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19 - 25 May , 2012

A Floral TributeA Floral Tribute
The home turf is inspired by an explosion of multi-coloured blooms this season

Reminiscent of summer, the floral form is the most inspiring element in a design scheme. Simple and uncomplicated, it can instantly make a home a happy space when introduced either in the form of furniture and furnishings like cushions and pillows, or through decorative touches like wallpapers, boxes and tableware.
From armories and chairs to centre tables and accent mirrors, home furnishings are canvases for designers around the world. Adorned with interesting floral patterns and other nature-inspired designs, furniture and accessories are the A Floral Tributemust-have items of the season.
Botanicals are big on home decor and there is a high-octane dose of flower power. These elements of nature not only have visual appeal, but emotional as well. While providing a softer touch to interiors, they also make our spaces fresh, romantic and welcoming. There is no hard and fast rule that says these patterns can decorate only living room and bedrooms. While these two zones have always been the most preferred spots for introducing floral style, nowadays the magnificent budding incarnations are finding place in every nook and cranny of our homes. Be it inside our kitchens in the form of backsplashes, appliances and utensils that sport the beautiful blooming dales, or inside our bathrooms in the A Floral Tributeshape of floral-patterned bathtubs, basins and vanities, the effervescent drawing is almost everywhere.
Furniture that makes the motif its very core of existence is a great way of introducing nature inside our interior. Settle for one such statement piece rather than going over board with it.
Covering walls with big floral patterns is quite a trend. Easy and convenient to install. These wallpapers can instantly transform the look of a room. From the blushing rose to evocative poppies and orchids, one can choose wallpapers from a number of design variations and colour schemes. It is advisable though to keep away from very busy and intricate patterns in a small-sized room. Stick to almost A Floral Tributeinvisible patterns and light colours.
Showcasing how floral arrangement when replicated on the walls can have a stunning impact. Drawing on the French tapestry of the early 19th century, the Fleurs Rosa, for example, has the main decorative element in the form of a rich composition of brightly coloured oversized flowers.
Soft furnishing is another area where these buds are ruling high. A high-backed A Floral Tributechair upholstered in multi-floral chintzes for instance, works perfectly well in both traditional and modern settings. While a flower-bedecked bedspread can give the room much needed personality. However, before going ga ga over the botanical brigade, keep in mind the style of the bedroom and A Floral Tributethe overall decor plan. Large blooms inspire a country-style feeling while smaller flowers convey a laidback ambience. Besides bedspreads, soft fillings like cushions and throw pillows add to the visual beauty.
An important tip though: don't introduce too many patterns around the house. Try to choose complementary colours, where possible, and don't go for too many different flower-themed designs as they run the risk for clashing.
Many people are afraid of mixing fabrics in a room. And more than three fabrics is enough to cause pattern anxiety. But you can create a high-end A Floral Tributedesigner look in your home if you just follow a few basic rules. These simple rules will help you learn what to combine and what combinations to avoid – like orange plaid and grape paisley.
Find a great fabric that you love and build your design around it! Whether it is plaid, floral, striped or solid, make it the foundation fabric for your room. Unless the patterns are muted and subtle, try not to use more than three patterns in a room. Otherwise, the effect will be one of confusion rather than balance. Vary A Floral Tributethe style and size of the patterns. Instead of choosing three florals, try a floral, plaid or stripe. Or maybe add checks or a geometric pattern. If you have a large plaid, choose a medium scale stripe and a small scale floral. Unite the patterns with a common colour. If your foundation fabric is red; all of the patterns should have the same red somewhere in the pattern.
Nothing emits the aura of springtime more than a floral fragrance, and flower-shaped candles are also a wonderful way to add a touch of blossoming beauty into your space. Take time to find a fragrance that suits you, and then spread the candles throughout your home so you can enjoy the scent from room to room. Natural fragrances, such as lilac or lavender, are always a plus and blend into any environment.
Show off your style on a budget with small pieces of framed art. For a fun photo alternative, cut flower shapes out of pretty scrapbook paper and sandwich between two sheets of glass. If you've made a commitment to finally get those photos organised this spring, consider a floral coffee table photo book.
Make it easy on yourself: Look for preset photo sleeves and spaces beside each photo to jot names and memories. With a small amount of effort, this book can be a treasure for years to come.

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