Let’s picture Bollywood stars as comic book superheroes
13 - 19 June, 2015
Hrithik Roshan as Batman  Katrina Kaif as Wonder Woman Ranbir Kapoor as Spiderman  Salman Khan as Hulk  Sushant Singh Rajput as Captain America  John Abraham as Superman Shahrukh Khan as Iron Man  Akshay Kumar as Thor  Deepika Padukone as Catwoman  Priyanka Chopra as Black Widow  Vidyut Jammwal as Hawk Eye

There's nothing more fascinating than a superhero. Right from adorning the comic books, through your childhood to making a splash on the big screen in the form of action-packed Hollywood films, one has seen superheroes in a number of avatars. Whether it's Christian Bale as Batman, Andrew Garfield as Spiderman or Henry Cavill as Superman, Hollywood stars have brought the comic book heroes to the screen in larger than life films. So what it would be like if Bollywood actors essayed the roles of these iconic characters? Here's a take on which of these desi stars would be perfect to play the superheroes...

Hrithik Roshan as Batman 
Batman is one of the most prominent comic book characters of all time and who better than Hrithik Roshan, the first Bollywood superhero, to play the part on screen? There is no doubt that he is physically apt to play the masked vigilante and his charismatic personality is perfect for Batman's alter ego, billionaire Bruce Wayne. And surely he can go from the charming ladies' man to a crime fighting hero in no time and with ease.

Katrina Kaif as Wonder Woman 
The Amazonian warrior princess Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic female superheroes. And the beautiful and fierce Katrina Kaif would surely do immense justice to the character. On one hand there is Diana Prine, Wonder Woman's alter ego, who is kindhearted and innocent, while on the other hand, she is a strong warrior who nabs criminals and brings them to justice. Katrina is well-versed with fight scenes and effectively pulls off the innocent girl act too. Her commanding presence on screen makes her all the more perfect for the part.

Ranbir Kapoor as Spiderman 
Picture Ranbir swinging from building to building and wisecracking his way through trouble. His boyish charm and comedic timing are the highlights of his personality which are well suited for this web-slinging friendly neighbourhood superhero. Ranbir can bring back the boyish charm from Wake Up Sid to play the nerdy introvert, Peter Parker.

Salman Khan as Hulk 
If there's one thing one knows for sure about Hulk it's this: you don't want to make him angry. And it's the anger that turns the mild mannered Dr. Bruce Banner into the green and monstrous super hero. Much like his crime fighting characters so far, Salman Khan too is an absolute nice guy until someone gets on his bad side. Salman Khan not only has the built to play the muscular Hulk, but his witticisms too are much like Dr. Banner.

Sushant Singh Rajput as Captain America 
Honour, duty, humility –  these are the traits that make up Captain America. Sushant Singh Rajput would make a great Captain America and bring the down to earth superhero to life. Not only gifted with a great body, the courteous and honourable Sushant would bring out the best in the old world superhero. Captain America is not from the present generation and his dilemma of catching up with the changing times is something anyone would like to see Sushant portray.

John Abraham as Superman 
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's John Abraham! The Man of Steel is characterised by his righteousness and is someone who upholds justice. And the do-gooder John Abraham is an ideal choice. Not only does John have the body to play the mighty superhero but his inherent personality is charmingly humble. Clark Kent, his secret identity, is a reporter and a well-intentioned man who is often shy when it comes to love and relationships. John's dynamic personality would easily embrace these traits on screen.

Shahrukh Khan as Iron Man 
Billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist. That's Iron Man aka Tony Stark in his own words. And the superstar SRK not only has the ready wit and intelligence but he's also just as charming as Tony Stark, if not more. Armed with a scientifically superior suit or armour and a great sense of humour, King Khan's overwhelming charisma is a direct reflection of the character of Iron Man. After all, it's the man who makes the suit and not the other way around.

Akshay Kumar as Thor 
The god of thunder from Asgard, Thor's personality is loud, dominant and the 'alpha male' type, coupled with a sense of morality. Among B-town actors, Akshay Kumar readily comes to mind. Just as invested in merrymaking as he is in saving the worlds from danger, Thor is someone who is humble by nature. Akshay Kumar carries himself with pride and exudes the same values and his physique is top notch for the character. What's more, he can rock the long hair too.

Deepika Padukone as Catwoman 
Selina Kyle or Catwoman is a witty con artist and a master thief. Something of a female Robin Hood figure, as she only steals from the rich and corrupt, she's adventurous and is even seen having a few run-ins with Batman. The alluring Deepika Padukone would fit into this anti-heroine's shoes perfectly. The actress' no-nonsense attitude, coupled with her drop dead gorgeous looks, would make for a great combination if she ever gets the opportunity to play the smooth criminal in a black latex catsuit.

Priyanka Chopra as Black Widow 
Black Widow or agent Natasha Romanov is a clever and deceptive woman, as well as a master of multiple languages and hand to hand combat. It takes a strong personality to essay such a character and Priyanka, being one of the strongest women in Bollywood right now, could play the Black Widow to the hilt. Her display of her fighting skills in Don and Mary Kom, along with her bold personality make her the perfect choice to play the stone cold yet vulnerable Natasha.

Vidyut Jammwal as Hawk Eye  
A bow and arrow may seem a little dated for a superhero but he doesn't miss, ever. Clint Barton aka Hawk Eye is one of SHIELD's assassins and the best marksman in the world. Vidyut Jammwal has a body chiseled to suit Hawk Eye's agile archer persona and his personality is adventurous and fun loving. One can imagine him wielding a bow and arrow with ease.


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Let’s picture Bollywood stars as comic book superheroes...
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