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21 - 27 Jan , 2012
New Year, New Beauty Tips
New Year, New Beauty TipsThere are so many get-gorgeous routines that we follow simply because, well, that's the way we've always done them. But if you've suspected that there's a smarter way, you're totally right. Here, we've got 17 fixes that'll upgrade your approach and leave you looking foxier than ever for 2012!

Common Make-up Mishaps
Ditch That Blobbing foundation on one spot and then spreading it over your face
Do This Rub a few drops of foundation between your fingertips and smooth it on like a moisturiser to get the most natural coverage. When you put a big blob in one place, it builds up in that spot and is harder to blend evenly.

Ditch That Putting powder bronzer right on top of foundation
Do This Dust a fine layer of translucent powder over foundation, and then apply the bronzer. The powder sets the foundation so your bronzer won't melt into it or go streaky.

Ditch That Concealing oil or grease by piling on the pressed powder
Do This Press blotting paper onto skin to soak up excess oil. Adding more powder would make skin look New Year, New Beauty Tipscakey and open pores more obvious.

Ditch That Raising your eyebrows when applying your eyeshadow
Do This Keep eyes relaxed and brush shadow into the creases of your lids using a windshield wiper-like motion. If your brows are raised, which lifts up your lids, you can't tell exactly where the colour will sit once you drop them.

Ditch That Lathering make-up remove onto skin like soap
Do This Soak a cotton ball with make-up remover and hold it on your face for several seconds before sweeping it off. Giving it a moment to seep in breaks down make-up build-up, so whatever you've applied earlier will slide right off. Aggressively scrubbing doesn't dissolve anything faster and it might irritate your skin.

New Year, New Beauty TipsDitch That Applying your concealer on top of foundation
Do This Apply concealer and then foundation. This helps the concealer blend in and not look so obvious on a zit or dark circles. And you'll find that you won't need as much foundation.

Ditch That Fixing a mascara smudge by rubbing it off with a tissue or make-up remover
Do This Dab tiny drop or two of foundation over the smudge with your finger to erase the mark from sight. Wiping it, on the other hand, will smear it more (making an even bigger mess) and take off the rest of your make-up too, which means you'd have to start from scratch.

Vital Skin Savers
Ditch That Loading a ton of acne cream onto a pimple at night

Do This Dab on a pea-size amount morning and night. Piling on too much dries out skin so that it produces more oil to compensate, which prolongs the life of a zit and can cause more to form.

Ditch That Sawing a nail file back and forth
Do This Move the file in one direction from side to centre. Yanking it back and forth rips the keratin layers, making your nails more likely to break and peel.

Ditch That Skipping sunscreen if you have dark skin
Do This Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF-15 every single day. Look for avobenzone in the ingredients list – it won't leave a white cast on darker skin tones.

Ditch That Washing your face with a washcloth
Do This Wash your face with your bare hands. Splashing on water removes dirt and grime best. A terry washcloth's nubby fabric may trap bacteria, which can get re-deposited onto your face – not pretty.

Ditch That Swiping on your anti-perspirant in the morning
Do This Apply it at night. This gives it a chance to soak into your armpit's pores and start working as New Year, New Beauty Tipssoon as you start moving in the morning. It won't wash off in the shower since it's already been absorbed.

Ditch That Tapping eye cream right under lashes and onto lids
Do This Put it just above the cheekbones and next to outer corners. Too close to the eye can cause an infection. The only thing safe for eyelids is Aquaphore.

Healthy Hair Care Know-How
Ditch That Blow-drying your hair by whirling the dryer like a lasso
Do This Point the nozzle down, moving from root to tip to flatten the cuticle, making it smooth and shiny.Waving the dryer around only roughs up the cuticles and creates extra frizz.

Ditch That Undoing knots by pulling a comb from roots to ends
Do This Comb out knots from the ends first, then work your way up to the roots. If you do the reverse – and try to drag the comb down your mane – you're more likely to tear hair.

Ditch That Leaving on an at-home relaxer past the recommended time
Do This Stay within the time limited printed on the box (usually 18 minutes max, depending on your texture). Over-processing won't straighten your hair more; it will weaken strands so much that they could break off.

Ditch That Clamping hair under the curling iron lever
Do This Wrap hair around the outside of the clamp. Sticking your strands under the lever creates an annoying dent, whereas coiling them around the outside of it gives you a more natural-looking curl. Spray the curling iron with hairspray beforehand if you're having a hard time getting the hair to stay.

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