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10 - 16 Dec , 2011
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Eyes Spice!
Eyes Spice!* Vibrant eye make-up looks fabulous on dark skin
* The right base and blending are key to a flawless winter eyeshadow effect

1. Cover The Base
It's important to get the base right so the colour will have a neutral canvas. Prime the eye area with a matte make-up primer followed by a concealer base. Now dust your eye contour with a base colour shadow, choosing an earthy shade that's close to your eyelid skintone. This provides an even-coloured base for you to work on.

2. Draw The Lines
Pick the deepest shade from your eyeshadow palette and using a small, tightly bristled brush line your eyes with it. Stay as close to the lashline as possible. If you want even more intense eyes, use a dark 2. Draw The Linespencil liner close to the lash line and then blend your darkest shade on top of the pencil.

3. Blend, Blend, Blend
This is the trickiest part as it can result in messy and tired-looking eyes if you go wrong. First smudge the dark colour eyeshadow and the eyeliner in controlled Blend, Blend, Blendstrokes with a brush or with fingertips. Next using a medium sized eyeshadow brush, apply the medium-to-dark shade from your shadow palette into the crease of the lid and blend it into the eyeliner. This will emphasise the shape of your eye.

4. Shimmer and Sheen
It's important to highlight the eye areas you want to accentuate. Define the areas such as the browbone and the 'ball' of the eyelid by adding a touch of shimmer or the lightest coloured shadow.

5. Colour Me Bright
For a little extra sparkle and a more dramatic finish, add just a hint of a bright-coloured eyeshadow on the inner eyelids.

Tips For Flawless Eye Make-up
* Eye make-up works best when the skin around your eyes is in top condition. Invest in a good eye cream and apply it religiously every morning and night.
* Pick your colour palettes carefully. It's OK to mix and match from two different palettes. Pick a winter colour palette in your chosen shade and a separate earthy eyeshadow palette for your base colour.
* Although many women tend to skip the base colour step believing it's superfluous, applying an earthy neutral shadow to match your skin colour is necessary to achieve flawless overall blending.
* To create an eyeshadow lighter than it actually is, simply mix a bit of loose powder into it and apply over eyelids.
* The trick to flaunting striking coloured eyeshadows is to balance them with a classic dark eye pencil. Practice blending because that's what eyeshadows are all about.

Lip Art!
With the cool season here, it' time you revamp your lip colour textures. Lip Art!To make life easier, we've identified the trendiest matte, metallic and molten colour for you

* To wear a matte lipstick, you need perfectly smooth lips. If they are chapped you should exfoliate with a gentle scrub (a mild face scrub would do). Apply a thin coat of light balm.
* Wait for 5-7 minutes, blot off balm with a tissue.
* Use a neutral lipliner to colour in the full lip area, then using a brush to soften the lip contour. Finish witha matte lipstick all over.
* Never apply matte lipstick over a previous application that has gone dry. Wipe off old lipstick, apply lip balm base once again and go for a fresh new coat.
* A pencil and brush are key to a flawless frosted effect.
* Line lips with a matte pencil liner as close to the metallic shade as you can find.
* Blend it to fill in the centre as well. This acts as the base for the lipstick and will also make it last 2. Draw The Lineslonger.
* Now, using the lip brush, apply lipstick, starting from the bow on the upper lip line and moving to the corners. Fill in the centre of the lip and then the corners. Follow the same steps for the lower lip.
* Don't use sparkly liquid gloss with metallic lipstick.
* Carrying off a dazzling glossy pout isn't as difficult during winter as it is in summer.
* You can achieve the molten effect with three kinds of gloss – clear, glitter and colour.
* First prep lips with a long-wearing matte, waterproof lipstick or a lip pencil in your desired shade. Then apply sparkly or clear gloss with a flat lip brush, depositing it gently on the centre of the pout.
* Also when wearing a gloss, keep loose powder handy so you can blot the area around the mouth if the gloss run.

Get It Nailed!
Perfectly manicured, strong healthy nails can work wonders for a woman's confidence. Just take a look at the sleek, chic talons of stars such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. However, the state of your nails can also reveal a great deal about the state of your health too – the strength, shape, texture and colour can all provide clues to possible deficiencies and potential health problems. Don't ignore the Get It Nailed!warning signs and help keep your nails in great shape.

In The Pink
Healthy nails are strong, flat and smooth. The nail beds should be pink due to a rich blood supply. Any changes in colour could be an indicator of deficiencies, lack of nutrients or trauma. If you notice any such irregularities, you should see your doctor.
White nails: Indicate a lack of iron or poor circulation, where blood is not reaching the fingertips.
Dark red nails: Could mean a high content of fatty acids and cholesterol due to a diet rich in dairy, sugar and salt.
Red purple nails: Can indicate an upset digestive system.

Top Tips To Perfect Nails
* Avoid nail-biting, which can damage the nail and cuticle and can even lead to infection.
* Never cut your cuticles as they are the barrier to keeping out bacteria. Instead, gently push back softened cuticles and clip loose edges with nail clippers.
* Wear gloves for household chores or if you're using any type of chemical.
* Keep nails short and clean (below) to avoid trapped germs underneath.
* Always massage in a rich hand and nail cream after washing hands.
* Check artificial nails for green discoloration, which is a sign of bacterial infection.
* Regular, gentle buffing of the nails stimulates blood flow.

Talon-ted Stars!
* Kelly Rowland has set a trend this season for wearing two-tone nails. The glamorous X Factor judge loves to paint four nails in a sassy red shade and the fifth in an electric gold!
* Katy Perry is famous for her wild manicures – she's opted for styles including super-sparkly 'disco ball' rhinestones to delicate lace overlays.
* According to Beyonce's nail technician, the best way to get shiny nails in seconds is to break open a vitamin E capsule and massage the oil into your nails and cuticles.

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