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18 - 24 Aug, 2012


'I'll Marry Eventually, 100 Percent'
Bipasha Basu is flying high. There's a certain insouciance about her these days. Clearly someone has dealt with her demons. Literally and figuratively, her joie de vivre is infectious as she's raring to go. Grabbing life by the horns, she confides that a lot more men are hitting on her, some women too. She is enjoying the attention. And she's in the dating arena once more. Marriage is on her mind, not just yet Bipasha Basuthough. Right now, she wants to have a good time. For too long she's been yoked to a relationship.

Your idea of a perfect date?
Great food. The guy has to order all of that. He should order a good dessert. The guy has to be tasteful. That impresses me. I hate ordering for people. That's my new stance in life; people have to order for me. Then after dinner maybe have coffee somewhere. Listen to music. If he can dance then it's good or else I'll dance and he can watch me. Anything more will be possible after many such dates because I'm very slow. I'm like a Bengali film, really slow.

What if your partner-to-be is not fit?
I'll make him fit, not to worry. I'll make him work out in all ways possible. I'm very, very energetic.

What's a turn on? Biceps or a good face?
A good face. No, a genuine smile. Honest eyes and an honest smile do a lot.

Have you ever cooked for a man?
Oh yeah. I cook well. I love the food I cook. I like feeding people and entertaining them. I'm a good host. I'm looking for a new house only because I want an open kitchen so that I can cook for my friends while Bipasha Basutalking to them and not feel like a maid cooking in a closed kitchen. Cooking is one of my biggest passions. I wanna also join a cooking class and learn to bake.

What if a woman were to hit on you?
They have hit on me. It's really embarrassing. I'm petrified of women hitting on me. It's happened to me twice. One was in love with me, a make-up artiste in New York. She gave me a Valentine diamond pendant. At first I thought she was my friend but then my agents told me the truth. I don't even like women touching me. I'm not the hugging type. I have a lot of girlfriends but I'm not the sticky type at all.

How often do you cheat on your diet or fitness regime?
I don't have a diet. I eat everything in moderation. I never cheat while I'm working out. Like if my trainer miscounts a rep, I get angry and do more. I'm not a cheater.

Okay how do you deal with gossipmongers?
They don't gossip in front of me or else I could tell them the truth and burst their bubble. Bit it's fun to read sometimes, it's good to read frivolous things, to hear and talk about them as long as it doesn't get vicious.

What is the most cheesy pick up line used on you?
Uff. Many. I can't remember but there are many pick up lines. Next time I will save them on my phone. My memory is bad. Nowadays guys don't get scared of me I don't know why. I believed I had this confident, strong, intimidating image but they aren't scared of me. I'm not easily approachable but now they approach me, silly guys.

Your take on infidelity?
What can be anyone's take on infidelity? Who'll approve of it?

Your biggest splurge till now?
All my houses and the commercial properties that I've bought.

One habit you want to get rid of?
Bipasha BasuMy habit of eating sweets, I love Indians sweets. I'll have to kill myself to get rid of that.

Your favourite Bengali dish?
Prawn malai curry that my mother makes, it's yum.

Your first crush.
Kevin Costner from Robinhood. I don't remember how old I was then but I used to think he's my husband. See I'm a simple girl who likes marriage.

Do you have any weird fetishes?
Don't know about fetishes. But I've weird phobias. I've got this tag phobia. Most people like to keep the tag on the things they buy to know what brand they're wearing. But as soon as I buy something, I have to cut off the tag. Because any tag that touches me, irritates me. So when people ask me what I'm wearing I don't usually remember. All my stylists know this and they take off the tags before they give me stuff. Whilst flying, you have a tag attached to your luggage. Even that irritates me. If others don't remove it, I'll do it for them.

Your dimple or your dusky complexion?
Actually I'm a fraud when it comes to that. Most people who meet me tell me that I'm not dusky. Whenever I meet my fans on flights, they see me without make-up and the first thing they tell me is, "Aap toh itne kale nahin ho, screen par itne kale kyun lagte ho?" and they say it innocently. I like to colour myself three to four shades darker on screen. But I like my dimples better.

What's that one regret that you can't forgive yourself for?
I lied once to my parents and in return I got operated. After that I've never lied. I was in the tenth standard. And it was pre-board time. I hadn't prepared for my Math exam and I couldn't bear getting bad marks because I was a bright student. So I decided to bunk the exam. So a day before the exam I pretended to faint. I held the right side of my stomach, started fake crying and fainted. My father was not in town. So my uncle and aunt along with my mother took me to the hospital. The doctor said the acute pain could be because of appendicitis and that I'd have to be operated upon. I was shocked and started shouting and crying that I was lying and they should let my dad arrive. But no one listened to me and I got operated upon. I wanted to miss only one exam but I had to miss all. I think that's when the seeds of acting were sown. I was upset with myself and from that day I've never lied. I told my parents about it two years back and my parents couldn't believe it. They were like are you mad? I didn't know my mother would hospitalise me for fainting. I figured that I should have held the left side because the right side means appendix.

Do your parents nag you for anything?
Not at all, they think I am the coolest child anyone could have. My dad thinks I'm the most responsible kid ever, he trusts me a lot. And my mother is the typical mother who thinks her kids are the best in the world and the most beautiful.

Don't they nag you about marriage?
Not at all. My dad says don't get married until you find the right person.

Is marriage on the cards any time soon?
No. love has to happen first. It's a sequence. First man, then love, then marriage. But I'll marry eventually, 100 percent. I'm the kind who'll be a good wife and mother too. I won't waste that. I want to see how my offspring look. I've been told that my children will be beautiful. But that's not the only reason to marry.

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