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14 - 20 Jan , 2012
nutri-liciousDietary Guidelines

Calcium Rich Diet
Q: I am a 20-year-old girl with weight 64kg and height 5 feet 7 inches. I want to lose weight. I exercise daily for 20 Calcium Rich Diet minutes in the morning. Could you please suggest a diet plan for me? Sehrish
It is good that you exercise regularly but to get better results increase your exercise time up to 40 minutes. According to the latest studies calcium intake not only makes bones stronger but also helps in weight loss. Calcium together with phosphorus forms the hydroxyapatite crystals that give strength and rigidity to bone and tooth enamel. Include soybeans, cabbage, yogurt, skimmed milk, broccoli, salmon, oranges and whole wheat bread in your diet. They all are rich in calcium. You should also include milk products in your diet as they are rich sources of calcium and also contain high amounts of protein, phosphorus and sodium. Try to obtain dietary calcium from a variety of foods, seeds, legumes, grains, vegetables and calcium rich mineral water.

Importance Of Iron Rich FoodImportance Of Iron Rich Food
Q: I am a 21-year-old girl with weight 62kg and height 5 feet 3 inches. What is an ideal weight for me? I need a diet plan to lose weight. Hira Syed
An ideal weight for you is 53kg. Follow a balanced diet plan to lose weight. Have fresh salad before every meal as it will provide you necessary vitamins and minerals. Consume iron rich food items a lot as iron deficiency is a very common problem in young girls. Avoid coffee or tea as they sharply reduce iron absorption. Include lentils, white beans, oat meals, carrots, dried dates, and boiled eggs in your diet. Have skimmed milk before every meal.
Guidance For Weight Loss
Guidance For Weight Loss
Q: I am a 30-year-old married woman with weight 60kg and height 5 feet 2 inches. I want to lose weight but I cannot exercise as I am trying to conceive. I need your guidance for weight loss. Mrs Yasir
It is good that you are following a balanced diet plan. Have vegetables and fruits with skin such as cucumber and apple. Avoid using oil to cook your meal rather prepare it in water and add spices and herbs to enhance the flavours. Avoid white flour and breads. Take vitamin C supplement with your meals it will relieve you from constipation and it also helps in iron absorption. As you cannot go for a vigorous workout plan, increase your physical activity, even slow walk is a good exercise for you in this condition.

Eat Healthy, Exercise RegularlyEat Healthy, Exercise Regularly
Q: I am a 28-year-old girl with weight 79kg and height 5 feet 4 inches. I am a patient of post ovarian syndrome. Currently I am a following diet plan to lose weight. For breakfast I have 7 almonds soaked overnight with a boiled egg, rusk and tea. For lunch I have a plate of steamed vegetables with chickpeas. For dinner I have a cup of cabbage, tomato or onion soup with two pieces of chicken or fish. I have cucumber, carrot or popcorn as snacks. I will try to avoid roti and rice completely for two months. I am also taking multivitamins tablets daily. Could you please tell me is it okay to follow this diet plan? Sana Hammed
You should reduce 25kg to be in proper shape. Your diet plan is perfectly fine but it would be better to bring some little changes in it every week to avoid monotony. A person's body stops giving results if he does not change the pattern of diet. You can use fruits in between meals and drink lots of water before every meal. Avoid oil, salt, sugar and ghee. Avoid dried fruits and bakery items. Walk daily and exercise regularly. You can have a glass of skimmed milk twice a day. You can add pulses in chicken or fish to enhance the taste.

Height IssueHeight Issue
Q: I am a 17-year-old girl with weight 49kg and height 5 feet 3 inches. I want to gain height. Is it still possible for me to add a few inches to my current height? Saba Durrani
It is not possible for you to gain height as you have crossed that age. As far as your weight is considered, it is perfectly alright. Try to maintain it with balanced diet and exercise regularly. Have soy flour, whole rice, barley, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, whole wheat bread, lentils, wheat germ, walnuts, peanuts, almonds and spinach.

Shape Up Your BodyShape Up Your Body
Q: I am a 22-year-old girl with weight 65kg. My problem is belly fat. Could you please devise a diet plan for me? Sonia Khan
You should have mentioned about your height also to get the proper answer. Lose around 10 to 15kg to be in good shape. For that, try to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet as they are rich in minerals. It is very important for you to know that overcooking spoil the nutrient content of food so always cook vegetables on a low flame. It would be better to consume steamed vegetables as your main meal. In case of hunger pangs, you can have raw vegetables such as cucumber and carrots. Vegetable soup is also good for health. It is better to use fresh vegetables rather than frozen ones. Avoid any kind of processed food.

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