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25 Feb - 02 Mar , 2012
Ek Deewana ThaThis Week MAG Recommends

Ek Deewana Tha
Sachin is a 22 year-old engineering graduate from a middle class family in Mumbai who is in love with the world of cinema. As a struggler in the film industry – where his long days are filled with waiting and then some more waiting, surviving on his father's pocket money and desperately trying to make an entry into any of the main film camps – there is nothing that makes each day worth looking forward to. And that's when he sees Jessie, and it is love at first sight for him. Jessie is beautiful, elegant, smart and classy. But Jessie is not that simple. She belongs to an orthodox Christian family where watching movies, partying or falling in love are completely taboo. While Sachin battles with the idea of someone like Jessie and her family living in 21st century, modern Mumbai – he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. Jessie, for her part, tries to forge a friendship between them – believing that cloaking their feelings under the umbrella of friendship would save them heartache, tears and a full blown family drama. Ek Deewana Tha is the intense, yet feel good love story of these two very different characters as they understand the pangs and pleasure of first love while battling with the situations that life has placed them in.

This Means WarThis Means War
In This Means War – a stylish action/rom-com Tom Hardy and Chris Pine star as CIA operatives whose close friendship is strained by the fires of romantic rivalry. Best pals FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) are equally accomplished at the spy game, but their fortunes diverge dramatically in the dating realm: FDR is a smooth-talking player with an endless string of conquests, while Tuck is a straight-laced introvert whose love life has stalled since his divorce. Enter Lauren (Reese Witherspoon), a pretty, plucky consumer-products evaluator who piques both their interests in separate, unrelated encounters. Tuck meets her via an online-dating site, FDR at a video-rental store. When Tuck and FDR realise they're pursuing the same girl, it sparks their respective competitive natures, and they decide to make a friendly game of it. But what begins as a good-natured rivalry swiftly devolves into romantic blood-sport, with both men using the vast array of espionage tools at their disposal – from digital surveillance to poison darts – to gain an edge in the battle for Lauren's affections. If her constitutional rights happen to be violated repeatedly in the process, then so be it. Lauren, for her part, remains oblivious to the clandestine machinations of her duelling suitors, and happily basks in the sudden attention from two gorgeous men.

The VowThe Vow
Romantic drama The Vow is not adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel. The Vow first introduces Leo (Tatum) and Paige (McAdams), two desperately smitten artist types (she's a sculptor; he's a musician), and then rudely separates them, all in one slick, heartbreaking sequence. A brutal car accident, glimpsed in agonising slow-motion, leaves poor Paige in a coma. When Paige awakens in the hospital, Leo is aghast to discover his wife doesn't recognise him. While her girl-next-door beauty emerged from the crash are remarkably intact, it seems her brain did not fare so well, suffering injuries that effectively wiped out her memory of the preceding five years – a span comprising the entirety of her relationship with Leo. Her mind's clock rewound a half-decade, Paige assumes the identity of Paige from five years prior. It soon becomes achingly apparent that the Paige from five years prior was markedly different from the Paige in the opening credits: a superficial sorority girl, on track for a law degree and averse to city-dwelling. In danger of losing the love of his life to her former one, a heartbroken Leo resolves to win back Paige, even if it means starting from scratch and wooing her all over again.

Safe HouseSafe House
Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a CIA agent with a monotonous gig. He's a safe housekeeper, tasked with maintaining a stronghold in South Africa in case the federal agents need to stop by for some interrogation. After a year of begging for field work and keeping the joint tidy, Weston finds himself embroiled in the investigation of Tobin Bell (Denzel Washington), an ex-CIA notorious for selling information on the black market. A group of agents bring Bell into Weston's safe house for a routine water-boarding, but everything is thrown into chaos when the lockdown is infiltrated by machine-wielding thugs looking to put a bullet in Bell's head. To keep the captor alive, Weston goes on the run with Bell in hand, never knowing exactly why everyone wants the guy dead. The setup for Safe House provides Washington and Reynolds, two fully capable action stars, to do their thing and to do it well. Safe House cuts back and forth between the compelling relationship between Weston and Bell and a war room full of exceptional actors (Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson and Sam Shepherd).

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