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21 - 27 Apr , 2012

2 Minute Interview With
Ace - The Band
Ace - The Band
Avant-garde is what aptly defines the band, Ace. Stringing off in a small room somewhere in the residential area of Defence, a like-minded, creatively-inspired trio (Abdullah Aziz, Danyal Pervaiz and Talal Ahmed) united to form a band, which they later named Ace. Influenced by musical maestros like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Vital Signs and Junoon, this trio started belting out numbers, some original, others inspired. The band grew as young blood Fahad Najam and Khizer Khalid joined them. Recently, MAG caught up with this promising young band for a brief chat. Excerpts:

What is the musical philosophy of Ace?
Ace isn't just about the music that we make. It defines our beliefs, our schools of thought. We believe in what we compose; hence each song features two important elements: a little bit of our ideology and a little bit of magic.

Tell us a little about Ace's journey so far.
As many would have suspected, it hasn't been smooth sailing for the band. We met with dejection and at times rejection. Fate did smile however, as support poured in through a few media platforms and investors. Still there is a long way to go for us.

Tell us about your debut video Na Rahey.
The video was directed and produced by Hamza Quddusi. The idea was conceived by Mohsin Suleman and added support was from Abdullah Aziz. The theme of the song revolves around the concept of a dejected, soul-searching man, who having faced tiresome tribulations in life questions fate and seeks answers. Mohsin Suleman wrote the lyrics.

What are your expectations from Na Rahey?
We have a lot of expectations from it and that is the reason to release Na Rahey first. So far people have loved the song and positively criticised it as a perfect composition with perfect lyrics. It's the type of song that anyone can strongly relate to.

Tell us about your experience of performing live.
It is a dream to perform in front of thousands of people. By the grace of God we have performed in numerous live acts. We were and are quoted as the most energetic and entertaining band of Karachi.

Your thoughts on the Pakistani music industry?
The music industry has been struggling for a while. There are artists who are doing very well locally and abroad, on the other hand there are others who are not doing so well. We believe that media has a very strong role to play and it should support aspiring musicians who want to establish themselves in the music industry.

What are some of your favourite bands in Pakistan?
Undoubtedly Junoon and Vital Signs are our favourite. Apart from them, it's great to have acts like EP, Call, Noori, Fuzon and Karavan. They have made a name for themselves through their music and professionalism.

Tell us a little about your upcoming projects.
We are really busy in completing our album these days. We will be actively releasing our singles from now on.

Is your album coming out anytime soon?
Our album is almost complete. We are hoping to release it in the near future.

Any message to your fans?
We have never left an opportunity to thank our fans. They have been with us since the beginning. It's their appreciation that Ace is still here. We would also like to request everyone to support Pakistani music.

Life & Happiness
8 Things You Can Do To Be Happy In The Next 30 Minutes

Being happier doesn't have to be a long-term ambition. You can start right now. In the next 30 minutes, tackle as many of the following suggestions as possible. Not only will these tasks themselves increase 8 Things You Can Do To Be Happy In The Next 30 Minutesyour happiness, but the mere fact that you've achieved some concrete goals will boost your mood.

1. Increase Your Activity Level: If you're on the phone, stand up and pace. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Put more energy into your voice. Take a brisk 10-minute walk.

2. Take A Walk Outside: Research suggests that light stimulates brain chemicals that improve mood. For an extra boost, get your sunlight first thing in the morning.

3. Reach Out: Send an e-mail to a friend you haven't seen in a while, or reach out to someone new. Having close bonds with other people is one of the most important keys to happiness. When you act in a friendly way, not only will others feel friendlier toward you, but you'll also strengthen your feelings of friendliness for other people.

4. Rid Yourself Of A Nagging Task: Deal with that insurance problem, purchase something you need, or make that long-postponed appointment with the dentist. Crossing an irksome chore off your to-do list will give you a big rush of elation.

5. Create A More Serene Environment: Outer order contributes to inner peace, so spend some time cleaning off your desk or tackling the piles in the kitchen. A large stack of little tasks can feel overwhelming, but often just a few minutes of work can make a sizable dent. Set the timer for 10 minutes and see what you can do.

6. Do A Good Deed: Introduce two people by e-mail, take a minute to pass along useful information, or deliver some gratifying praise.

7. Act Happy: Fake it till you feel it. Research shows that even an artificially induced smile boosts your mood. And if you're smiling, other people will perceive you as being friendlier and more approachable.

8. Learn Something New: Think of a subject that you wish you knew more about and spend 15 minutes on the internet reading about it, or go to a bookstore and buy a book. But be honest! Pick a topic that really interests you, not something you think you "should" or "need" to learn about.

Quick Study
The ocean liner RMS Titanic was to be the ultimate "ship of dreams" (for first-class passengers, at least). She was declared to be "unsinkable"… but her maiden voyage, 100 years ago this month, proved otherwise.

By The Numbers
* The estimated duration of the impact between ship and iceberg was 10 seconds.
* There were 2,208 crew and passengers aboard when Titanic hit the ice. 1496 people died in the aftermath.
* The ship carried 20 lifeboats, able to accommodate 1178 people in total.
Titanic * The largest single group to die were male crew, with 676 lost.

All Aboard
First Class…

* Paid up to $4350 for a parlour suite.
* Slept in rooms with ensuite baths and walk-in wardrobes.
* Enjoyed a swimming pool, squash court, Parisian-style café and Turkish baths.

Second Class…
* Paid about $60 for a cabin.
* Slept in berths built into the cabin walls and used communal bathrooms.
* Enjoyed a library and games such as quoits on the deck.

Third Class…
* Paid $15-$40 for a cabin.
* Slept in bunk beds in narrow six-person cabins. Two bathtubs were shared between the 710 third-class passengers.
Funny Bones* Enjoyed whatever impromptu entertainment they could arrange.

Funny Bones
Time To Go
Jim was at a party and the host was getting worried because there were too many people and not enough refreshments. She was sure not everyone had been invited but didn't know how to weed out the gatecrashers. Then her husband had an idea.
He turned to the guests and said, "Will all those from the bride's side of the family please stand up?" About 20 people stood. Then he asked, "Now those from the groom's side?"
About 25 people rose. Then he smiled and said, "Will all those who stood please leave. This is a birthday party."

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