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11 Feb - 17 Feb , 2012
Love Is In The Air

Well it's coming to that time of the year again and we are all wondering how to spoil the one we love. Yes, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It is a special time of the year when each and every one of us can really express those all-important feelings for that special someone.
Every year, this festive day is celebrated all over the world with much zeal and zest. Preparations start months in advance. Moreover, the common symbols of Valentine's Day include; chocolates, roses, greeting cards, love birds, romantic ballads, teddy bears, etc. because when the big day comes these are the specialities which are strewn all over the display of shops, super-markets, departmental stores etc.
The gifting possibilities are endless. The more creative you get, the better. Then again, some people invest in cost-effective gifts whereas some people go all out for an extravagant effort. Irrespective of that, you should make your effort count, and don't over-complicate things.
As the Valentine's Day is just a few days away, we thought to list some of the most celebrated gift-items for this special day:

Chocolates: A delicious box of chocolate is a quintessential Valentine's Day gift. Nothing can beat that, and this special day of love cannot be complete without a little bit of indulgence. Chocolates are not only Love Is In The Air inexpensive but also one of the traditional Valentine's Day gifts. A wide assortment of chocolates is available on this day, which comes in a variety of different flavours and beautiful packaging. Whether your loved one prefers milk chocolates, nutty chocolates, mint chocolates or dark chocolates, these will be the best way to convey your message of love. You can also pick from the special Valentine's Day themed chocolates. However, it's suggested to go for a brand that defines both quality and Love Is In The Air taste. It is a fact that Valentine's Day chocolates may not last that long but the loving sentiment will be treasured for many years to come.

Flowers: Flowers have been an integral part of Valentine's Day as long as anyone can remember. They are also the most popular choice for Valentine's Day and are a pretty safe option regardless of how long you have been with your valentine. You can go all-classic for the day, with long-stemmed red roses. Roses are the most popular flowers given on Valentine's Day so one can't go wrong with these. Tulips and Daisies are also a favourite which comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Love Is In The Air For something slightly different, go for the wild flowers and the effort will definitely be appreciated.

Scented Candles: Valentine's Day would simply not be right without wonderful fragrant candles to go with the celebration of love. Aroma candles make a lovely Valentine's Day gift. These candles are also very economical; you can get many different kinds of them at really good prices. They can easily be found at local super markets and candle shops. Some scented candles have essential oils in them, also known as aromatherapy candles. While shopping for that special candle, do consider the décor of the home of the person whom you are purchasing the candle for, because you will want to purchase something that looks good in their home. Scented candles will be remembered and cherished every time they are lit, and absolutely nothing can beat the scent and soft light of a beautiful candle.

Perfumes: Perfumes can be a bit risky since everyone's preferences are different, but if you know your Love Is In The Air beloved's favourite brand of perfume or that special brand that he or she has been waiting to buy for a long time then it's a perfect gift for them this Valentine's Day. If you are not sure which one to choose, then you can always pick from one of the popular brands. However, perfumes can be a bit expensive but nonetheless they are an ideal gift for this special day.

Stuffed Toys: Stuffed toys are seen as a very thoughtful gift on Valentine's Day, and are universally appreciated. A great variety of adorable and irresistible stuffed toys is available in the markets. You just have to browse through them and pick up whichever takes your fancy.

Specialised Greeting Cards: Valentine's Day greeting cards are a great way to show your loved ones that you care. When you are picking your card for that special someone, you want to make sure that the card is the true reflection of your feelings. You can also personalise your greeting card by inserting a picture of any special memory that you have shared with that person. Enjoy the special connection that only greeting cards can convey.

Personalised Scrapbooks: If you don't want to spend a lot of money on your gift but still want to give your valentine something really nice then put your creativity to work and create a scrapbook for your partner as a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Buy yourself a scrapbook and start making pages about where you met, your first date, filling it with pictures and other mementos of your love. You can leave Love Is In The Air blank pages for future events, anniversaries, birthdays etc. Scrapbook is a more thoughtful gift than any other expensive gift. All your hard work will definitely be appreciated.

Jewellery: Another popular trend is gifting jewellery. While flowers and chocolates are a usual choice on Valentine' Day, but if you really want to win her over then give her a sophisticated piece of jewellery. Picking jewellery for your valentine should be fun so don't put it off till the very last moment. However, you should have an idea whether her style is more simple and chic or is it more bold and flashy. Whatever you end up giving her, give her from your heart and she will definitely love it.

Spa Gifts: You can treat some one special this Valentine's Day with an amazing spa gift. There is nothing better than indulging yourselves on a nice little trip to a spa where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. So treat yourself and your valentine to some pampering. Moreover, on special occasions like Valentine's Day, most spas come up with amazing spa deals so it's better to keep an eye open so that you don't miss them.

These were some of the most popular gift-items of Valentine's Day, but one can always get creative and come up with even more innovative ideas. For instance, the best present you could give your valentine is to cook for him. You would love the reaction when he comes home and finds a beautifully set table with his favourite flowers nicely placed in the centre, along with his favourite meal. A romantic candle-lit dinner at your favourite restaurant is not a bad idea either. Or perhaps watching an old classic movie at home together in a cosy atmosphere, treating each other to some good quality time, I'm sure the time spent will surely be memorable. Giving your valentine tickets to his favourite band's concert will be a superb idea. If it's a band you both love then it's even better. Nothing can beat the true excitement of a live performance, a material object will fade away but those memories will last forever. Irrespective of whatever you decide to give your valentine, the idea is to celebrate this day of Love with your loved one.

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