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14 - 20 Jan , 2012
Resolutions for 2012
Choosing a resolution helps one forget any errors of the year gone and strive for change and try something new as 12 new months stretch before you!
A resolution is a promise. Traditionally, a New Year resolution is a promise that you make to yourself. The very idea is found quite hilarious by younger children. Older children may perceive this as indirect pressure. So while younger kids will not take resolutions very seriously and may think of a dozen at a time, older kids may have to be given the freedom to choose whether they want to participate in this exercise or not. Once it's clear that it is a family exercise with everyone participating and suggesting or volunteering Resolutions for 2012resolutions, older kids too are inspired to join in.
A resolution is first of all an introduction to the importance of setting a goal and then going out to achieve it. Somehow, it always helps to set a date to do something and to set meaningful deadlines. The span from the first day of the year to the first day of the next year gives us a wonderful measure for it.
Also, getting together with children to make and compare resolutions at the same time of the year instantly gives them company when it comes to the whole outlook on the year ahead. It means that, as a family, we are sharing goals and together we can try and motivate each other not to break resolutions. For kids too, making a resolution is an expression of hope and makes them feel instantly good. Keeping resolutions, even for a longish period of a few months makes them feel a real sense of self fulfillment.
Here's a look at some ways to make these resolutions and have fun making them together, so that we can all enter the New Year feeling motivated to do something better than we have done before whether it is spending time together, controlling our anger or eating one fruit a day!
The traditional New Year activity is this: making a list of resolutions, for instance: 'I will exercise every day' for a parent. 'I will go to bed on time every day' for a child etc. Making a list of resolutions for the New Resolutions for 2012Year is a great self motivating factor to bring about a change. Introduce your child to this concept and state some resolution you are ready to make. Now, ask your child to make his own. You can make an art and craft project by decorating a chart paper in your child's favourite colour and getting your child to write her own list upon it. It can be stuck up in a prominent part of the house to be admired and recognised by all.
Another ideal place to write out a resolution list is in one's New Year diary. Children will come across the list almost daily if it is on the first page of their diary. Many websites offer customised templates that can be created online and then printed out for children. Choose what is easiest and most appealing to your family.
Resolutions for 2012For some group fun, consider getting the whole family together to make a resolution box for the New Year. This can be lots of fun if you not only make resolutions for yourself but for the whole family! Get differently coloured paper and make chits with each member of the family choosing one colour. Next each family member gets one of each coloured chit and has to write one resolution for each family member. At the end of the exercise, the oldest member of the family picks out one colour at a time and reads out all the resolutions without letting other know who wrote which one!
This idea stems from fortune cookies. Print out little resolutions that you want your child to follow in the New Year. For instance, I will eat one fruit a day, I will brush my teeth twice a day etc. Fold them up in small pieces Resolutions for 2012and put aside. Make some regular cookie dough and lay out in normal round sizes and put in the oven to bake. When semi baked, open the oven, slip one resolution on to each cookie, cover with a chocolate gem and close the oven. When they are fully baked, serve the resolutions cookies to your family!
After all the resolutions are made, whether via list or box or baked into a cookie, comes the tough part: keeping them. Your child made her resolutions with the best of intentions and yet may be finding it harder and harder to stick by them. This can have an adverse affect and make children feel guilty or angry. Do let children know that it is no big deal and you are not going to hold it against them. It is a fact that 75 per cent of resolutions worldwide are believed to last no longer than the first week! Instead, why not make a family pact that you may have to allow a resolution to break on a bad day but when it happens you will push each other to get back into resolution mode and stay on course. Many of us feel an instant temptation to give up on a resolution the first time we break it. Let's not happen it this year! Happy New Year!

Goals For The New Year
Be Specific: When thinking about goals, be as exact as you can. Children who set specific goals will more likely to be able to stay focused on them.
Be Realistic: Help your child make at least one do-able resolution, choose something small that is easy to implement. It's always best to set an achievable goal!
Include Something Fun: Make at least one fun resolution which may be something which a child is now old enough to do such as: go for a sleepover, get a driving license etc.
Make Some Serious Ones, Too: Include something you feel your child needs to work on, for instance, 'I will try and take deep breaths or count to 50 when I feel angry…'
Teamwork: Once you have chosen a resolution spend time to extensively discuss its benefits its will enable you to keep it for long time. Family members can back this up by trying to build an environment which is resolution friendly such as – no one in the family watches TV during homework hour.
Resolution Buddy: Choosing a parent or a sibling to help work on a resolution that involves the household or home time always motivates children to keep their resolutions.

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