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12 - 18 May , 2012
In this day and age, when the feminine gender is progressing in leaps and bounds, women have set precedents in every profession for others to follow, and Pakistani women are also excelling in almost every field. Pakistani fashion industry is expanding at a fast pace and it has given the fashion scene some fresh faces who have carved a niche for themselves – and Sabina Pasha is one of them. With a remarkable presence on the ramp, Sabina is among the top models in Pakistan's fashion world and has been the face of many local and international A Model MOTHERbrands. A full-time model by profession, she is also a mother of two adorable sons, 8-year-old Mustapha and 6-year-old Ali. This Mother's Day, MAG caught up with Sabina to talk about how her motherhood has treated her, and how she balances her work with her profession. Excerpts:

What is family for you?
Family for me is having my very own universe, within this little place called 'the world'.

How did you feel when you first found out that you were going to become a parent?
For my husband and I, it was like giving the love we had for each other – a brand new life and a brand new meaning. Nothing can explain a feeling as grand as that.

What resemblance do you see in your childhood and that of your sons'?
Well my elder one has inherited the responsible, emotional yet utterly playful side of me whereas the little one has the completely unstoppable, wild and free spirit that I possess! They love pets just the way I used to be mad for them and they love running in the storms, watching the stars and dancing in the rain with me. Altogether it's a great combination.

Was motherhood unexpected?
Oh yes, but what an unexpected blessing both times!

Tell us about your own relationship with your mother before you became a mom?
I was always my mother's shining star and a lot was expected of me, since I was utterly spoilt and obsessively loved by my family. I guess wanting to get married at 17 was quite a shock to them but A Model MOTHERseeing Bilal as being the responsible and extremely strong-willed guy that he is, they gave in to our wishes. I guess even after my marriage, I never really moved away from my family and so my mother always remained my backbone and the reason for my modelling, or for that matter, the reason for everything I have been successful in.

Has your relationship with your mother changed since then?
The relationship I share with my mother is indescribable and unchangeable. It's a relationship that no one can understand or reach the slightest depths. Even words can never do justice to a bond as miraculous and as grand as this.

What does motherhood mean to you?
It is the biggest blessing bestowed upon a woman by God. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of bringing life and then giving it all the love that God created in you, throughout your whole life.

How do you keep a balance between your work and your personal life?
It's very simple if you live with like-minded people, who respect you and love you for who you want to be. Without a combined effort by your family, nothing is possible and I'm blessed with the perfect family.

Do you sometimes feel that being a working mother you cannot give enough time to your children?
No, because I end up giving more quality time to my boys. For me it's not about being a mother at home all the time feeling frustrated and fuming at them. It's about feeling complete after a fashion week hysteria and making up for some lost time, by bonding with them on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. And A Model MOTHERalso, loving every minute of seeing them grow.

How different is your life from a typical working mother?
It's different, because I get the best of both worlds. But I must admit that it's not easy being outside in the world. One has to deal with jealous, nasty and judgemental people who just do not want to understand your lifestyle and that is the only time I wish, I was in my kitchen making a great meal for my loving family.

How did you get into modelling?
Modelling was never a profession for me. I had Mustapha when I was 19 and I had done only a few shows with Frieha when I was in Karachi, but I had done it just for fun and because the offers were so great. It was only after my second son, Ali, was born that I moved to Lahore and started working with Ather Shahzad. That was when things actually took a grand big professional turn and since then I haven't looked back.

What are your future professional plans?
The sky is the limit!

What are your sons' reactions when they see you walking on the ramp?
They actually don't really care. I have scores of magazines with my cover on them and they skim through them as if it's a part of our daily life. The only time I see them excited is when my biscuit or tea or ice cream advertisement comes on TV during their wrestling matches. I guess their only high is seeing me on their sports channel (laughs).

What do you remember from your first Mother's Day as a mom?
This is actually the first time they are understanding the notion of a Mother's Day with me, thanks to MAG. Before this they were too small to relate to it!

What are your plans for Mother's Day this year?
They are definitely going to be with my mother, although I haven't decided yet.

What advice do you have for women who struggle with work and family, and manage both?
Take each day as it comes with a big smile on your face because – you only live once!

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