12 - 18 Dec, 2015

Imtiaz Ali is not a Bollywood director and he doesn't direct Bollywood films. He is a master storyteller who spells magic every time he goes behind the camera and Tamasha is his latest presentation. Who would have thought that the chemistry of ex-lovers Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor would be so close to reality; that Imtiaz Ali will touch each and every nerve in your body and that Tamasha will come out as a winner despite having a small cast and seemingly repetitive story.
Tamasha is the story of a boy Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), who loves to hear stories when young; his own story meets its twist in the French island of Corsica where he comes across Tara (Deepika Padukone) and the two decide to play a game. A game where all they do is lie about each other and by the time their association comes to an end, they don't know anything about themselves, except their fictional selves – Don and Mona Darling. Tara returns to India in love but is heartbroken when she finds out that Ved is the exact opposite of Don; when in fact the child within him isn't. Will Ved change for Tara or will she find true love in someone else, all that happens in the second half of Tamasha that keeps you engrossed till the final credits.
What makes Tamasha one of the better films of the year is the way the story is presented; the editing is top-notch and the flashbacks don't seem irritating at all. Some might call it shabby editing but if you have seen the earlier flicks of Imtiaz Ali, you will be able to tell others that, this is what makes him special. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika are both at the top of their game and at times they are just outstanding. The film may appear slow to some, but that's because the characters take time to develop and once they get established, it's a roller coaster ride from there on.
The scene where Ranbir goes back to Deepika's place; their interaction in the sort-of library and the sequence where he narrates a story to his father (Javed Sheikh) are mind-blowing. Javed Sheikh, now a veteran of nearly a dozen Bollywood films, gives the perfect expressions of a father who loves his son and wants the best for him. Piyush Mishra is someone who shines in the movie as the storyteller, who shapes the mind of young Ved and shows him the right path when he goes to him for advice.
Tamasha isn't just an intelligent film with a story to die for; it has been shot at the most exotic places in the world as well. From Corsica to Simla, Delhi to Kolkata (especially Howrah Bridge) and finally Tokyo, every city has been beautifully captured by Imtiaz Ali and his team. For the flashbacks, the era chosen is either 70s or 80s and the kid cast as young Ved is perfect. Whenever he comes onscreen and flashes his trademark smile, the audience smiles with him. It is he, who directs the elder version of himself to the right path; to find out how, watch the movie.
Tamasha is a film for the free-spirited; the Dev Anand tribute, the hummable tunes by A. R. Rehman and the gripping background score is what makes it better than the rest. It is not for those who love their 9-5 jobs, obey their bosses and haven't had the chance of loving someone else. It is however a must-watch for those who have taken a decision based on their emotions, believe in being independent and live their life fully. Tamasha may not have done well at the box office but that's because it isn't a film made to shine at the box office; it is a phenomenon that will help you exit the theatre in a good mood after a long time. •

Agent X

Agent X
The British have ruled over the espionage industry with James Bond; it’s time for a new hero and America presents its very own – Agent X. The series follows the adventures of John Case, the current Agent X, who handles matters of national importance and is answerable only to the US Vice President, Natalie Maccabee (Sharon Stone). Not even the President of America (John Shea) knows about these sensitive assignments which take Agent X to foreign lands where he finds good guys on his side; and bad guys on the dark side.
Jeff Hephner may look a little old for the role but he gets the job done. As Agent X he fights evil dictators, bureaucratic murderers and would-be assassins. He is helped by his trusted aide at the Vice President Malcolm Millar’s (Gerald McRaney) office who is cold to Agent X’s hot attitude and keeps him in check. Producer of the show Sharon Stone excels as the most beautiful Vice President undoubtedly and does a commendable job as second to the Commander In Chief. Her fans might be disappointed to see her away from action but she gracefully plays the role that suits her age and image.
Agent X works well because it caters to the public who have been watching Homeland and other TV shows that show America as the most righteous country in the world. He gets the job done, be it Russia, Mexico or even at home; how he gets it done is what keeps the viewers interested. The twist in this TNT Production is the fact that no one knows what Agent X looks like and those who he has helped don’t divulge the information as gratitude. A backstory about the origin of Agent X has also started to develop and one would like to see it unfold quickly and happily. •

John Stamos is back… and he teams up with a baby just as he did in Full House 20 years back. What makes Grandfathered different to Full House is the fact that Stamos’ character Jimmy Martino is not just a father, but a grandfather and he came to know about his son and granddaughter very late in life.
Grandfathered revolves around the life of a restaurant owner Jimmy Martino who enjoyed his bachelor life and had his way with the ladies, until his son Gerald (Josh Peck) showed up on his door with his daughter. At that moment in time, Jimmy was grandfathered, hence the name of the series. After the incident, he began to change at a snail’s speed and learnt that he didn’t do the right thing with his ex-girlfriend and their son, and hopes to make a difference with his granddaughter.
John Stamos is the star of the show and although he portrays a 50-year old man, he still has the power to make women go weak in their knees. Her ex-girlfriend is portrayed by Paget Brewster who tries to prove that her parenting method is better but always comes second to Jimmy’s tactics. Josh Peck plays the clueless son and does a great job, because he doesn’t look like the baby’s father and he hasn’t told his girlfriend that he loves her. In comes daddy and till last reports came in, he was having a great time with his son and his daughter. The scenes between Edie, the baby and Grandpa will instantly remind you one of the memorable scenes between Michelle and Uncle Jessy in Full House. Added with interesting characters at the restaurant, you sure get a comedy show that demands your attention. •

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