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18 - 24 Aug, 2012

How To Do The KandoraDress For Success
How To Do The Kandora

The kandora or dishdasha, a traditional men's garment worn mainly in Arab countries is now soon becoming popular in Pakistan. Menswear designers are trying to get out of the rut created by the monotonous outfits and the traditional cuts. Since the latter provides a limited room for experimentation, of which much has already been exhausted, it is time that something new came to the forefront. If you don't know what a kandora looks like, you will instantly recognise it as one of the outfits worn by Arab men – the long flowy gown like ensemble, that has a flare and sports a shirt or a mandarin collar. The kandora consists of an A-shirt-like shape exhibited, ankle to floor length dress that is slipped over the body. On the chest it has a more or less ornate button placket with buttons and a typical globular often perfumed tassel. The dishdasha is collarless, typically in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and is usually in white or pastel colours. During the winters, these are usually stitched in dark colors and heavy fabrics. The ubiquitous kandora has evolved over the years and changing trends and fashions does not mean it should be stuck in a time warp. Here are tips on how to update it and how best to wear and with what, no matter the occasion.
In our part of the world, the kandora is best for a formal event. Even though people haven't really embraced the style with whole-heartedness, remember, it'll soon be paving its way into men's fashion. Always opt for light, fresh colours. White is king and will always reign supreme. Should you be attending a social function, complete the look by wearing some accessories. Avid kandoras in darker colours such as black or navy – are best suited for autumn and winters. Avoid wearing baseball and skull caps. For footwear, How To Do The Kandorastay away from converse shoes, they are a total turn-off and do not match with the formality of the outfit.
To keep looking fresh and crisp, always opt for kandoras made of mixed fabrics, as they will withstand the extended hours of wear with less creasing. Avoid 100 per cent cotton , because they will make you look like an accordion by lunch time. By minimising the cotton percentage, you will ensure that the robe remains in a more pristine state as the day progresses.
Less isn't always more, so in this case, you have to accessorise so that you don't look like a roll of fabric. Match cufflinks, studs, pens and handkerchiefs and most importantly, footwear. Do not wear sandals or flip flops. Not only is it highly unbecoming but it dilutes the slick look, which inspires confidence – especially more so if the wearer does not routinely invest in a proper grooming regimen.
For casual wear or lounging about, always opt for a selection of mixed fabrics for lounging about. To combat the summer heat, cotton is not only perfectly fashionable but also kind to the skin, allowing it to breathe.
Never wear long socks with a kandora, unless the colour matches the outfit. Also, avoid the Michael Jackson look of white socks with black kandora and stay away from any headdress during leisure times and days off work, as they can make you look stiff, uptight and too formal.
For footwear, avoid conservative or classic shoes, especially with casual kandoras.
You can also slick back your hair for a more casual, sporty, smart but elegant look depending, on the type of function and occasion. When it comes to footwear, although many find patented leather fashionable and trendy with the kandora, we recommend that one should wear smart leather sandals, so as to avoid the dilution of the smart, formal, sophisticated and refined look.

Your Style!
Munib Nawaz
Munib Nawaz
Amongst men's designers, Munib Nawaz is a name to reckon with. Having started his own fashion label in 2003, and Nawaz has since established himself as a formidable force in menswear. A winner of International Design Award at the Miami Fashion Week, and having been nominated multiple times in local award ceremonies, Nawaz is a fashion designer who sets new trends and goes beyond the obvious when it comes to men's fashion. In a quick chat with MAG, Munib talked about his style sense and his favourite designers. Excerpts:

Describe your personal style.
Masculine. Edgy. Non-conformist.

How has your style evolved?
Like everything else – with time.

How long does it take you to get ready?
Five minutes or longer depending on my mood and where I'm going.

What inspires you style-wise?
My mood, music and weather.

Is there anything you would like to change about your appearance?
Wouldn't mind a 6 pack!

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
Chinos, a white V-neck tee and black blazer.

Favourite fashion designers?

Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen.

Tell us something no one knows about you?
Why would I want you to know what no one else knows about me!

Dealing With A Bad Hair Day

You often hear women banging on about their bad hair day's, but us gents have them too. Picture the Dealing With A Bad Hair Dayscene. You wake up late to discover your hair doesn't look like it normally does. Your half crown is causing you problems and where you've slept funny you're left with tufty bits which leave you looking like a rugged sonic. When you haven't got time to shower but you need to deal with that mop of yours, we need to deal our hair in the quickest possible manner.

If you're running late and you simply don't have time to wash your hair completely, there are quicker alternatives. Dry shampoo is your best option, its quick and effective and perfect for a quick wash in the morning. Once used, your hair's perfect for re-styling.

Apply enough dry shampoo to leave your hair feeling refreshed, once dry you want to apply some firm hold wax to keep everything is place for the day. Once that disaster of a hairstyle has been taken care of by a quick application of dry shampoo, you can easily re-establish your typical hair style using the Dealing With A Bad Hair Dayproducts you normally use.

Keeping It Rugged
Of course, you may not even have time to apply some dry shampoo and style your hair. Therefore building your look around your bad hair day can work on some occasions. Keeping it rugged has become extremely popular over the last few years, showing that you don't have to be prim and proper every day. Building your look around your bad hair day is another alternative. Keep your style relaxed and effortless. What's meant by this is to not neglect basic styling, but keep things more relaxed and slightly more casual.

Reinventing Your Hair Style
Breaking comfort zones is important when it comes to reinvention of your hair style. It's important that we do change our hairstyle as reinvention of our style keeps our statement look fresh. Let's not go over the top though, keep it consistent, on trend and make sure the style suits you. There are some really good YouTube videos which produce tutorials on hair styling tips, so go and check them out!

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