by Sidra Arshad
13 - 19 June, 2015

Q: I am 24 years old. My height is 5ft 11 inches and weight is 80kg. I want to lose weight. Please help! Hafsa
Dear Hafsa, you need to reduce around 20kg. With balanced diet and some exercise you can meet your targets. Here is an exercise and diet plan for you.

Exercise Plan
Start with warm up for 5-10 mins.
Mon, Wed & Fri
1 min each; 1-2 mins rest after one complete cycle; repeat.
1 min T.M run after each exercise.
• Modified push-ups
• Lunges F+B
• Sit ups
• Side lunges
• Bridging
• Pull over

Tues, Thurs & Sat
1 hour walk at intensities between 70-80% of MHR.

For all exercising days
Cool down for 5 mins;
static stretch all major muscle groups for 30 secs and hold each.

Diet Plan
• 2 slices brown bread + 200ml skimmed milk + 2 egg whites
• 1/2 cup pasta + 65g chicken + 1 egg boiled
• 1/2 cup rice + 1/2 cup beans + salad (without dressing)
• 1 average sized seasonal fruit
• 100ml skimmed milk
• 1 slice brown bread+ 50g fish + salad

Q: I am a 12-year-old boy. Every time I exercise my hands and legs ache a lot. I want my body to get used to it. Please recommend a diet and proper exercise for my age. Usman
Dear Usman, before starting any regimes a complete screening of your body and physical fitness test is mandatory. First we need to rule out the causes behind the ache in your hands and legs. There could be some nutrient deficiency in your diet and therefore in your body or it could be minerals that are in low percentage or it could be an imbalance in exercises you do. Also, you might be over exerting yourself at your age and fitness level. I recommend you to get yourself screened first, later I'll prescribe you the exercises and diet accordingly.

Q: My father is 54 years old and a heart patient. He is becoming weak. Please suggest a diet plan for him. Rizvi
Dear Rizvi, it would be more helpful for me if you have mentioned the heart condition your father has and his weight and height also. With this precise information, I can advise you to divide each platter in three parts; 1 part unsaturated fats, 2 parts from proteins and 3 parts from carbs. Add whole-grain varieties in his diet. Also, add fresh vegetables and fruits. Fish is good for him, red beans/pulses and legumes are also fine. Avoid saturated fats and trans-fats. Avoid all forms of salts in his diet or use very low quantities. You can add fresh juices and skimmed milk in his diet. Having more number of meals in small quantities is good for him. Along with a good balanced diet, some physical activity would be beneficial if his physician allows. Do not forget to get him screened out before starting any activity programme.

Q: I am 22 years old. My weight is 58kg and height is 5ft 10 inches. Please tell me if energy drinks are good to have after exercises? Please recommend other items. Zameer
Dear Zameer, an active lifestyle demands some exercise and a balanced diet to keep you healthy and fit. A balanced diet containing calories calculated in accordance to your age, height, weight and activity level is all you need with an active life routine. During exercise water is best, just drink water during rest phases. All day long you must have a diet including 50-60% carbs, 30% proteins and 10-20% fats. Take 5-6 meals each day in small quantities. Include whole-grains, fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, unsaturated fats, fresh juices and skimmed items. Energy drinks are usually enriched with caffeine and nicotine, others contain alcohol as well and that's injurious to health. Avoid such items at all cost.

Q: I am a 14-year-old girl. My weight is 51kg and height 5ft 3 inches. I want to lose weight and gain some height in two months for a wedding in August. Also, I have some extra fat around my jawline. Please suggest a diet and exercise plan so that I can lose weight and gain height. Saadia
Dear Saadia, healthy fat loss is around 1lb/week. If you try to go beyond this recommendation it will be a serious health and fitness compromise. Height continues to increase until the epiphyseal plates at the ends of your long bones gets fused. It usually continues till the late teens to early 20s depending upon your genetic make-up, lifestyle and your environment. If you take nutritious meals, keep yourself active all day and get a proper sleep of about 7-8 hours, it will not only help you in improving your body composition but also serve as a booster to your height growth. Once you get the normal ranges of your body fat percentages, all extra fat depositions would shed off as you see it around your jawline. If it still persists after acquiring required body fat%, you must get yourself screened for hormonal imbalance. Here is an exercise and a diet plan for you.

Exercise Plan
For all exercising days: Always start with a warm up for 5-10 mins; 1min each of the following; keep intensity at a pace you can handle.
Marching + aerobic trade + spot jog + marching + jumping jack + stepping on aerobic step (up and down) + marching + skipping + mountain climber + marching.
For resistance training: 12-15 reps each exercise; rest of 1-2 mins after one complete set; each set comprises of two exercises.
Day 1
A. Ball squats + lunges (F+B); rest; repeat; rest
B. Wall push-ups + pull-ups over T-bar; rest; repeat; rest
C. 10 mins stepper + 10 mins elliptical + 10 mins bike (intensity 70-75% of your MHR i.e. 144-154 BPM)
Day 2
Swimming for 30 mins at a moderate pace
Day 3
A. Standing calves with D.B. in hands + seated calves; rest; repeat; rest
B. Assisted dips + biceps curls with D.B; rest; repeat; rest
C. 10 mins T.M + 10 min stepper + 10 mins rowing (intensity 70-75% of your MHR i.e. 144-154 BPM)
Day 4
Aerobics for 30 mins at a moderate pace
Day 5
A. Basic crunches + back extension (prone); rest; repeat; rest
B. Side lunges + cross crunch in standing; rest; repeat; rest
C. 10 mins arc trainer + 10 mins stepper + 10 mins calisthenics
Day 6: Yoga for 30 mins
Day 7: Rest
For all exercising days: Cool down for 5 mins by the end of cardio session.
Static stretch all major muscle groups while hold for 20-30 secs each group; repeat thrice.
Stretch the exercised muscle group during rest phases.
Drink plain water during rest.

Diet Plan
• 150ml fresh juice
• 1 slice bran bread + 1tsp peanut butter on bread + 2 egg whites omelette
• 200ml skimmed milk + 1/2 cup cottage cheese
• 1 large bowl salad (without dressing, add fresh vegetables of your choice)
• 1-2 servings rice + 55g fish grilled
• 1 apple + 1 handful of nuts
• 1 medium bowl salad + 2 slices brown bread + 75g chicken BBQ/grilled
• 100ml skimmed milk

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