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21 - 27 Apr , 2012
The Most Generous From B-Town
The biggest movie stars at their humble best. Here we disclose the efforts of tinsel town's most popular humanitarians

Voice Of Reckoning
Two spoken lines from Amitabh Bachchan urged every citizen in rural India to take his child for polio vaccinations. There's a reason we call him the biggest superstar of all time. Because when he speaks the entire nation tunes in. Amitabh Bachchan uses the enchanting effect of his voice and persona to good effect as he continually associates himself with charitable causes like polio prevention. His humanitarian work is not just for the impoverished but extends to the unfortunate as well. Bachchan's recent efforts to rehabilitate the families of India's martyred policemen and servicemen are a shining example. Bachchan supports and participates in concerts and albums whose sale proceeds are utilised for education and aid. After watching Paan Singh Tomar, Bachchan has lent support to a project to help needy sportsmen. His towering personality becomes bigger and better through his extensive humanitarian efforts.
Woman Of Substance
Woman Of Substance
She's the heartthrob of billions around the globe and is married to Abhishek Bachchan but one of her lifelong commitments is towards charity. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan continues to be a United Nations spokesperson for the past seven years. When you're the glamour queen of the world, cosmetics are just a blink away. But Aishwarya takes the eco-safe way and affiliates with PETA India, in a bid to speak against cruelty to animals and animal testing. She's got the best set of eyes on the planet and she's pledged them to the Eye Bank Association of India. Aishwarya also heads the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Foundation that works to help the needy in India.
Author-Backed Humanitarian
Author-Backed Humanitarian
What everyone likes about Aamir Khan is the fact that he does all the right things without any hoopla. One of Aamir's priorities in terms of humanitarian work has been working for children. His continued association with CRY (Child Relief & You) and his efforts towards child education are lesser known. He's more known for the work he's done for the Indian tourism board and the polio campaign. Aamir is the unsung hero of hundreds of people he's helped in times of tragedy. After the 2001 earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat, Aamir adopted the entire village of Kunwaria where he'd shot Lagaan. Similarly, the actor lent aid to the victims of a flood in Ladakh, months after 3 Idiots, which was shot there, was released. We like to see him as the perfect actor. But those who call him benefactor would like to believe he's the perfect man as well.
Woman Of Substance
Good Looking Samaritan
There's one person in the glitzy world of celebrities who doesn't mind wielding the megaphone to announce his good deeds. Hrithik Roshan believes by advertising one's charitable efforts you can set an example for others to follow. So when Hrithik donated a school bus for special children, he invited the media to be part of it. He doesn't believe in holding back, neither in the coverage nor in the giving. Hrithik is actively involved with a Mumbai-based special school for mentally-challenged children. Learning from his own experiences of stammering as a child, Hrithik also works for a charitable foundation that helps challenged people who find it difficult to face the world. Hrithik is the superhero for children and young adults who stammer or have stunted social skills.
Fairest Of Them All
Fairest Of Them All

She might be ruling the roost of the most beautiful people in the country. But Katrina Kaif is fairer than her complexion. She thinks charity should begin at home, so she endorses her mother Suzanne's orphanage called Mercy Home. In the past, Katrina has auctioned her movie memorabilia and costumes and given the proceeds to her mother's efforts in rehabilitating and educating orphans. Katrina also collaborated with AR Rahman for an album of nursery rhymes, again for her mother's humanitarian efforts. On the other hand, she also helps out good friend Salman Khan's Being Human Foundation from time to time in their efforts towards rehabilitating street children.
Silent Do-Gooder
Silent Do-Gooder
The superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions. That maybe an old Chinese saying but that's what holds true for Shah Rukh Khan. While he donates generously to charity organisations, he never likes to speak about them. More gets spoken about his happening moments at film parties. But isn't that part and parcel of being a superstar? Shah Rukh likes to be charitable on the sly. He doesn't want people to know he's behind the creation of children's ward at a hospital in Mumbai and that he works for the cause of AIDS and cancer patients. He also wants to keep under wraps the fact that as part of a TV chanel's initiative, he adopted five villages in Bhitarkanika National Park in Orissa. SRK also didn't like it when the international press spoke about UNESCO awarding him for his charity engagements.
People hardly find a photo of SRK caught in the act. He's like the 'don' angel of generosity working in silent and mysterious ways.
Good Boy, Bad Boy
Good Boy, Bad Boy
He may be accused of being wild but he's also alleged to have a golden heart. Salman Khan's efforts and energy have made Being Human one of young India's most popular brands. Of course, the idea is charitable but its success is nothing short of a financial revelation. Salman Khan's foundation works for underprivileged people and children. It produces exclusive merchandise like watches, clothing etc and uses the money to finance livelihood and education for the needy. The art division of Being Human auctions paintings by 'Picasso' Khan and uses the money for good use.
That's not where Salman's good intentions end. He's proactive in organising cricket and football matches for charitable causes. Some of Salman's most notable efforts have been to help the needy in Sri Lanka. Also he forwarded all the earnings of his recently produced Chillar Party to the Being Human trust. Leave it to the bad boy then, to deal with matters of the heart.
The Old Guard
The Old Guard
Shabana Azmi pioneered the trend of movie celebrities working for a cause. She's one of the most well known women rights activists in India and has worked extensively with the United Nations Population Fund. Back in the late '80s and all through the '90s, Shabana worked on a campaign urging people not to discriminate against those sufferings from AIDS.
Today Shabana holds enough clout to organise fundraisers for the Mizwan Women's Society founded by her late father Kaifi Azmi, to empower female children in rural India. And as it turns out, the who's who of the film industry converged for a fashion show she organised for her cause.

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