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10 Mar - 16 Mar , 2012
Beat The Flab Blues! (by NESHMIA)
Beat The Flab Blues!Kick-start your fitness regime and boost your willpower with health tips

Adjust Your Vision
If all the good intentions from the beginning of the year are now just a distant memory, don't beat yourself up, just recognise you're a big step closer to knowing what will actually work for you and what won't. When setting resolutions, success is far more likely if you choose ones you actually want to keep, rather than committing to something because you think you 'should'. You wouldn't lack motivation to collect your lottery winnings or turn up for a date with the boy or girl of your dreams.
So if you're struggling, it has nothing to do with your weak will or lack of motivation. You're just trying to do something that you don't really want to do.
Also, he believes it's essential to work out whether you're motivated by the pursuit of pleasure or motivated to avoid pain and feeling bad. If your goal is to get slimmer and you're a 'pleasure' type then share any success with friends, enjoy the compliments and reward yourself for doing well, which will encourage you. If you're a 'pain avoidance' person then get friends to sponsors you to lose weight for charity. You will probably try harder because you'll dislike the negative feeling of 'letting people down'.

Stub It Out
Many smokers are not only unaware of how difficult it can be to break the cycle of nicotine addiction but also that there is help and support available from healthcare professionals.
Your doctor, practice nurse or a pharmacist will be happy to help you and will make it considerably more likely that you'll successfully quit.
Set a definitive quit-date for a few weeks ahead so you have time to prepare and try to avoid a period that may be stressful. Write down your reasons for quitting. This transforms your quitting goals from being a simple intention to something you can see and touch. Refer to the list regularly so you stay focused.
Other tips are keeping a quit-smoking calendar and ticking off the days you haven't smoked, and rewarding yourself with a treat using the money you've saved by not buying cigarettes.

Balance Body & Soul
We can all feel a little lackluster at this time of year, without the necessary get-up-and-go vital to allow us to persevere with resolutions. Help your body to clean up after any indulgent lapses by encouraging natural detoxification through staying hydrated. Make sure you drink lots of good-quality spicy herbal teas, aloe vera juice and pure water. And ensure you eat enough good-quality fats and oils to encourage the efficient absorption of mood-enhancing Vitamin D. If we feel 'low' it's much harder to remain motivated.
Assist the absorption of dietary fat-soluble vitamins by including a daily serving of hemp seed oil and try nourishing organic ghee.

Drink To It!
A cheap, easy aid to a diet is simply making sure you drink plenty of water.
Often thirst is confused with hunger and we reach for a snack although our body is actually telling us it is dehydrated. So start the day with two large glasses of water, at room temperature, before breakfast, and then before lunch have two large mugs of herbal tea. It definitely helps avoid temptation.
Bear in mind that it takes around four to five days to retrain our palettes. This means that if you can resist those sweet cravings for a week, you'll be well on the way to giving them up and enjoying a healthier diet.

Mix It Up
Boredom is the enemy of all resolutions. Make sure you constantly change the activities and exercise that you do. Varying routines and sports will keep it more interesting and from a physical point of exercise. This confusion makes the body work harder to adapt and ensures you see continual results. Setting an achievable goal for each month and finding a training partner will also help motivate you.

Gym-free Exercise
Fat-burning, toning up, working out and raising your heart rate don't have to be done only in a gym, nor do you have to find extra hours in the day. Use the stairs instead of lifts or escalators in order to increase heart rate and tone your thighs. Carry bags or suitcases with a bent arm to increase tone in your triceps. And do exercises when the adverts come on while watching TV, such as sit-ups or tricep-dips against the sofa. Do ten sets of each over a week, this can make a huge difference.

Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Fudge SundaeWarm and wholesome, you are a born nurturer. Whether for some hard advice or some soothing words, friends always find themselves calling you in times of trouble.

Your Ice Cream
Fats/carbs: Very high. The walnuts in the fudge add a bit of good fat, but it's negated by the sugar-heavy chocolate syrup, ice cream and whipped cream.
Protein: Low. The milk protein is negligible due to the high sugar content.
Healthy op: A scoop of low-fat chocolate fudge ice cream.
Malai Kulfi
Some call it fickleness, you call it a way of life. The Joan of all trades, you have a thirst for new experiences. You get excited by an idea and pursue it with full determination…till you get bored and move on.

Your Ice Cream
Fats/carbs: High. The malai, the nuts, the sugar what else did you expect?
Protein: Moderate. The protein content in the milk is cancelled by the high fat/carb content.
Healthy op: A skim-milk phirni made with a sugar substitute or jaggery.

What's Your Scoop?

Chunky, nutty or velvet-smooth ice cream is the stuff childhood memories are made of. We What's Your Scoop?scope out your personality based on your favourite scoop.

Soft Serve
You love order in everything. Your desk has the bare minimum on it, and even the slightest disorder is enough to send you into panic fits. Labeleld boxes fill your closets and you are an ardent bubbled wrap fan.

Your Ice Cream
Fats/carbs: Moderate. The carbs come from the sugar and milk.
Protein: Low
Healthy op: Ditch the waffle for a cup, or go for some low-fat frozen yogurt.
Strawberry Gelato
What were you doing? You probably don't remember. You drift in and out of an infinite jumble of thoughts with dreamy ease, and all you need is love is your anthem for world peace.

Your Ice Cream
Fats/carbs: Low.
Being milk-and fruit-based makes gelato the healthiest option here.
Protein: Low. The little protein it contains comes from the milk.
Healthy op: Swap the waffle cone for a cup and have it with fresh-cut strawberries.

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