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11 Feb - 17 Feb , 2012

Valentine's Day Trivia
This quiz is a fun way to get in the Valentine spirit, and it may even help you find your Valentine!

1. Valentine's Day ___ on February 14th.
a. Celebrates
b. Had celebrated
c. Is celebrated
Valentine's Day Trivia
2. Cupid is the most famous ___ of Valentine.
a. Symbol
b. Sign
c. Motif

3. It's known that this mischievous ___ child shoots darts of desire and make men fall deeply in love.
a. Swinged
b. Wigged
c. Winged

4. The ___ of Saint Valentine's Day had its origin in a belief that birds began to pair on February 14th.
a. Costume
b. Habitat
c. Custom

5. The festival became associated with the ___ day of two Roman martyrs, both named St. Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century.
a. Fast
b. Feast
c. Feature

6. Valentine's Day became the date for exchanging love letters and sending lovers' ___.
a. Tolls
b. Tools
c. Tokens

7. St. Valentine has been regarded as the ___ saint of lovers.
a. Patrol
b. Patron
c. Patroness

8. Today's celebration of Valentine's Day ___ of a tradition that began in the Roman Empire.
a. Grew out
b. Grew up
c. Grew

9. The Valentine's Day cards are often ___ with hearts to symbolise love.
a. Desired
b. Signed
c. Designed

10. Roses are the most common flowers given ___ this occasion.
a. On
b. In
c. After

11. Who was St. Valentine?
a. A priest in Rome
b. An emperor of Rome
c. A soldier

12. What is the love story behind St. Valentines Day?
a. On February 14th, Valentine littered the streets with red hearts exclaiming his love for his girl
b. On February 14th, Valentine was put to death, but left a note for his love, a jailer's daughter, signed "From Your Valentine"
c. On February 14th, Valentine handed out flowers to all of Rome's women

13. How many Valentine's Day cards are sold each year?
a. 50 million
b. 500 million
c. 1 billion
Valentine's Day Trivia
14. Who is Cupid?
a. In Roman mythology, he is the son of Venus
b. In Norse mythology, he is a winged child of Zeus
c. In Roman mythology, he is the king of other gods and goddesses

15. When were the first commercial Valentine's Day cards sold___?

a. 1710
b. 1840
c. 1920

16. What does the word Valentine mean?
a. Heart
b. Sweetheart
c. Love

17. How did sailors send messages to their loved ones while at sea in the old days?
a. Bottle
b. Sea Post
c. Carrier Pigeon

18. What fruit is also known as the 'love apple'?
a. Tomato
b. Grape
c. Apple
Valentine's Day Trivia
19. Sailors often scratched or carved designs on bone, tusk or wood to give as a love token, this hobby was called?
a. Tatting
b. Whittling
c. Scrimshaw

20. What part of the body must Cupid's arrows hit to be effective?
a. Head
b. Heart
c. Hand

21. Who are Shakespeare's "Star-crossed Lovers"?
a. King Tut and Cleopatra
b. Romeo and Juliet
c. Fred and Wilma

22. What type of bird symbolises Valentine's Day?
a. Robin
b. Dove
c. Swan
Valentine's Day Trivia
23. What happens to someone struck by Cupid's arrow?
a. Lovesick
b. Headache
c. Measles

24. What flower is most commonly symbolic of Valentine's Day?
a. Lilly
b. Red Rose
c. Poinsettia

25. What colour is the symbol of warmth and feeling?
a. Red
b. Orange
c. Yellow

26. What date was the first recorded Valentine sent?
a. 1838
b. 1415
c. 1972

27. Where do you "wear your heart" if you are quick to show your feelings?
a. Chest
b. Hand
c. Sleeve

28. What is it said to mean if your "ears are burning"? Someone is....
a. Thinking about you
b. Talking about you
c. Dreaming about you

29. What hand is a wedding ring worn on?
a. Left
b. Right
c. Either
Valentine's Day Trivia
30. Who is the top seller of Valentine's Day cards in United States?
a. Carlton
b. Hallmark
c. Blue Mountain

1. c. Is celebrated
2. a. Symbol
3. c. Winged
4. c. Custom
5. b. Feast
6. c. Tokens
7. b. Patron
8. a. Grew out
9. c. Designed
10. a. On
11. a. A priest in Rome
12. b. On February 14th, Valentine
was put to death, but left a note
for his love, a jailer's daughter,
signed "From Your Valentine"
13. c. 1 billion
14. a. In Roman mythology, he is the
son of Venus
15. b. 1840
16. b. Sweetheart
17. a. Bottle
18. a. Tomato
19. c. Scrimshaw
20. b. Heart
21. b. Romeo & Juliet
22. b. Dove
23. a. Lovesick
24. b. Red Rose
25. a. Red
26. b. 1415
27. c. Sleeve
28. b. Talking about you
29. a. Left
30. b. Hallmark

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