by Sidra Arshad
20 - 26 June, 2015

Q: I am a 26-year-old girl with weight 69kg and height 5ft 3 inches. What should I eat to lose weight? Please suggest an easy-to-follow diet plan and exercises for me. Sara
Dear Sara, you need to eat a balanced diet to manage your weight according to your height and age. If you commit yourself to consume small amounts of meals five to six times a day, it would be easier for you to follow the diet plan. Try to add variety of vegetables and fruits. Eat your meals at a slower pace. It will help to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, while exercises keep you fit. Here is your diet and exercise plan.

Diet Plan
• 200ml fresh juice
• 1 medium bowl whole-grain cereals + 2 egg whites (boiled) + 200ml skimmed milk
• 2 slices brown bread + 40g chicken kebab
• 1 large bowl salad (without dressings) + 150g fish (grilled) + 45g homemade chapatti
• 1 small bowl mixed fruits
• 1 medium bowl salad + one serving rice + 1 medium bowl mixed pulses
• 100ml skimmed milk

Exercise Plan
Start with a warm up for 5-10 mins; walk/stationary jog at a slow to medium pace.
Cool down for 5 mins by the end; static stretch all major muscle groups and hold each muscle group for 20-30 secs; do not hold your breathing during static stretches; take deep breaths by the end thrice.
Resistance training: 2-3 sets; 12-15 reps; 30 secs rest after each set; 1-2 mins rest after each exercise; static stretch the exercised muscle group during rest.
Day 1 & 4
• Leg press + leg curls prone + single leg raises (face up) + single leg raises (face down)
Day 2 & 5
• Sit ups + lift up with side twist (each side) + prone back extension
• Plank (15 secs hold/3 times) + side plank L+R (15 secs hold/3 times)
Day 3 & 6
• Decline flies + back rows (D.B/ both sides together) + inclined biceps curl (D.B) + triceps kick backs
Aerobic training:
Day 1 & 4
• Water aerobics for 60 mins; moderate intensity
Day 2 & 5
• 20 mins T.M + 20 mins elliptical + 20 mins bike; keep your intensity at 70-75% of MHR
Day 3 & 6
• Swimming for 60 mins; moderate intensity

Q: I am a 40-year-old man with weight 93kg and height 5ft 10 inches. I want to lose 7 to 8kg. Could you please devise a diet plan and a few exercises to help me. Ahmad
Dear Ahmad, according to your BMI your weight range is 58.59-79.1kg that suggests you need to reduce minimum 14kg. You can achieve this target by regular exercises and following a balanced diet. Here is the diet and exercise plan for you.

Diet Plan
• 200ml skimmed milk + 2 slices bran bread with 1tsp peanut butter + 2 eggs boiled
• 1/2 cup cottage cheese + 1 cup tea/ coffee without sugar prepared in skimmed milk
• 1 large bowl salad (include cucumber, tomato, carrot, olives, beet root) + rice 1-2 servings + 1 medium bowl mixed pulses
• 1 medium bowl pasta
• 1 seasonal fruit (average size)
• 175g fish (grilled) + 45g homemade chapatti + 1 medium bowl salad

Exercise Plan
Warm up at 60-65% of your MHR that is 108 to 117 beats per minute; walk/ spot jog/ aerobics steps.
Resistance exercise of 12-15 reps; aerobic exercise 70-75% of MHR that is 126 to 135 beats per minute; no rest between; 1-2 mins rest after completing all; 2 rounds
Day 1 & 4
• Chest press with machine + 5 mins T.M + Lat pull down (front) + 5 mins stepper + upright rows with cable + 5 mins arc trainer + concentration curls + 5 mins elliptical + single arm triceps extensions + 5 min bike
Day 2 & 5
• Each exercise per min; 5 secs hold up position; 30 secs rest between sets; 1-2 mins rest after each exercise; 2-3 rounds
• Basic crunches + cross crunches + ball bridging
• 20 mins T.M + 10 mins stepper + 20 mins elliptical
Day 3 & 6
• Leg extension + 5 mins T.M. + ball leg curls + 5 min stepper + outer thigh machine + 5 mins arc trainer + inner thigh machine + 5 mins elliptical + standing calf raisers + 5 mins bike;
cool down by the end for 5 mins; slow walk
Static stretch all your muscle groups; hold each muscle group for about 20-30 secs.

Q: The weight of my 14-year-old daughter is 43kg. Her height is 5ft but she is losing a lot of weight. Doctors have tested her for any disorders and they found out nothing. Please recommend how to avoid the weight loss. Mrs. Ansari
Dear Mrs. Ansari, body weight is affected by calorie intake, activity level, overall health and fitness level, age, nutrient absorption and social factors. Unexplained weight loss is attributed to many medical and non-medical reasons. Usually a medical evaluation is required if one reduces five per cent of body weight in a period of six months to a year. As your daughter has been through all test and measurements and her screening evaluation came out to be negative for any disorder or pathology, it indicates her weight loss could be due to physical exertion where her diet is not balanced to provide sufficient nutrients. During teenage the physiology of a child’s body undergoes various hormonal changes that might result in a rapid weight loss or weight gain. You can manage it for her by simple lifestyle interventions. You need to carefully observe her daily life activities, her dietary intake and her sleeping hours. If your daughter has recently started something new such as any sports that interest her and she exercises as well, she needs to increase her calorie intake. You can do so by providing her calories from nutritious foods to manage body weight in healthy ways. She needs to avoid all forms of junk foods. These foods are high in calories but of zero nutritional value. Moreover, you must add variety to her diet. You can add fresh fruit and vegetables. You can prepare more healthy meals for her by baking vegetables with olive oil instead of butter. Peanut butter, cottage cheese, skimmed foods, bagels, bran bread, corn bread, whole-wheat bread, eggs, dry fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, soybeans, fresh juices, pasta, lean meat, salmon, shrimps, unsaturated fats such as olive and canola oil are good for her. These food items in a balanced form along with physical activity of not more than an hour is sufficient for her to keep her weight in the normal range without undue losses.

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