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14 - 20 Jan , 2012
Classic Kitchen Cabinet Colours
Warm up your kitchen with these classic cabinet colours
Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, so you want them to be stylish as well as functional. Classic Kitchen Cabinet ColoursWhether you are choosing brand new cabinets or are refinishing older ones for a fresh look, you'll want to choose a colour that will mix and match well with your existing style. Here are some classic kitchen cabinet colours that are sure to warm up any kitchen.

Antique White
Antique white is a classic colour that never goes out of style and blends well in a casual or traditional setting. It can warm up a kitchen yet also brighten it up all at once. It also blends effortlessly with all wood tones so don't be afraid to add a wood floor or countertop on the kitchen island. You can mix and match it with other antique colours like sage, washed blue, buttery yellow and charcoal black. Try antique white for cabinets with a charcoal black or washed sage island. Unlike plain white cabinets, antique white is less likely to show every smudge and enhance the look of the cabinets. 

Washed Blue
Washed blue kitchen cabinets turn any kitchen into a cozy retreat that exudes a soft, country charm. You can choose from soft faded blues to brighter blues, depending upon the amount of colour you want. Washed blue cabinets blend well with honey pine wood accents, white, cream and buttery yellow. The best part is you can transform your old, worn cabinets easily with a blue washed stain and bring new life to a tired kitchen.

Vibrant Red
Vibrant red cabinets warm up a kitchen while adding a definite pop of colour. Good lighting, a light-coloured background and warm oak or marble blend beautifully with the hot red colour. Red cabinets also mix well with black furniture as well as white accent pieces. Red cabinets look good both in a traditional Classic Kitchen Cabinet Coloursstyle setting and in a country style setting.

Buttery Yellow
Buttery yellow cabinets have such a soft and fresh appeal that you may never want to leave your kitchen again. This heart-warming colour blends perfectly with most wood tones and will mix and match well with other antique or washed colours like blue, green and soft black. Accent it with light-coloured countertops or darker ones in green or black shades. Soft, buttery cabinets have a timeless appeal and add a unique touch to your home decor.    

Brushed Sage
If you are looking for a calm, peaceful setting in your busy kitchen, brushed sage cabinets are a good choice. They bring the tranquil feel of the outdoors inside, especially when paired with soft beige or sandstone tile and white-washed pine floors. Most wood tones blend well with brushed sage so try a maple or oak island or kitchen table for added warmth. You can even mix and match some darker greens with your sage cabinets through accent pieces like vases, dish towels or canisters to add a pop of colour.

10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen New Again
Tired of the same old kitchen, but don't want the hassle of an entire renovation, try these fastest and easy updates to bring about a noticeable change in your kitchen

Add Table Lamps
Put table lamps on dining table to make your kitchen feel like a room, not a laboratory.

Try A New Gadget
You don't have to invest in brand – new appliances like an industrial stove. Instead, become inspired to cook a new dish, or just have more fun cooking a family favourite, with a functional gadget, like a citrus juicer.

Suspend Pots And Pans
Instead of investing in brand-new cabinetry, try working with what you have. You can free up space by suspending your pots and pans from the ceiling. A pot rack adds style, makes them easily accessible 10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen New Againand creates more cabinet space for other items.

Add Large Baskets
If you have extra space but lack shelves, try stacking large baskets. They can hold onions, potatoes or other items.

Plant Fresh Herbs
Instead of buying herbs at the grocery store; plant herbs in 10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen New Againpots in your kitchen. They will add freshness to the atmosphere and to your food.

Hang Mirrors
For extra light and to make a kitchen feel more open, hang a mirror. It will reflect any natural light already 10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen New Againpresent. You can even panel the cabinets.

Transform Your Tiles
Update the look of your kitchen backsplash – without grout – by using tile decals. The adhesive stickers come in various sizes to perfectly cover up dated tile designs, without leaving a sticky residue.

Refresh Your Cabinets
An easy way to update cabinetry is by painting the insides a contrasting colour. You can also remove doors to create open shelves, or enjoy the pop of colour through glass doors.

Mix Up Seating
Whether you have upholstered chairs or all-wood seating, a fresh and modern look is to mix up the dining area furniture. Go for alternate chair cushion colours, or if you're more bold, try using seating that's not all part of a matching set.

Switch Out Hardware
Replace the cabinet pulls; it alone is a major transformation.

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