Parsley More Than A Garnish
23 - 29 May, 2015
Parsley More Than A Garnish

Did you know the herb you use for decorating your food could also prevent you from kidney infections, cancer, and much more?

Today, parsley is popularly used to garnish your plates. Before, when plant medicine was deeply understood and practiced, parsley enjoyed a great value. The herb was widely revered for its curative properties. Now, science is trying to catch up on what the ancient healers already knew about this green herb’s magnificent power in combating disorders from kidney diseases to cancer and much more.

Historical healer
According to ancient Greeks, parsley was considered sacred and was hugely used to decorate tombs and the crown of the victors of any athletic contests. The Romans, on the other hand, used parsley as food garnishing, which is still popularly practiced. It has tremendously overshadowed its health benefits. Did you know that a sprig of parsley can provide much more than plain decoration? This yummy herb contains loads of useful nutrients, namely:
• Copper
• Potassium
• Thiamin
• Sodium
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C
Along with these nutrients, parsley also contains great quantity of volatile oil components – that is very rarely found and holds exceptional health merits.

Supplement your body with volatile oils
Current studies express that volatile oils have unusual and incredible protective powers. The common volatile oils present in parsley are limonene, myristicin, alpha-thujene and eugenol.


Parsley for cancer protection
Researches on animals, have showed myristicinstops, tumour formation, especially lung tumour. Myristicin activates glutathione-S-transferase-an enzyme, which neutralises oxidised molecules that would otherwise damage your body. Parsley can be classified as chemoprotectie food due to its various volatile oils. It works to neutralise some types of carcinogens. Research proves that parsley can protect you from toxic effects of benzopyrenes (a substance of charcoal grill and cigarette smoke).

Kidney’s care
Along with its protection from environmental toxins, parsley can also cleanse your body from dangerous toxins already present in your system. This quality comes in handy for kidney care. Kidneys are required to filter your blood supply, so keeping them in good shape is very necessary for your over-all well-being. Did you know after every 30 minutes, your kidney cleanses your entire blood supply, removing waste from the bloodstream, which is then thrown out of the body, in the form of urine. Extra stress can cause malfunction to the system, leading into urinary tract infection, or more serious kidney infection. Common symptoms that surfaces when you are undergoing kidney infection includes:
• Fever
• Pain or burning sensation while urinating
• Fatigue
• Frequent urination
• Persistent urge to urinate
• Back pain
• Abdominal pain
• Blood in the urine
If you are suffering from kidney infection, I recommend the use of parsley,as the best alternative to harsh and often dangerous antibiotic treatment. I suggest you to boil parsley leaves, strain the liquid and drink it as a cure.

Why parsley, everyday?
Much better is to avoid an infection altogether by using parsley every day, as it is a natural cleanser of your kidneys which enables proper functioning of your entire body. So, next time a plate filled with food garnished with parsley appears, smile inertly as it’s not only garnish but a natural cleanser, which also makes sure you end-up with a fresh breath. •

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Parsley More Than A Garnish
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