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21 - 27 Apr , 2012
Pantone – The Colour Of The Year
Pantone – The Colour Of The YearSophisticated dramatic and seductive, tangerine tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it

Pantone is a fun, lively and traditional hue, that is bold, hot and attention grabbing at the same time.
A warm colour, it can be found in abundance in nature, in the changing leaves of autumn and the setting sun. It is also the national colour of The Netherlands, as its royal family owns the principality of orange and the Native American Indians always associated the colour with kinship. More recently, it has found favour with fashion designers, home decorators, automobile manufacturers and gadget makers as it is captivating and Pantone – The Colour Of The Yearstimulating.
It marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy. On the home turf, it helps in breaking away from the monotony of neutrals and beiges and adds character to the space where it is used. If used judiciously, it brings warmth and the much-needed pizzazz to staid interiors.
There are several ways in which you can work with this high-impact hue inside your home. Right from pillows, cushions, bedspreads, upholstery, tabletop accessories and cutlery to furniture and appliances, it can elevate the mood of a room. It can also be used for a dynamic burst of energy in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, entrance or hallway or can be put on walls as an accent colour.
To make a style statement, use tangerine tango liberally around the house. For example, one or two items are sufficient to lift the look and mood of a room. Take for instance, the living room. Settle for a single piece of loud furniture, maybe a couch or a dressy cabinet, and see how it changes the feel of the room. Pantone – The Colour Of The YearAnother way is to accessorise an all-cream upholstered sofa with orange silk and satin decorative cushions with intricate patterns and detailing or with mix and match fabrics. This will for sure give the zone a pop of colour.
Less is more while using this shade card inside the bedroom. One way to do this is to go for an accent wall and keep furniture and accessories in muted tones. Since orange comprises red and yellow, it can be used creatively to create spark and comfort in the sleeping zone. The same holds for the dining room and kitchen.
In the kitchen, you can bring in orange by using it on cabinets as an accent in combination with other shades. In case you don't want the kitchen to do away with this sober look, bring in the colour in the form of appliances or through dinnerware and cutlery.
Pantone – The Colour Of The YearGive the bathroom a pop of colour by going for a bold and loud vanity in orange.
In the dining room, where most of our meals are relished and savoured, it is advisable to bring in earthy orange in the form of light, wispy drapes or by getting dining chairs upholstered in textured fabric.
In the bathroom, however, stick only to vanities and storage cabinets to take care of your fancy for the vivacious hue. Don't go over the board as too much orange can make the room look small. So, go ahead and say hello to the new black.

6 Quick Steps To A Clean Living Room
Although cleaning a messy living room can seem like an overwhelming task, you can actually make even the messiest room look presentable and clean in just a few minutes by following these six simple steps.
1. Get everything out of the room that doesn't belong there. Use an extra laundry basket or a similar-sized container to gather up all the stuff that has accumulated in the room but should not be there. If you are in a real hurry to get the room looking more presentable (for example if guests are expected), put the basket somewhere out of sight and deal with it later. Otherwise, take a few minutes now and carry the basket 6 Quick Steps To A Clean Living Roomwith you as you move from room to room returning everything to its proper place.
2. Put everything that belongs in the room back where it belongs. This would include books back on the shelves, toys back in the toy box, items back in drawers, etc. Start in one area and work your way around the room.
3. Do a quick dusting of furniture surfaces, shelves, etc. This is not the time to reorganise, just dust visible surfaces.
4. Make sure the couches and chairs look presentable, with seat cushions and throw pillows in position and slipcovers straightened. Use the vacuum first to clean under cushions and furniture upholstery to remove hairs and crumbs.
5. Sweep or vacuum the floor. A clean floor always makes any room look cleaner and while you're vacuuming, don't forget the tops of baseboards and any cobwebs near the ceiling.
6. Finally, take a quick look around to see if you missed anything and if you did, take care of it now. And you're done!

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