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21 - 27 Jan , 2012
Artwork For Walls
If you are sick of staring at a cold, stark and empty wall, infuse it with warmth and style by Artwork For Wallsadding creative art

Art of Grandeur
A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall – if it's a dramatic size, like the floor-to-ceiling printed canvas, stretched around a frame. To make your own oversized art, stretch fabric around a canvas frame, available at art or crafts store.

Doubled Wall Art
Combine two types of wall art, shadow boxes and plates, for a distinctive way to dress up a blank wall. Line shadow boxes with colourful papers or fabrics, then mount co-ordinating plates inside the boxes with a strong adhesive.

Repurposed Art
Give an old serving tray new life as a wall art. The round serving tray adds a decorative touch to a bedside area with Artwork For Wallsits pretty design and co-ordinating colour scheme.

Books As Art
Round up a collection of worn, unreadable books with fun covers. Remove the covers and hang in frames for a literary-themed wall art installation. Or, if you want to keep the books intact, scan the covers and print on photo paper.

Wall Letters
Jump on the typography trend and use letters to create an artful arrangement. Use a variety of sizes, colours, and materials. Try combining prints with three-dimensional letters arranged in shadow boxes. For an extra dose of style, include one striking large letter to balance the smaller pieces.

Gallery Shelf
An expansive floating shelf adds character to a blank wall. Layer framed prints or pictures and favourite Artwork For Wallsaccessories along the shelf. If you have a larger wall, hang several shelves and stagger their heights.

Upper Gallery
Create a gallery of frames above a large window or along the soffit above kitchen cabinets. Use matching frames for your collection and fill with favourite snapshots and fun prints. If you have a colourful space, try a collection of black-and-white images.

Art by Theme
Dress up your walls with variations on a theme. Pick a subject or motif you love and repeat it in a collection of paintings and prints. If you crave a little continuity, frame all your pieces in the same style of frame.

Reflective Artwork
If you are looking for a quick yet stunning way to fill up a blank wall, try an oversized mirror. Once-dull corner will come to life with a large mirror in a bright blue frame. The mirror adds style to the room and reflects light around the room, making it feel more spacious.

Artwork For WallsMirror Series
For a lighter alternative to a larger mirror, group several smaller mirrors together. The result is a more subtle yet stunning wall arrangement. You can also use frameless mirrors in different shapes.

Kids' Gallery
Add a gallery installation to your living room with magnetic paint and wood trim. Section off a wall portion and paint it with magnetic paint, topped with a coat of paint in your choice of colour. Let kids hang their latest creations from the wall with fun magnets.

Symmetrical Arrangement
Create a picture-perfect plate arrangement on your walls with a little bit of prep work. Trace the items you plan to hang onto paper. Cut out the shapes and tape to the wall in different arrangements until you get the perfect combination.

Monochromatic Moulding
Dress up plain walls with trim work. For a subtle yet stunning approach, paint the trim the same colour as your walls.

Repeat With Variation
If you love a particular pattern or motif, give it prominence in your wall art, but add a little zip with variation. For example combine lattice prints in four different pattern variations and background colours to create one arrangement. Matching frames unite the prints for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Basket Art
For a casual cottage look, hang shallow wicker baskets along a wall as artwork. Woven baskets add Artwork For Wallstexture to the wall and the natural material pops against cool blue walls.

Dress Up the Staircase
Create an organised collage of images going up your main staircase. For a clean and sophisticated look, choose three or four types of frames that complement each other. Then use paper to organise the placement of each frame.

Plywood Perfection
To get the unique look, cover your plain walls with large sheets of plywood. Then add a collage of frames in various sizes to complete the look.

Hanging Wallpaper
Make wallpaper less permanent by hanging in as vertical artwork. Anchor the top and bottom to small rods then use ribbon to hang it in place.

Vintage Posters
For a classic country look, search local flea markets for vintage posters. For a simple framing technique, use poster hangers that allow it to slide into the frame and hang by a ribbon.

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