have missed a few (events), but only those I wanted to, otherwise I tell them in advance,” she laughs mischievously.

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