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18 Feb - 24 Feb , 2012
Skin Secrets
You may have decided to age gracefully, but help to postpone ageing is always welcome. Read Skin Secretson to find out how you can have skin that belies your age.

A proper anti-ageing regimen needs to include both prevention and correction. Prevention can start young, simply by using a daily SPF moisturiser. Correction addresses the first noticeable signs of the skin's ageing process, like uneven skin tone or under-eye bags. Ageing starts at birth, but the signs of ageing are what everyone cares about and these can start appearing around the age of 30.
Everyone seems to go on about protecting the skin from the sun. So what is the fuss really about? Wear the adequate amount of sunscreen, which is about enough to fill a shot glass on your body. Across cultures, people aren't getting optimal protection because they're not putting enough on. Practice sun protection year round, and transition your products from season to season.

Does an SPF moisturiser offer enough protection?
A moisturiser with SPF should be sufficient for everyday use, but everyone's skin is different and you'll probably want something stronger if you're out in the sun for extended periods. Make sure your SPF protects you from both UVA (ageing) rays and UVB (burning) rays, the main cause for sunburns and skin cancer. This will keep your skin healthy-looking and beautiful.

Skin SecretsDoes what you put in your hair affect your skin as well?
Yes, skin and hair go hand-in-hand. Styling products contain different kinds of oils (some more than others), so switching to a new one could very well cause acne. Not only does oily hair transfer unwanted oil to your face, but it can also carry bacteria that cause skin infections. If you use hair products or have oily hair, keep it out of your face as much as possible.

Is it a good idea to wash my face several times a day?
Sticky skin leaves you rushing to the washroom to splash some water on your face to feel clean. But did you know washing your face more than twice a day can actually be harmful for your skin? Over-cleaning your face can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it looking and feeling dull and dry.

Is moisturiser necessary, even if I have oily skin?
Yes, hydration is a necessary step for healthy and beautiful skin. Moisturisers prevent skin from drying out, which could actually trigger an increase in oil production. Instead of cutting moisturiser out of your regimen, try a lightweight, oil-free product to avoid clogged pores.

Greatest Hair Hits
Greatest Hair HitsFrom sexy Halle Berry-like curls to romantic, bouncy waves, here are three hairstyles that are always in

The Fluffy Effect
Difficulty: Moderate
You'll need: Blow-dryer, hair mousse. Velcro rollers, fixing spray and shine spray.
Prep: First, shampoo and condition your hair and dry your hair partially.
Style: Apply mousse, distributing it evenly from the roots to the ends. Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush to lift the roots. Switch to a round thermo-bristle brush and continue, smoothing the hair straight. Mist hair with a styling spray, then divide into sections and wind onto self-holding thermo rollers. Heat-set for 10 minutes.
Set: Remove the rollers and lightly brush through to create movement and volume. Use shine spray to tame the frizz and add shine.

Straight and Sleek
Difficulty: Easy
You'll need: Blow-dryer, mousse and shine serum.
Prep: Wash your hair.
Style: Apply mousse. Divide your hair into two main sections by clipping the top and sides out of the way. Then, work on the hair that's left loose, taking one small section at a time. Move the brush down towards the ends, directing the air flow from the dryer along the movement of the brush. Curve the brush at the ends for an outward flick. Concentrate on drying the root area first. Continue until the first section of the hair is dry. Repeat for the other sections until the whole of the back section is dry.
Set: Finish off by smoothing a few drops of serum through the hair to flatten flyaways. Part the hair according to your preference.

All Curled Up
Difficulty: Requires assistance
You'll need: Blow-dryer, hair mousse, clips, styling brushes, twin barrel tongs, fixing spray and shine spray.
Prep: Shampoo and condition your hair.
Style: Apply mousse evenly. Blow-dry the roots using a round thermo-bristle brush for added volume. Divide hair into sections from ear to ear. Pin the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way. Then start working on the back sections. Take the first section, use a fixing spray and gently half twist and place between the tongs. Wrap the section around the first (bottom) barrel of the tong, taking the section from underneath and winding upwards. Wrap around the second barrel in a figure-of-eight motion. Hold for about five seconds. Then pull the twisted twin barrel tongs down and out of the hair to release the curl. Repeat this throughout the back, taking each section from ear to ear. Once the entire back section is done, repeat on each side. Continue until your hair is completely curled.
Set: Run fingers through the hair to break up the curl. Avoid brushing, as this will make it frizzy. Finish with a shine spray to cut out frizz and make hair glossy.
Six Steps To Blue Eyes
Six Steps To Blue Eyes
Give fall a sporty twist with aqua-lined peepers.

Let us show you how to pull off cool blue
1. Before you begin, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face.
2. Evenly blend a lightweight foundation all over your face.
3. Shade a neutral pink compact on to your cheeks, blending it in evenly.
4. Get your brows neatly in place with a clear brow gel.
5. Use a creamy pink lipstick to enhance your mouth. If you are more of a gloss person, go for a non-sticky pink gloss.
6. Line your upper eyelid with a liquid liner, extending outwards if you like. Close your eyes for a few minutes to let the eyeliner dry. Balance out the colour with a soft silver-grey diffused crayon line on your lower eyelid. Finish with clear mascara.

Use strong colours on one feature, keeping the rest of the face muted. Apply a cream base before the dry eyeshadow to help it last through the day, and keep layering to get the desired intensity.

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