Hair That Suits You!
16 - 22 May, 2015
Hair That Suits You! Option A: Go long Option B: Take it all off Don't get your hair in a bunch: say no to the man-bun Blonds (greens & silvers) have more fun

Option A: Go long
We're noticing the high-and-tight side part losing some ground as the office dress code loosens up – and we're all for a longer hairstyle. Just know that letting it grow doesn't mean letting it go. A lot of men see a guy looking good in long hair and want the same but they have no idea what to do to get there. You need a plan.

1. Pick your long hair spirit animal
Do you want the Jared Leto/Abbas Jaffri, or something closer to the shag of the guy on the cover? Bring a photo to your barber. He'll tell you if you can pull it off, then give you a trim that'll help it grow in properly.
It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes and a second opinion.

2. Stay regular
Make monthly visits to your barber; he'll tidy everything up to help it grow out smoothly. This is how you avoid returning to your old, boring hairdo.

3. Keep an open head
Play with different styles: pompadour it out, slick it back, leave it a little messy. Test-drive looks and you might just find something better than what you first wanted.

Option B: Take it all off
Too impatient to grow your own? We heartily endorse the all-business look of a low-hassle buzz. One piece of advice: keep the sides a touch shorter than the top, thereby avoiding the tragic malady known as "tennis-ball head." We'd recommend letting a pro do it the first time – or every time, really. A fade is a terrible thing to botch.

Don't get your hair in a bunch: say no to the man-bun
Call it the samurai or the topknot. Whatever you call it, the look has lost its mojo. Two years ago, rocking one made you a wild-eyed gender-bending iconoclast. Now Leo DiCaprio, lover of dad jeans and cargo shorts, is man-bunning during his beer-belly walkabout. Our advice: if you're blessed with long hair, be proud. Let it hang.

Blonds (greens & silvers) have more fun
A little adventure might just be what you need which is why don’t rule out colouring your hair. This could go ways: either you’ll find the right colour and love it, or it will fry your scalp, you’ll have to use a special shampoo to keep the colour from fading and after a few months, the dye job will make you desperately miss the regular hair that the follicle gave you. But whether you look like Halle Berry in X-Men or Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, the dye job will alleviate your hair boredom, make you feel pretty punk rock and over-all worth it.

Option C: Play With Your Gunk
Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a new look is a change in the stuff you put in your hair. Let the experimentation begin.
Pomade – Get it if you're ready to join the greaser look that's on the comeback trail.
Cream – Get it if you're going long and you need a product with a little more weight to keep everything in check.
Clay – Get it if you want an easier, cleaner, more natural look that doesn't throw off blinding reflections.


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