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23 - 29 June , 2012

It's All About: Block PartyScarf It Up!
Lightweight scarves are a must-have accessory for this summer
It's All About: Block Party
Scarves are traditionally used to keep warm during the cold winter months. But this summer, long, lightweight scarves are a must-have item. So summer's sunshine is no excuse to put away your scarf collection. It's actually quite the contrary, thanks to all of these flirty, lightweight selections. These crazy-bright scarves are the perfect outfit companion for the beach, park or summer camp in all of their pink, yellow and orange glory. Dainty linen scarves will keep you cool in the sweltering heat, square scarves will add pizzazz to that sundress, and It's All About: Block Partyairy infinity scarves will keep your outfit posh and polished. We tell you all you need to know about summer scarves.
It's All About: Block Party
Why You'll Want One
Versatile and vibrant, an oversized scarf is virtually weightless, and will take up very little room in your purse. Although part of the allure is the chic, airy feel, a feather-light scarf can ward off the chill of air-conditioning, and even act as an extra layer of sunscreen. Beyond its functionality, this fashionable accent is available on any budget, and in every style imaginable. From organic fabrics to bold and graphic prints, adding a splash of personality to your ensemble is easier than ever before. This summer, you can leave the jewels It's All About: Block Partybehind, knowing that a pop of colour or pretty pattern around your neck will draw It's All About: Block Partyattention to your face just like a necklace would for an easy, breezy summer look. 
How To Wear It
There are countless ways to wear a summer scarf. Standard methods include wrapping it multiple times around your neck and tucking the edges under, folding it in half behind your head and looping the open ends through the hole near your collarbone, or simply swooping it around your neck and tossing one end over your shoulder. Don't be afraid to experiment: twist, braid, knot two together, or try It's All About: Block Partytying a last-minute halter top.

Timeless Footwear
Step out in style with these comfortable and stylish kolhapuris

Timeless Footwear When trendy designer footwear is steadily making its way into our shoe industry, the age-old Kolhapuri chappals, exquisitely handcrafted, continue to attract the discerning crowd. Kolhapuri chappals are now a global fashion trend we should be proud of.
This traditional footwear deals with a variety of chappals and its unique designs lure the buyers with its old-world charm. It is much sought after by both young and old Timeless Footwear and it also caters to both men and women.
These chappals have a unique ethnic look and have been equally popular in Pakistan and abroad. However, they are still mainly prepared by hand which helps them retain their unique appearance. There are numerous small Timeless Footwear and large scale industries where these chappals are manufactured.

Made from processed leather, it is hard enough for daily wear. They are stout, sturdy, and can be worn throughout the day. Called locally as 'Pie-taan', they are available in various sizes, patterns and colours. Kolhapuri chappals adorned with gold cord, zari strips, feather and embroidery can also be worn on Timeless Footwear special occasions such as weddings and parties.

The main advantage of the kolhapuri is that it is usually free from all allergic properties unless of course if the wearer is allergic to specific types of leather. Many new designs in this footwear have been incorporated over the years. This intricately handcrafted footwear has been able to retain its uniqueness primarily due to skilled craftsmanship and the fact that it complements most outfits perfectly.
Kolhapuri chappals are not too heavy on the budget as well. Overall, they are quite sturdy, durable and long lasting in use. Recently more creative and innovative designs have lent this footwear a more modern appeal and versatility. Now you know why you could not resist the temptation to buy a pair of these Brace Yourself famous chappals before leaving the shop!

Brace Yourself
Brace Yourself Accessorise your wrist with these stylish bracelet watches

Bracelet watches are very popular and common nowadays. Many women buy and collect not only one but several types of watches and these watches are one of the common ones in most women's collection. Bracelet watches are very popular because they have a simplistic appearance and most of these watches are easy to wear.
Brace Yourself These stylish bracelet watches do not have a fancy or complicated hitch or clip like other common watches. So they can easily be worn like a bracelet, most of the time it's just like a bangle. Even though bracelet watches may be one particular type of watch, however it does have many different and unique designs. Different kinds of metal, stones, pearls and unique jewels are used to design these beautiful watches. It could be as elaborate and fancy as you could imagine or it could be as simple and elegant as a plain bangle on your wrist. However, different people go for different designs depending upon their own personal style.

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