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16 - 22 June , 2012

Leather Forecast I:Dress For Success
Leather Forecast I:
The Tan Kind

Men's fashion is incomplete without leather. Designers often use leather in their winter and fall collections more than ever. In countries like Pakistan where its use is primarily limited to footwear, and accessories such as belts, wallets and bags, and during winters to jackets, the western world employs this material uninhibitedly in apparel. There is no denying the fact that men's leather clothing is a hot fashion trend when it comes to winters and that when dandy's don it, they truly look hot.
Leather Forecast I:Leather is a winter material not intended for warm environments. There is a right and wrong way to wear it as well as a right and wrong time. One shouldn't wear overly tight leather and focus on a good fit, as that can make all the difference between looking elegant and looking scary. Men sporting the correct leather look exude confidence, strength and sophistication.
However, when it comes to featuring some leather skin on men's outfits, Leather Forecast I:belts are the numero uno accessory. Belts need to be matched with the right shoes, and also the right watch strap, if you are the extra fashion conscious guy. To top it off, if you have a matching wallet and a matching bag, you really know how to carry yourself with style.
These days, leather comes in a variety of colours, apart from the orthodox black, and the contemporary chocolate brown, the tan colour is one that garners admirable praises as it gives the accessory or the apparel a genuine leather feel. One doesn't need to touch to know that its real leather, and not the Leather Forecast I:fabricated one.
Tan leather is a brighter shade, and these days designers and celebrities are making sure that this style statement comes back to the frontline. Tom Cruise wore a tan coloured belt, and a matching pair of shoes in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, and the European runways have had a taste of it in the last year. It's about time that fashion designers in Pakistan, specialising in menswear come up with it, and soon the stores and markets that are predominantly menswear, start selling them.
Leather Forecast I:A tanned leather accessory or footwear should have a niche in men's wardrobes. You cannot just go ahead and wear it with anything. Reserve it for day-time formal office luncheons, or meetings. Also keep in mind that if you are going to wear these in a formal event, the colour combination of your outfits must be such that they Leather Forecast I:compliment the leather accessories. A gray coloured suit, a light pink dress shirt or the perennial white button down shirt can be paired without much ado. You can also give it a bright contrast with the everlasting black, if you are fair complexioned. Whatever the case might be, make sure that you follow the rules before experimenting.

Leather Types
Leather Forecast I:Quality leather clothing is not inexpensive. Cow hide is the most available type of leather. It is durable but can be stiff and is more available in black than any other colour. Cow leather is usually high quality and you can find more affordable quality leathers in cow than any other skin. Lambskin is a finer, lighter type that is better served for form fitting clothes and is ideal for today's modern fashions. Lambskin can be a bit pricier but the softness and fall of the clothing make it worth the expense. Choose dark colors if your dark toned; black used Leather Forecast I:to be the prevailing colour but tan is now in style.

New Mr & Mrs Burberry Are Revealed
eet the new "Burberry couple" the two young faces unveiled by the designer to front the autumn/winter advertising campaign.
Up and coming actress Gabriella Wilde and singer Roo Panes were pictured in a cinematic-style shoot at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich.
It was shot by Mario Testino, with Burberry chief creative officer Christopher Bailey as director.
Bailey said, "We wanted to play with everything that's at the heart of the Burberry world celebrating our brand and London through imagery, film, music, weather and our iconic outerwear, all in a very poetic and British way. Gabriella and Roo effortlessly bring the campaign and our collections to life across all of our Aviator Watchesplatforms."

Aviator Watches
Aviator WatchesThe link between watches and flying dates back to aviation's earliest days indeed, the very first man's wristwatch was designed for a pilot by Louis Cartier. The early pilot watches were designed to be easy to read and simple to wind a vital consideration when you're traveling several thousand feet up in the air in a bone-shaking biplane. Many aficionados argue that the quintessential pilot watch was the IWC Mark 11, manufactured from 1948 onwards for the RAF and boasting one of the best manually wound Aviator Watchesmovements ever made.
With a design that has been described as pared-down perfection, any tweaks are subtle. Aviator WatchesTrue to its heritage, these ones are a simple time/date watch, although the date indicator has been altered from the original and nowadays boast a soft-iron inner case to protect against magnetic fields, a vital consideration when in the air, as the early radar screens produced fields that seriously affected most watches' precision. Other changes reflect current tastes, so the 41 mm case is 5mm larger than its forebear and the movement is nowadays automatic. If you have a taste for these, there are a few high-end brands that manufacture aviator watches for those who can afford, and for those who can't, you can always find a counterfeit.

Watch Out!
There are lots of signs which can determine if a watch is fake or not. These days, fake watches look a lot like the genuine article to somebody who doesn't have a trained eye- counterfeiters are getting better. You can get easily fooled with such watches which look genuine until you notice the finish on the underside of the clasp, which is often badly done. Always keep an eye out for the following points:
1. Weight: Counterfeiters use cheaper materials so watches feel more 'tinny'.
2. Appearance: A fake's case and bracelets will have been sandblasted rather than given a satin finish.
3. Hands: The dimensions are usually larger and the luminosity duller.
4. Glass: Fakes will have mineral glass, not sapphire crystal. There's a way to check – water droplets on glass smear but gather on sapphire crystal due to its very smooth surface.

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