Are Dairy & Sugar behind acne ?
13 - 19 June, 2015
Are Dairy & Sugar behind acne ?

In America alone there are 17 million sufferers of acne. There is a whopping increase in topical remedies, anti-acne cleansers and over-the-counter lotions. However, based on my understanding and the latest research, skin problems are more connected with foods you eat rather than topical solutions.
Like myself, many other have also formed a link between diet and acne but there are no substantial studies to confirm. Dermatologists on the other hand prescribe Accutane and long-term antibiotics which may aggravate the acne further. According to the review of systematic study carried in 2009 including about six clinical studies and 21 observational studies, the diet and acne linkage is positive.
Furthermore, one study has confirmed the role of cow’s milk leading to formation and severity of acne. While another trial also cleared that high glycemic diet i.e. high sugar diet such as white flour, sugar, pasta, cereal, rice and breads immensely increases acne. However, dark chocolate didn’t seem to cause acne. Other than forming acne, these two culprits – dairy and sugar – can also increase your insulin levels, which is another stimulator of acne.
Apart from dairy and sugar, there are some nutritional deficiencies that might also cause acne like lack of antioxidants (vitamin A and E and zinc), anti-inflammatory fats such as omega 3 and even omega 6.

Switch fats
Now you may wonder that if it’s confirmed then how to solve the problem. I suggest you to give up all the inflammatory fats like trans-fats, saturated fats and other omega 6 rich inflammatory oils, like corn and soy oils. Studies have linked inflammation with acne, so omega 3 an anti-inflammatory fat may help improve skin acne problem.

Fix hormonal problems that lead to acne
Did you know hormones like IGF-1, testosterone and insulin exaggerate acne problem, along with a dairy and high-sugar diet. Good news is that you can tackle hormonal problems easily with dietary changes, physical activity and certain supplements; and thus improve hormonal function.

Cure acne
• Eliminate milk products completely.
• Have a low-glycemic or low-sugar diet as sugar and refined flours raises insulin levels that cause acne.
• Have more antioxidants-rich fruits and vegetables – about six to nine servings.
• Eat anti-inflammatory omega 3 and omega 6 in the form of fish and primrose oil. I recommend you take supplements of both.
• Eat foods that cure acne like, ginger, fish oil, nuts, turmeric, berries of dark red and purple colour and omega 3 rich eggs.
• Take vitamin A about 25,000 IU daily for three months and don’t take if pregnant.
• Take mixed tocopherol, vitamin E about 400 IU daily.
• Take 30mg of zinc citrate daily.
• And 1,500mg of evening primrose oil twice daily.
• Also take lactobacillus-rich probiotics to decrease inflammation that trigger pimple formation.
• Avoid allergens like yeast, gluten, dairy and peanuts in your diet.

I promise that your acne will completely disappear after a while. Don’t go to expensive dermatologists and don’t use chemical-based acne medication. Just follow my recommendations. Change your diet and incorporate acne fighting supplements.

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Are Dairy & Sugar behind acne ?
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