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17 Mar - 23 Mar , 2012
Get A Glowing Skin
Here are six beauty tips to achieve a subtle make-up look for any function

NGet A Glowing Skinone of us wake up with a flawless and radiant skin. The following six expert beauty tricks will help you work your way to a flawless skin condition. It's time to put your best beauty feet forward and update your skin care and makeup routine with a few professional techniques and innovative solutions. Accentuate your best features with a few simple beauty strategies.

Revitalised Face
In order to create the impression of revitalised skin all you have to do is opt for a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation. Then complement your spotless makeup base with beige-coloured eyes. Use an eye pencil to define the shape of the eyes and mask the redness in the sensitive area around your eyes.

Pimple-Friendly Concealer
If you want to use the best cosmetic products to mask severe acne, it is also important to choose formulas which won't clog your pores. Opt for makeup base products which contain a high amount of salicylic acid. This element will allow your skin to breathe naturally and offer a soft treatment for your zits.

Super-Soft Lips
Use your eye cream to moisturise your lips and prevent dehydration. Apply a thin coat of the cosmetic formula on your lips either during the preparation for a special event or before going to bed. Let your lips absorb the nutrients before drinking any liquids.

Get A Glowing SkinSkip Blue Eye Makeup To Avoid Undereye Circles
Blue eye makeup is one of the beauty trends which can ruin your look if you don't select the most flattering shades. Blue eye shadow when applied to the lower lashline can emphasise your under-eye circles. The secret to mask these tiny beauty flaws is to use grey, brown, black or dark green eye shadows.

Warm Pink Lip Colour
It is enough to tint your lips with a warm pink colour to shift the attention from your 'far-from-perfect' skin condition and tiny zits.

Over-plucked Brows
Overplucked brows are one of the most common beauty disasters millions struggle with. Those who want to regrow their brows should definitely invest in a protein-rich brow gel. This innovative formula will accelerate the growth of your brows in order to be able to re-shape them later on. Use these products at least three times a day to see the amazing results.

Beauty Cheat Sheet
Multiple-use products give you more value for money and also make for a lighter tote while on the go
Face And Body Gloss
Multi-tasker # 1
Face And Body Gloss
Doubles As: Blush and eyeshadow
Work It: This can be applied as a highlighter to accentuate your cheeks. Use it as a cream gloss shadow to give your eyes a very natural and radiant look. Substitute your lip-gloss with this and also use it on your body when wearing Bronzerlow cuts.

Multi-tasker # 2
Doubles As: Eyeshadow
Work It: Apply bronzers on your eyelids to give your peepers an instant boost. Bronzers look superb on most skin tones. A quick swipe of bronzer will add shine and glamour. Apply using an eyeshadow brush or a mini smudger brush to give your eyes a more dramatic/smokey effect. It will easily come off with a Eyelinermakeup remover.

Multi-tasker # 3
Doubles As: Eyebrow filler
Work It: Use it to fill gaps in your eyebrows. Dab a bit onto a cotton bud and smudge gently on the areas of the eyebrow that need filling. If the fake eyelash glue acts up spoiling your look, line your eyes using the liner on top of it. This will make them last longer and also appear more real. It can also be used to Eyeshadowcontrol the unevenness of your hairline.

Multi-tasker # 4
Doubles As: Blush
Work It: Eyeshadows in certain shimmery and frosty colours can make your cheeks glow. Sweep the shadow with a brush across the apples of your cheeks, upwards and toward the temples. Dab some in the centre of the lips with your fingers for a super glamorous matte look.

Sleek Pony vs Blown Out
Side-swept PonytailUp the volume of your hair, or keep it super sleek. On trend, either way!

Side-swept Ponytail
Side-swept ponytail is great for a formal, night do. To get the look, sweep all your hair to one side and fix it with a rubber band just behind your ear. With a flat iron, straighten out the kinks in the loose hair. You can also add a volumising product to damp hair. Sweep your Blown Out Hairhair to one side and secure. Rub on some shine serum on your crown to control any fly-aways.

Blown Out Hair
Neatly blown-out hair makes you look sophisticated and chic. To get the look, spritz a volumising product on the roots of your hair. Using a big round brush, pull your hair upwards while drying for maximum volume. You can also get the look by adding a shine serum to damp hair. With a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair straight, from root to tip. Finish with a small dollop of mousse at the ends.

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