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11 Feb - 17 Feb , 2012
7 Beauty Musts for A Dazzlin VALENTINE'S DAY7 Beauty Musts for A Dazzling
Want to turn heads this Valentine's Day, gals? Don't wait for Cupid's arrow to strike! Here are 7 easy ways to release your inner glam goddess!

Prominent Pout: Nothing makes a face dazzle like a pop of bold lip color! Try a deep red that works for all skin types. More of a pink kinda gal? A bright rose shade is also a perfect attention-grabbing color.

Bold Brows: For eyebrows, think big and bold! First, use a skinny brow pencil and create "feather-like" strokes that mimic your eyebrow hairs. Then, fill in the sparse areas with a brow powder to create a fuller look.
7 Beauty Musts for A Dazzlin VALENTINE'S DAY
Blushing Beauty: Punch up your blush! A bright-cheeked look will tie in perfectly with your bold lips and brows. Apply a rosy color of choice directly to the apples of your cheeks.

Bold Liner: Get in touch with your inner star and try a dramatic cat-eye look! Use liquid liner and start at the corner of the eye. Draw a line working your way in toward the inner corner.

Amplified Lashes: Give your thin lashes some assistance by adding falsies! False lashes will transform your puny eyelashes into thick, long, dramatic ones. Affix false lashes to clean eyes, and apply the rest of your makeup after the 7 Beauty Musts for A Dazzlin VALENTINE'S DAYfalsies have dried. Use an amplifying mascara to blend the fake lashes in with your real ones.

Touchable Tresses: No matter the hair length, touchably soft locks set the stage for stunning. Create soft, moveable hair by using a big-barreled curling iron, or hot rollers. Then, tousle hair with fingers and lightly spritz with hairspray.

Nails That Pop: Don't forget your nails, ladies! Rock a bold red or pink manicure to tie your entire Valentine's Day look together! No time for a manicure? Don't fret! You can use nail polish strips.

Subtle Shimmer: For the finishing beauty touch, apply a subtle 7 Beauty Musts for A Dazzlin VALENTINE'S DAYshimmer powder to all the right places! Dust a bit across the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks. It's an easy way to get your glow on!

Confidence Connoisseur: Finally, unleash your inner confidence connoisseur! Nothing says sexy like confidence. You look "glamazing"…own it!

Beauty tips like these are not only a cinch, they yield striking results! Here's to a gorgeous Valentine's Day! Eat your heart out, Cupid…

The 10 Commandments Of Mascara
Lashes are having a moment. A big, thick, lush, sometimes even spidery moment. Here's how to maximize your fringe.

1. Get Specific
There are do-all mascaras that promise thick, defined, mile-long lashes with the swipe of a wand-but experts say that these aren't the way to go. A single tube can pack only so many effective ingredients, The 10 Commandments Of Mascaraand formulas usually have to sacrifice one benefit for another. If you want a specific effect, look for a specialized type. The resins and waxes in a curling mascara lift and bend stick-straight lashes, while a lengthening formula's nylon fibers act as extensions on short ones. And the brush matters, too: If it's big and bushy, that's how your lashes will look. A brush with spiky plastic bristles separates.

2. Black Works For Everyone
Everyone can pull off black-even blondes. The whole point of mascara is to enhance the shape of the eye and define the lashes, and it should be visible, or you won't get that effect. But that's not to say you can't experiment with colors. A swipe of purple is gorgeous on green, blue, and hazel eyes, while blue and green mascaras offer a gorgeous contrast against brown.

3. Save Waterproof For When You Really Need It
Waterproof formulas are too tough to remove for everyday use; you'll have to rub hard to loosen the color, so there's a chance your lashes will break. Save it for your best friend's wedding – and even then, try something that's water-resistant.

4. Get The Perfect Curl
Don't be intimidated by its resemblance to a medieval torture device – an eyelash curler can make eyes appear wider and sexier in seconds. The key is to use it before applying mascara, because the mascara can stick to the curler, causing some lashes to be pulled out. Look into a mirror and lift your chin. Squeeze the curler at the roots and hold for three to five seconds, then pulse halfway down the lashes three times – one second per pulse.

5. Add Fullness And Drama...
After curling, apply lengthening mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Then, wiggle the brush of a volumizing mascara against the roots and pull it through. Finally, swish your wand windshield – wiper style across your corner lashes to beef them up. These lashes give the eyes an elongated shape.

6. For Length And Definition
Two coats of lengthening mascara for stubby fringe. Start by squeezing the wand in a paper towel. Apply to one eye, then the other, letting the mascara dry completely before your second swipe. Shimmy the brush into your lash line and swiftly pull it through the lashes. This rapid, wiggle-slick move separates lashes and makes eyes look bigger.

7. Don't Neglect Lower Lashes
It's the finishing touch to smoky eyes. Just don't be too heavy-handed, or the mascara will clump. For a bit of everyday definition, run the tip of the wand lightly along the lower lashes.

8. Try Spidery Lashes
Spider lashes are no longer a sign of bad taste, thanks to this full and fluttery technique. After curling, coat top and bottom lashes with a volumizing formula before adding more mascara. Apply three coats of volumizing mascara and then revisit the ends with a ball-shaped brush. Hold the wand vertically and use a metronome motion to really get that spiky effect.

9. Remove Clumps
When you're going for a spidery look, a little clumpage is one thing, but for everyday, sloppy, clumpy lashes won't fly. Tidy yours up by sweeping a clean spooley brush through clumps while the mascara is still wet.

10. Take It All Off
After piling on coat after coat of mascara, you're going to need more than a facial cleanser to get it off. Removers that contain oil are strong enough to dissolve the most stubborn formulas. Soak a pad with remover and gently press it down on lashes for a few seconds. This allows the formula to soak in. Then, slowly wipe the pad across the eyes.|

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