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25 Feb - 02 Mar , 2012
Crazy Colour Combos
High Contrast Of Yellow And BlackBrighten up your space in a surprising way

High Contrast Of Yellow And Black
Opt for the high contrast of yellow, black and deep taupe to give your living room a smoky, glamorous and old-world Hollywood style look.
Pink And Orange
Pink And Orange
The soft and subtle shade of pink is usually used for a girl's room decor. Incorporate a range of different pinks in your bedroom with orange accents thrown in. Use the neutral coloured headboard and carpet to balance out Red, Turquoise, Lemon And Pinkthe juicy colour scheme.

Red, Turquoise, Lemon And Pink
Make a bold statement in your dining room with the deep reddish orange on the walls and the turquoise table. Add an eye-catching rug with a Lime Green, Brown And Bluecircular pattern on it for an instant uplift of the room.

Lime Green, Brown And Blue
Pop up your room and use the stunning shade of lime green against the blue and brown accessories. It would be better Kumquat And Eggplant Living Roomto keep the walls white to help the space from feeling too busy.

Kumquat And Eggplant Living Room
Use your creativity to decorate your home. Liven up the area with a kumquat-orange Deep Blue and Bright Orangesofa and eggplant-purple armchair.

Deep Blue and Bright Orange
Go for the crazy combination of deep blue and bright orange while decorating your living area. You can paint the walls in the fabulous dark blue hues and make it look glamorous with the bright orange sofa.
Blue-Green And Vermillion
Blue-Green And Vermillion
The rich blue-green look even deeper in north light. Paint all the mouldings and baseboards in blue green shade whereas use the vermillion hued chairs to highlight the room. It will look very romantic in candlelight.
Black and White With Lemon And Turquoise
Black and White With Lemon And Turquoise
Choose mid-century modernism as the style for the dining room. Create a lively feel by using bright yellow chairs and turquois ecurtains against the black-and-white patterned floor.
Red and Aqua
Red and Aqua
Brighten up the neutral living with an aqua and red ottoman. It appears as an eye-catching centrepiece.
Purple With A Pop of Red
Purple With A Pop of Red
Be experimental with your choice of colours. Break the flat look of purple painted walls by adding a bright shade such as red. The red chair will look stunning in the purple decor.

Clean Your House With A Lemon!
Lemons are high in acid content, which enables the fruit to work as a powerful antibacterial sanitiser that combats common household bacteria

Deodorise Your Garbage Disposal: The garbage disposal drain can get stinky. Instead of pouring Clean Your House With A Lemon!bleach down there to kill the bugs causing the odour (which can put off noxious fumes that make you cough), consider tossing a few lemon rinds down the disposal. It will help neutralise the odour naturally.

Polish Metal: Nix the expensive, harsh chemicals and polish your flatwear and pans with a half a lemon and a little elbow grease!

Sanitise Your Microwave: Microwaves can get gross fast. The acid in lemons can zap germs and leave a fresh sent.

Blast Soap Scum: Juice six lemons and pour the contents into a spray bottle – the citric acid will dissolve soap scum!

Quick Home Spruce-Ups
Guests are coming to stay at your place, here are some quick things you can do to make sure Quick Home Spruce-Upsyour house is in top shape

1. Clean the bathroom that guests will be using. Wipe down the sink and clean the toilet. Then quickly go over the mirror. Rid the vanity top of clutter. If possible, make this room off limits to your children. If not, put out fresh towels and pick up stray items.
2. Straighten up your entry foyer, inside and out to make it welcoming. Sweep leaves and cobwebs from your doorsteps and make sure the front lights are working. Inside remove the family coats to make room for your guests' winter coats. Stash away any mail.
3. Sit at the dining room table and look up to check the chandelier. Be sure to have the lights on as that's when the dust and webs really show. If have a long handled duster, use it to wipe away hanging dust bunnies. If you have an extra minute, use a microfiber cloth to dust around the crystals.
4. After dinner, guests may go straight to the couch and plop down if there's a game on. Make sure the television and entertainment center are dusted and shake any debris from the couch cushions onto the floor. Then pick up the dirt when you make your final vacuum run.

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