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11 - 17 Aug, 2012

The Art Of Healing Hands
Shireen Anwer – The Kitchen Queenby SALEHA ABBASI

Dr. Moiz Hussain is a renowned Reiki practitioner. He is a Certified Reiki Grand Master and also a reputed yoga instructor who has trained over 22,000 healers and over 300 Reiki masters. Numerous celebrities, doctors, businessmen and other professionals have also been trained by him. He has conducted over 500 workshops and his students come from all over the world including Pakistan, India, UAE, Middle East, USA and UK. Recently, MAG talked to Dr. Moiz about his passion for healing and how to stay positive during this spiritual month of Ramadan. Excerpts:

From where does this passion for healing people come from?
I do not know where it comes from. I believe it is an inborn thing. When I was young, I was an unusual child and my parents were very complainant of me. My mother's family was in India so I used to visit India every year. During one of these trips, my uncle took me to a place in Bombay which triggered my interest in Raja Yoga. I guess that was the turning point in my life, because that's when I started to discover who I really was and what was the purpose of my life. So, Reiki came as one of the aids in this journey and from then onwards, it became an influential part of my life.

Please describe the concept of Reiki for our readers.
Reiki is a Japanese word, which comprises of two words 'Rei' and 'Ki'. 'Rei' means 'universal life force' and 'Ki' means 'the energy that has the intelligence'. So, Reiki is universal life force which has its own intelligence. This force has been present since the beginning of times. Moreover, Reiki is not restricted to any particular religion. We believe that being Muslims, this act of healing is bestowed upon us by the grace of Allah and if we do it with the right intention, then it becomes a prayer.

Are there any side effects involved?
There are absolutely no side effects. Firstly, one needs to understand that there is the 'Alternative Medicine' and then there is 'Complementary Medicine'. For instance, homeopathy is alternative treatment, whereas Reiki is complementary treatment. Regardless of whatever treatment you are undergoing, this treatment always complements and helps. So, there are no side effects involved.

Why are there so many Reiki variations?
There are no variations of Reiki. People should understand that the original Reiki was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui which is called 'Usui Reiki'. The moment it became famous, everybody started coming out with their own variations. For example, some people came out with 'Rainbow Reiki', 'Maata Reiki' and 'Kundali Reiki'. However, all these variations are completely baseless.

Being a healer, what does it require from a person?
As a healer, you have to have compassion and empathy.

How do you treat coexisting mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety?
Reiki can help in many mental health conditions like stress, panic attacks, anxiety, fear, etc. However, besides Reiki we need to make use of other techniques as well, like hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to make the treatment more effective.

Can you suggest some yoga exercises for the holy month of Ramadan?
There is a Pranayama exercise called 'Sheetali' and 'Sitkari'. Close your mouth and roll your tongue like a tube and then suck air through that tube. It will keep your throat and mouth cool, so you won't feel thirsty. This exercise is useful, especially when the weather is hot. Other than that, there are some yoga postures that are tremendously helpful. One is called 'Cobra', and the other one is the 'Back Stretch'. Then there is the 'Fish Pose' and another one is called 'Shoulder Stand'. Moreover, in the morning you can do 'Surya Namaskar' or Salutation to the Sun. These are some really amazing postures which are ideal for this holy month.

While fasting, people often exhibit very low tolerance levels. How can they overcome that?

Well… there is a psychological factor involved, that is you know that you are fasting so it is more of a psychological influence which makes you feel weaker. So, what I suggest is that people should take Ramadan as a challenge, and they should chant these words, "the more anger I feel, the more I control, the stronger I get". This exercise will really help you in keeping better control on your nerves.

What can be done to be more energised while fasting?
A lot depends on your sehri. Sehri should comprise of a high-protein diet which will help you remain fresh throughout the day. Avoid foods rich in carbohydrates, because such foods will induce drowsiness. Make a Ramadan special timetable and stick to it. Work less hours. Try to plan out things before hand. Give yourself time to relax and indulge in self-reflection. However, all sorts of mental activities should be done after iftar, when you have regained your energy.

For those who doubt the science behind Reiki's healing powers, what message would you like to give them?
We can't do anything about such people, because there are some people in every era who will always have doubts. However, sometimes it happens that such cynics become instant believers when their needs are fulfilled. Reiki can be medically and scientifically proven.

Please tell us some success stories from your Reiki practice.
There are countless number of people who have learned Reiki from my institute and now they have become successful Reiki healers. Then there are those who are running their own salons, beauty parlours and gyms. Some top-notch doctors of the country also learned Reiki from me and now they are incorporating it into their own practice. Then there are people who have been completely cured of cancer because of Reiki. Similarly, people who suffered from migraine for years learned Reiki and their migraine vanished. So, the success stories are endless.

What goals do you set yourself as a healer?
Nowadays, I don't get time to heal because I teach Reiki. However, my ultimate goal is to spread Reiki all over the country. By 2015, we should be able to spread Reiki in all the urban areas at least.

Please define your values which you always try to protect and which are most important for you.
Most importantly, I cannot let anybody get hurt. Moreover, I believe in truthfulness, because no matter what happens one should always speak the truth. I also believe in forgiveness and moving on. Gratefulness is also very important for me.

What has been your greatest joy in assisting people through your Reiki?
When people come to me and tell me that they have been healed or they have helped someone get better, that moment for me is truly special.

Are there any Reiki healing workshops being offered at your institute this Ramadan?
Yes, every Ramadan we do workshops in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Would you like to give some tips to our readers for this holy month?
Firstly, you never know this might be your last Ramadan so make the most of it. Try to do justice to your work and be loyal to the people you are connected with. This month is all about self-control, so if you lose that then Ramadan will lose its true essence. Avoid hasty decisions and learn to give more in the name of Allah as much as possible.

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