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12 - 18 May , 2012
Mother's Day Celebrations
Here is a look at how Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world
Mother's Day Celebrations
Mother's Day is celebrated in different ways around the world. Every year as May approaches, sons and daughters around the world plan on celebrating their mothers. Read how other countries honour their mothers through their own traditions.

United States Of America
In the United States, Mother's Day is a national holiday and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. On this day people reflect on the importance of mothers in their life and thank them for their unconditional love and support. Mother's Day in the USA is considered as the next big day after Christmas and Valentine's Day. Phone lines record a heavy traffic, card sales reach its peak and restaurants are filled to their maximum capacity. Traditions for this day generally include breakfast in the bed, giving flowers, cards or gifts to mothers, and treating them to a meal.

Mother's Day falls on the same day in Australia as it does in the United States and is celebrated in a similar fashion. There is a tradition of wearing carnation on this day in Australia. A coloured carnation signifies that a person's mother is alive while a white carnation is used to honour a deceased mother. Mother's Day CelebrationsBesides their own mothers, children honour their grandmothers and other women who love and care for them as a mother does. In Australia people take it as an opportunity to express gratitude to their mother.

In Canada, cards and flowers are the most commonly used methods of expressing love for moms and the day is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. As Mother's Day is a festival with strong emotional value, it has been commercialised to a large extent with compelling advertising strategies in the technologically advanced country of Canada.

In France, the day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. A family dinner is the norm, and traditionally the mother being honoured is presented with a cake that looks like a bouquet of flowers.

The concept of Mother's Day is in its infancy in India, but is catching up with the other major festivities celebrated in the culturally diversified country. It is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Commercialisation has given its celebration the much needed awareness. While the concept has found a respectable position in the metropolitan cities, it is fast spreading in the smaller cities as well. Similar to the western countries, the celebrations in India are held with great pomp and show. Indians also realise the importance of this day and dedicate it to the efforts undertaken by their mothers in their upbringing.

In Ireland, Mother's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the Christian fasting month of Lent. The history of celebrating Mothering Sunday, or Mother's Day in Ireland, can be traced to the medieval practice where children from poor families were sent to work as domestic servants and apprentices to work with the rich. Once in the year in the middle of the Lent these children were given a day off to visit their 'Mother Church' and worship Virgin Mary. After visiting the Mother Church or Cathedral of their home town these children visited their mothers and presented them with flowers they picked along the way. On Mother's Day CelebrationsMother's Day, people in Ireland present flowers and cards to their mothers to express love and gratitude.

In the North American country of Mexico, Mother's Day is celebrated on a fixed day of May 10. It is celebrated in a colourful fashion where children honour their mothers and thank them for their efforts in bringing them up. According to a custom in Mexico, sons and daughters make themselves present in the house on the eve of Mother's Day on May 9. The day is celebrated with gusto as churches in Mexico organise special mass. The highpoint of the event is the orchestra which plays "las mañanitas" and distribution of 'tamales' and 'atole', the traditional early-morning meal to mothers.

Mother's Day in Spain is celebrated on December 8. Spaniards pay tribute not only to their own mothers on this day, but also to the Virgin Mary. Mother's Day in Spain includes religious celebrations across the country.

United Kingdom
Mother's Day in UK is celebrated with great excitement and verve and it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent. Since the Lent days are not fixed, the date for Mother's Day changes every year. Mother's Day came to be celebrated in UK in 17th century as Mothering Sunday, much before the custom began in US. In fact, England was the first country in the world to dedicate a day for mothers as early as 1600s. They called this day for mothers as 'Mothering Sunday'. The tradition stopped with the advent of Industrial Revolution in England when the working conditions and life pattern changed. In the present time, original meaning of Mothering Sunday has been lost and has taken the form and name of Mother's Day CelebrationsMother's Day from US. In UK, there is a tradition of making a rich almond cake for mothers called 'Mothering Cake' or 'Simnel Cake' on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day In Arab Countries
Mother's Day in most Arab countries is celebrated on 21st March. It was introduced in Egypt by journalist Mustafa Amin in his book, Smiling America, in 1943. The idea was overlooked at the time, but when Amin heard the story of a widowed mother who devoted her whole life to raise her son until he became a doctor, got married and left without showing her any gratitude, he became motivated to promote for "Mother's Day". The idea was first ridiculed by President Gamal Abdel Nasser but he eventually accepted it and Mother's Day was first celebrated on 21st March 1956. The practice has since been copied by the other Arab countries.


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