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16 - 22 June , 2012

Chunky Chains
Colour blocking is the hottest trend this season. We tell you how to stay on-trend with this look
It's All About: Block Party

Either bright and bulky or full and fierce, the chunky chains are one of summer's hottest trends. We adore this easy accessory for a number of simple reasons: it adds just the posh pizzazz needed to your present wardrobe essentials, accompanies well with everything from a casual T-shirt to a summer dress, and there are cool styles available It's All About: Block Partythrough all price ranges. Altogether, this all-purpose fashion addition tops off our list!

How To Wear
You can opt for gold or silver – or a combination of gold and silver one day. Then another day perhaps you can add a chunky and more colourful pendant to enhance the tone of your outfit. Buying single slides or pendants is an inexpensive way to change the look of your necklace and your jewellery wardrobe.
It's All About: Block PartyBorder chain necklaces are in. Wear a shorter necklace and then border it with a It's All About: Block Partychunky chain or perhaps a colourful bead chain. Take a good look at your jewellery. Long chains can possibly be worn as a belt or they can be doubled around your neck and worn in layers. They can also be worn doubled then tied under your neck and dangled down.
If bold colour isn't for you, try a softer look with neutral tones and natural stones or shells. They can make you come across as calm and glowing.
Some looks never go out of style. Certainly you should feel comfortable wearing your It's All About: Block Partyjewellery, and it's OK to mix and match even very expensive jewellery with fun finishing touches.
It's All About: Block PartyBe aware that bright colours, neutrals, golds and silvers, beads of every shape and size, clunky or feminine – and the strategic look of black and white are always striking. Whether you pick up something great and cheap at a local market, or if that piece you've been wanting so badly is on sale, have fun with it. Take a risk with your jewellery. People will notice and you will feel great.

Trend Alert: Bags For Summer
It's All About: Block PartyAmp up your outfit by holding one of these to "dye" for bags

Every girl has at least one bag in her wardrobe that says it all about the owner, well… almost everything. That's why women never stop at having only one absolutely perfect bag and own an entire collection to match their personality. However, bag trends like It's All About: Block Partyfashion trends change and we have to keep up in order to stay on-trend.

We have brought to you the most amazing summer 2012 bag trends so that you know which the season's must-haves are. So get inspired and renew your bags for It's All About: Block Partythis season.

Electric Colours
If you wish to go for powerful and loud accessories this summer go ahead and choose an electric colour bag and you will not fail from the fashion point of view. Whether you opt for pink, neon, blue, yellow or green this is one of the most defined It's All About: Block Partybag trends this year.

Nude Tones
The nude peachy tones still go for another spring/summer season at least. If you have a classy and feminine personality then don't have any second thoughts and go for it. You will definitely look on-trend with a nude-toned bag in 2012.

Neon Accent Bags
The neon accent bags are the new buzz this summer. If you have an eccentric and ever changing It's All About: Block Partypersonality then this bag is the one for you.

Plastic Bags
The plastic bags are as cool as it gets this summer. Semi transparent, colourful and cute, these bags are the new craze and one of the hottest summer 2012 bag trends.

Retro Inspired
Even though summer is here and we have to get rid of the old winter bags and equip with the crazy It's All About: Block Partysummer bags we must say that the bag trends are not overall changed for the season. For instance, the retro trendy bags are still in town and they will be all summer long.

Basket Bags
The basket bags are one of the newest craze, regarding the summer 2012 bag trends. Funny, cool and posh, these bags are unique, eccentric and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd!

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