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26 May - 01 June , 2012

No wardrobe is complete without the white kurta – a timeless classic

White kurta is a wardrobe must-have for a modern trendy woman as it offers perfect combination of rural charm with a contemporary style. These kurtas are light and comfortable, often made of cotton. The length varies, with some about the size of a typical shirt and other stretching down much longer, creating a one-piece outfit that can be worn on its own with stockings. Personal preference always comes into play as how one chooses to wear them. It is entirely possible to team a white kurta with a pair of jeans or khakis or even a skirt, each producing a different look. By the same token, choosing accessories to go with it offers a wide variety of options. The traditional white kurta will go with nearly anything, and there is a huge variety among the styles. Some of these styles feature sequins, buttons, embroidery, beads, ruffles and other embellishments. White kurtas needn't be only white, either. Some of the most attractive options play with colours and patterns, and with a white base, the possibilities are nearly endless.
Floral designs are very popular, with striking arrangements of vibrant colours reflecting the joy and beauty of nature. Some white colour kurtas feature very precise patterns, while others are more of an eclectic mix of designs. For centuries, women have seen the value and comfort to be found in this traditional outfit, which is lightweight and practical but can also be very stylish at the same time. It is a trendy fashionable pick that you can carry off easily at home or office, hence it is a versatile garment that is always of good value.

Style Notes
· Make it look classy by wearing stilettos and carrying a clutch.
· You don't have to be a plain Jane, instead opt for funky accessories to brighten up your ensemble.

Colour Blush
Summer calls for everything pretty and pastel
Pastels have really illuminated this season's colour palette with refreshing colours, summer pinks, pistachios, soft lemons and powder blues. Pastels are cool, stylish and most importantly girlie. Take a look at our guide to wearing pastels this summer and get this season's wardrobe essentials.

If you're not sure where to start with a new style, it always helps to focus on your feet. Shoes are a great way to experiment with a new trend without feeling overwhelmed by it. You don't even need to go super fancy when starting your new style experiment. Think some pastel coloured pumps or a pair of casual pastel espadrilles. Match with some skinny jeans to make those pastels pop.

Trousers, Jeans, Chinos
One of this year's hottest trends is coloured jeans – pastels as well as bright colours are set to be huge this summer. But you don't have to stop at jeans. You can also opt for pastel chinos, cropped trousers and capri pants.  Try matching with White-Washa plain white tee for a subtle yet stylish look. Matching a white top with a pair of pastel coloured trousers feels classic and a little flirty – perfect for summer.

Tops & Dresses
Crochet tops, simple tees in soft pinks, purples, yellows and greens are perfect for this season. Pastel tops look great with a pair of white skinny jeans. The key to wearing pastels is all about balance. Pastels from head to toe can sometimes look overwhelmingly sweet, so maybe this is one to avoid when colour blocking this summer. To get an edgier look try pairing a pastel top with a tougher bottom, or even try a pastel dress, short or mini-skirt with a harder piece like a washed out grey utility jacket.

If you're just starting out with pastels, you can add a little pop to any outfit with how you accessorise. A black maxi dress can find an extra dimension with a slim pastel belt or sorbet nails. Hair accessories are a great way to look cute, girlie and on trend. You can go for headband, hair ties or perhaps pastel flowers. Think of it as just a pop of colour or match with in a similar colour group. If your outfit is pastel and right on trend, opt for some chic modern jewellery. This creates a wonderful contrast, adding just that little element of edge.

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