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25 Feb - 02 Mar , 2012
The Colour Code
Are you planning to go shopping for new season beauty buys? Here we help you find your colour of the year
The beauty counters are awash with spring/summer make-up colours, but don't go on that shopping binge just yet, find out what the best colour palette is for you first. The key to finding your own colour of the year lies in your hair and complexion. Understanding your colouring is the next step in helping you to achieve a perfect make-up look. The aim is to create balance between your natural colouring and the make-up you wear. Plus, once you understand your best shades, you can save money by only buying what suits you!

Discover your colour palette for 2012 and beyond

The Colour CodeYour overall look is pale and delicate. The undertone of your colouring can be warm, with golden tints to your hair and a few freckles on your skin, or cool, with ash tones to your hair and a slight pinkish tint to The Colour Codeyour skin.

Make-up Mantra: It's all about adding subtle definition to your light features. Give a hint of colour to eyebrows and eyelashes – a warm brown mascara will be more flattering than black. Try not to overpower your delicate colouring with strong colours, even when it comes to more glamorous make-up. Instead, use the right shades from your palette and apply them in different ways.

Your Celeb Match:
Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep.

The Colour CodeYour skin can be porcelain to black but all your features hair, eyebrows, eyes and lashes are dark and defined so your make-up The Colour Codeshould be similarly deep and rich in tone.

Make-up Mantra: Your features have a lot of depth to them and stand out on their own. Accentuate your look by complementing it with dark, rich colours, even when it comes to more subtle daytime looks. Blushers will add some depth while lipsticks in rich shades will look fantastic on you. However, if you prefer softer colours, you will need to ensure that your face is balanced with strong make-up.

Your Celeb Match:
Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Audrey Tautou.

The Colour CodeYou're the golden girl of complexions with skin tone ranging from porcelain with freckles to golden brown. Auburn hair tones go as light The Colour Codeas strawberry blonde and as dark as rich red.

Make-up Mantra: To enhance your warm and rich colouring, your make-up should always have yellow undertones. Brown eye pencils and mascara flatter more than black. Choose a blush powder with a warm undertone and simply apply with a bit more depth depending on the time of day or occasion. Whether you want subtle lip colour or a more dramatic look, use golden, earthy tones on lips.

Your Celeb Match:
Christina Hendricks, Susan Sarandon, Florence Welch.

The Colour CodeYou have blue, grey or cool brown eyes and ash tones to your hair, be it blonde, white, grey, salt and pepper, dark brown or black. Your The Colour Codecolouring may have also become cooler as you've aged.

Make-up Mantra: Make the most of your distinctive colouring by wearing make-up colours with a cool or blue undertone. Don't be afraid to use brighter shades of lipstick and colours that will define your eyes. Blue-based tones of eye shadows, blush and lipstick will always look good on you. Take your barely-there make-up up a notch by defining the eye area with grey, blue and lilac eye shadows and eye pencils.

Your Celeb Match:
Jamie Lee Curtis, Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench.

The Colour CodeYour most outstanding feature is your eyes, which are highlighted because of the contrast to your dark hair. They have a clear, jewel-like The Colour Codequality to them.

Make-up Mantra: Your eye make-up shades should always enhance and not detract from your eye colour. You have the choice of making a feature of your eyes or your lips but not both. Forget the rules about matching your eye shadow to your eye colour it won't make them pop. Bright colours are great for the day, while an aubergine pencil with purple eye shadow will be more glamorous for evenings.

Your Celeb Match:
Kate Middleton, Carla Bruni, Mila Kunis.

The Colour CodeYou may have found a little of yourself in each of the previous colouring types, but didn't fit exactly. You have medium depth of skin tone, and blonde to dark brown eyebrows and hair often with The Colour Codehighlights.

Make-up Mantra: The gentle combination of your hair, skin and eyes means that your make-up needs are soft and subtle but you still need colour and definition. Your colouring needs to be complemented with muted tones, nothing too bright or dark. Your eyebrows should always be defined with a blonde eyebrow pencil, while your eyes need to be lined with soft browns or mossy shades, not black.

Your Celeb Match:
Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Cattrall.

Lip Smackers

Bright lips have popped up all over the catwalks this season. Super easy to pull off, they brighten up your Lip Smackerssmile and are the perfect trend to counter the winter greys.

1. Start by dotting foundation all over your face. Blend well and set with a translucent powder.
2. If you don't want to 'do-up' your eyes, a coat of brown or black mascara will do.
3. Add a dash of blush to the apples of your cheeks that stand out when you smile. Blend well.
4. Find a lip pencil as close as possible to the colour of your lipstick and following the natural line of your lips, carefully fill in the colour.
5. Dab the lipstick onto your penciled-in lips. Blot and re-apply to ensure that the colour stays longer.
6. If you're feeling bold, swipe a small amount of gloss onto your lips to finish.

Cheat Tip
Leave out the lip liner and just blot some lipstick for a smudged effect.

Lip Smackers

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