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25 Feb - 02 Mar , 2012
5 Wardrobe BuildingDress For Success
5 Wardrobe Building

1. Master interchange-ability
The secret of the best dressed men is that they wear clothing that neither draws attention nor strikes observers as flamboyant; they are simply well put together. The good news is this can be achieved with very few sets of clothes, and if selected carefully a man with only two suits, four dress shirts, four ties, and two pairs of shoes has 64 different combinations at his disposal. The key here is making sure your clothing is interchangeable; a core of classic coloured suits and dress shirts complimented with time tested tie patterns will yield a higher return on investment than any trendy garment that only matches one other item in your wardrobe.

2. Make sure your clothing fits
The clothing in your wardrobe should fit your body as it is today not as you wish it to be two months from now. If it's too tight, look to have it let out. If it's too large, select a tailor and have alterations made.

3. Select classic colors, patterns & styles
There are colours that compliment your complexion; discover what they are and use them to your advantage. Look for patterns that existed when your father bought his clothing – chances are they'll still be around when your son borrows your ties. Always select timeless style in your expensive items and avoid trends like the plague.

4. Avoid cheap, instead seek value
Purchase quality; you'll often pay more but in the end it will save you money. How does that work? Simply put, you'll wear the clothing more often, feel better when you wear it, and it will last longer. You hate wearing those cheap leather dress shoes that because they look cheap, are uncomfortable and are wasted sitting in your closet; those branded patented leather shoes that you wear every chance you get and receive compliments on every time you wear them, become a great investment when you find yourself having worn them hundred times in the last year.

5. Give yourself time
Building a wardrobe can take a decade; the time frame is important as it not only gives you time to select items that are priced in accordance with your budget, but it gives you the time to develop and refine your style. No matter how much you read and plan, a man's style evolves over years as he perfects his Why Knot?personal presentation to the world.

Why Knot?
Remember the bandana popularised by Hrithik Roshan in his his debut film, Kaho Na Pyar Hai? Well guess what that piece of graphically designed and printed handkerchief is coming back with a bang. Although this time around, the bandana won't come as just an accessorising piece of headgear, but will have a diversified usage, be it tying around the neck, for a summery look, or wrapping it around the wrist for a punk feel. Get the classic summer style, be creative and wear it as you like. Besides wearing it with your outfit, this bandana can also be used as a decorative piece on your bag or college dorm. These come in a variety of designs, patterns and colours. Although the majority of the ones have gothic prints and designs reminiscing heavy metal and hard Lace-Up!rock, you can also find sober shades, designs and colours. If you don't find anything that suits your taste, why don't you try and design one that does!

Trainers were once just for the gym, basketball players and anyone under the age of 12, but not anymore. The comfort of a shoe that protects your feet from the daily wear and tear of the streets is now considered suitable for every occasion. From a workout to the workplace, classic trainers are the kind of shoes that can be worn with anything. We're talking about a basic, low-cut lace-up without any glitz that delivers a wholesome serving of understated style. Think about the timelessness of a basic Striped Tiesconverse lace-up. One simple colour goes with everything from jeans to a tailored trouser. You can dress it up with a blazer or keep it totally easy with a pair of shorts to beat the summer heat.

Striped Ties
A striped tie is the perfect addition to your outfit for any occasion as they always make a great first impression. Pick a few of striped ties and you'll see how flexible they are with any wardrobe. The striped neckties have made a comeback in today's fashion world and have become extremely popular. In the summer, pastel colours as well as fresh, bright colours are in great demand. Even though today's fashion allows for bright combinations, we still recommend classical diagonal striped ties for conservative business attire. You can match these with a wide range of shirts and suits and can even pair them with striped shirts as long as the width of the stripes are in contrast to one another. Striped ties are especially popular for business dress but even a preppy look is well complimented with a wide striped tie or a classic collegiate striped necktie.

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