Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper
05 - 11 Mar, 2016
Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

If you ever want to add some spice to your boring rooms, wallpapers are a great way to do so. The variety of patterns, textures and colours is infinite. It is quite a jazzy substitute for painting and also skips the smell of fresh paint that stays in the house for weeks. For really creative people, wallpaper is an extremely versatile choice. With a little self-help, you can create extravagant projects using and beautiful wallpapers endlessly.

Use wallpaper for your bookshelves. Opt for an eye-catching vivid design on the back panel of your bookcase, as it will transform it completely. You will have yourself a new piece of furniture. You need to select a wallpaper that matches with your existing decoration, something that differs slightly yet interestingly. If you completely want to change your room’s decor you can choose from the variety of wallpapers available in different patterns and colours to match with your new decor ideas.

Closet doors
Have you ever fallen in love with a statement wallpaper that looks absolutely striking to your eyes, but you find it too loud to be pasted on the walls. Fret not! We give you the ultimate solution to the problem. You can paste the wallpaper right on your closet doors. The paper will still be very visible and bold, but it will not overtake you entire room.

In a house that has some unique architectural angles, you can get really creative with wallpapers. In a room that has asymmetrical walls, pasting the same design on all of the walls and the ceiling will tie up an entire room, and gives it a sectioned look. It is not very difficult to use wallpapers with asymmetrical angles. Pasting two different patterns on two different walls will really perk up your room.

You can always use wallpaper to accentuate an old headboard. But if you live in a room, you must can the headboard and create a mere illusion of it by pasting wallpaper behind the bed. Select your favourite pattern and colour, sketch or cut the shape you like in any style you want to and paste it on the wall, so that it works as a headboard behind your bed.

The underside of the staircase
If your staircase has a plain underside, it is better that you use that empty space. It is not an ideal space for pictures because it is angled; however, it is a great spot for adding a little texture. Opt for well-patterned wallpaper, which matches your hallway decor and paste it all along the base of the stairs.

You probably like keeping your bedroom’s decor simple, but you do need one impressive unique-looking area. Even if you have decided to go agree with a texture or pattern and you want some consistency. Try placing the wallpaper on your room’s door. It will look really eccentric aesthetically.

Wallpapers look pretty on small accent pieces; in fact they can turn a simple boring piece of a lampshade into a strikingly piece of decor. Paste it around the outside of a lampshade to give your space a pop of texture or colour that merges with the rest of your interior.

If the walls of your room are screaming for attention, a wallpaper is always ready to rescue you in the most creative ways. Instead of pasting it on the entire wall, cut out certain shapes and then paste it on the wall. This will instantly brighten your room without overpowering the whole space. Try pasting coloured wallpaper cut in a circular shape on top of a white coloured wall to add that extra oomph to your wall.

There is just no limit to what can be done using an old dresser and some wallpaper. If you want to give your otherwise humdrum dresser a complete makeover, then all you got to do is paste it on the entire furniture piece. If you want it to stand out as an accent piece, then you can just use it on the front drawers of the dresser and leave the rest usual. If you want it to appear more subtle, then only paste the wallpaper on the inside of the drawers. This way the paper will only be seen once the drawers are open.

Quick Décor Tricks
Quick Décor Tricks

We are always looking around our house and consider making a few changes every now and then. A major renovation might not be possible instantly, but we can always think of ideas to freshen up the interior of our favourite space. There are few ways to quickly spice-up your home with less time and money involved. Although, some of the ideas might take a little time, but can always be accomplished in a certain time slot. The changes will surely lift up your home and your spirits at the same time, while leaving you surprised with joy. Refurbish your home using these simple, inexpensive and quick décor modifications.

Placement of the furniture
A lot of us usually keep the furniture shoved up against the walls, especially the seating. However, creating a space behind a huge piece of furniture such as a sofa will actually make you room feel much bigger. Try to experiment with different placements, for example, place two armchairs and a sofa opposite one another next to a central point in a room , or a couple of feet away from the wall, or even on an angle near the room’s corner. If a room is already large, try placing making different seating areas by placing a lamp in the corner and adding a few chairs along with it. You can also place a lamp and just one chair; it will be the perfect reading nook.

Change the artwork
Tired of looking at the same painting for years, Try to switch your artwork from one place to another. It’s surprising how a simple move could refresh your entire room.

Throw some natural colour
Fill up a large glass bowl or vase to the edge with colourful flowers or fruit like lemons or oranges and place it on the side table next to the window.

Rearrange bookshelves
Rearrange the bookshelves you have so they create clocks by the colour or size of the spines. Place some vertically as well as horizontally to create a visually interesting sight. Try to vary the blocks with open space, add some eye-catching accessories like a framed photograph etc. If you do not have time, then work with one shelf at a time.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers
Buy an economic bouquet of fresh flowers from your nearest store, cut their stems and place them in a small vase, Mason jar or in an attractive glass on your bedside table.

Quick Décor Tricks
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