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13 - 19 June, 2015
Quote Of The Week

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”
– Aristotle

Technology and sports
I want to convey a message to the people that this is the age of science and technology. Computers, mobiles, laptops and tablets are seen everywhere. All the parents want their children to have complete knowledge about this modern equipment. No doubt, all these things are very helpful in study, research and improving the learning skills of children. But there are some disadvantages related to the use of these gadgets. Due to the addition of these modern tools, children are losing interest in physical games. They remain busy playing online games in their spare time and face health-related problems. I humbly request parents to watch their children when they are using the internet. This step is necessary to keep our children away from the dangers of the internet.
Ayman Uzair,

Return of international cricket
It’s a highly positive development that international cricket has returned to Pakistan. The series against Zimbabwe and the way the government managed to provide security to the visitors was commendable. This truly sends a message across the world that Pakistan is a safe country to host international cricket. We must also thank the Zimbabwe cricket authorities for touring the country. The PCB officials should now boost their efforts and try to convince more and more teams to tour the country.
Ahmad Raza,

Eradication of polio
Pakistan is one of the three most high risk countries, where children are more vulnerable to the polio virus than any other place in the world. It is because of ‘Talibanisation’ in some areas where health organisations do not have permission and access to immunise children. I appeal to the higher authorities to take action against such miscreants and facilitate polio teams so that they could get access to those banned areas for the elimination of polio. We need to save our children from such diseases that can only be wiped out through sincere efforts.
Maham Imtiaz,

Metro bus service
The Punjab government’s recent inauguration of the metro bus service is a good move that points towards the government’s commitment to infrastructural upliftment, but the question still remains – does transportation supersede the basic necessities of health, education and employment. Although it’s a positive move, the government needs to prioritise what is most essential for the development of the society. More investments are needed in the education and health sector so that population isn’t deprived of these fundamental needs.
Shahid Ali Safdar,

Karachi’s public transport
Karachi’s transport system is in shambles and the provincial government is doing absolutely nothing to improve it. It seems that the public transport is being controlled by a mafia. Poor conditions of buses that are not even fit for commute and pose a huge travel risk are running freely on roads. I am sure that a majority of public transport vehicles would fail fitness inspection test. Moreover, introduction of qingqis and different variants of rickshaws are adding to the traffic jams in the city. Instead of limiting the number of types of vehicles, Karachi’s transport department is doing nothing to curtail the growing numbers of vehicles on the roads.
Faizan Aslam,


Zohair Ashraf
Hey MAG… thanks for the awesome interview of Kubra Khan, I simply love her… pls also interview other tv actors!

Zehra Khan U guys r doing a gr8 job… keep up da gud work! I wanna read more interviews of local celebs…

Bushra Atif
Luving ur fashion pages… pls add smthng abt summer footwear in trends.

Tehniat Alam MAG!!! Thanks for interviewing Varun Dhawan, I’m a big big fan… Kudos!

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