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14 - 20 Apr , 2012

Mineral Magic
Mineral MagicForget the five-minute morning making-up dash, you can now be preened and powdered even before going to sleep the night before! We take a look at the game-changing world of mineral make-up

Going to bed with a full face on is no longer a sin in mineral beauty circles. In fact, some of the latest mineral products claim you'll wake up to a smoother complexion as it rejuvenates your skin as you sleep. The buzzword in beauty at the moment, many mainstream brands are now getting into the mineral act too. As its name suggests, mineral make-up is derived from powdered mineral elements; microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other to create a filtering layer on the skin. Traditionally in powder form, minerals now come in all-singing, all-dancing gloss, mascara and pencil forms too.

Why Minerals?
The world of minerals – and the truth behind how it can be completely acceptable to leave your make-up on overnight – can be a bit of a mystery to newbies. Simply put, mineral make-up can actually act as an extension to your daily skincare regime.
Make-up containing natural minerals is gentler on your skin than irritating chemicals and harsh preservatives, but doesn't compromise on your coverage.
It may just look like powder in a pot but certain ingredients frequently found in mineral make-up, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, have anti-inflammatory properties and are natural sun protectants to boot. The lack of chemical nasties also makes it ideal not only for those who suffer from sensitive skin or acne, but also anyone who is concerned about the onslaught of chemicals from their beauty products.
Whether you want a natural look or explosion of brights, the real beauty of minerals is their versatility. Mineral make-up can be mixed and used in so many different ways.
It can be mixed into a liquid or cream, used 'neat' as a powder, mixed with gloss – the possibilities are endless. The mineral colour is pure pigment so it's very adaptable and transfer-proof. What's more, the Mineral Magiccolours blend easily together so you have the option of creating shades that are completely unique.

Application Art
There may be guilt-free benefits to mineral make-up, such as sleeping with it on without the blocked pores the next day, but application requires extra effort.
The more you buff the minerals into the skin, the better the results. You can achieve a light, medium or full coverage, without even looking like you're wearing make-up.
People also wrongly assume that because foundation comes in powder form, it'll look dry on the skin or sit in fine lines, but a dewy finish can easily be achieved. A little goes a very long way. Just keep buffing and the coverage you want to achieve will come. Don't be tempted to keep going back to the pot.

Top Tips
If you're a complete novice to minerals, a loose foundation powder is a great place to start.
Powder foundations can be used as a liquid by mixing them with your favourite moisturiser.
UVA rays attack our delicate skin. Look for a mineral foundation containing sunscreen protection to prevent sun damage.
Swirl your foundation on for a dewy look. If you want a more matte finish, apply in downward strokes instead.
Using the correct high-quality brushes makes a huge difference to your mineral finish.
Less really is more when it comes to minerals – a little product goes a
long way.•

Nail It!
Blazing HotThese edgy, attitude-packed manicures will give your hands serious impact.

Blazing Hot
Red polish is always, attention grabbing, but one with an orange cast (think the colour of a crackling fire) is now the hottest way to wear the shade. Orange is an edgy nail colour on its own. Mix it into red and you Racy Lacyget an updated, sexy new shade. Apply two coats of polish. For an even more sizzling, patent leather-like finish, add two layers of top coat rather than just one.

Racy Lacy
These ladylike tips can be tricky to pull off on your own, so use the buddy system. First, hit the fabric store for some black lace. Thin versions, like those found on a ribbon roll, will stick to the nail better than a thick piece. Hold the lace over each nail, then have a friend cut it to fit each one's size and shape. Set the lace aside, and brush on two coats of pearl-coloured lacquer. While nails are still sticky, gently lay the lace onto each (too much pressure will cause the polish to seep Brilliant Bluethrough), and use a toothpick to press down the edges. Set it in place with a thin layer of top coat.

Brilliant Blue
Summer's shade is cobalt blue. Every nail company has their own version. Apply two coats to all 10 fingers, and let dry. To make this look more glamourous add a few layers of glitter. The more layers, the cooler the effect.

Red-carpet Ready
Accent one feature, either pinched cheeks, or sultry eyes, to be on trend and beautiful. We help you get the celeb look with these simple tips

DO: Rosy Cheeks
Red-carpet ReadyDON'T: Go Sans Makeup


Go for a half up-half down hairdo which will set the bar for the rest of your look.

Use a shiny shade with pink highlights and blend onto your upper lids. Finish with a coat of mascara and line the inner rim of your bottom lid with black kohl.

The perfect blush matches the colour of your skin after a vigorous workout. Use it on the apples of your cheeks and finish with a dusting of highlighter.

Red-carpet ReadyDON'T

Make sure you don't have a look that suggests you haven't even tried and you are too careless to do so.

Nobody admires the eyes that look tired. A hint of mascara and kohl can do wonders.

You may have a nice skin, but that doesn't mean you can go completely nude and get away with it. A bit of blush and gloss goes a long way! So make go without blush.

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